40 Acts of Service

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Sometimes it’s nice to do something for someone  just because. With to-do lists a mile long and life’s other responsibilities clouding your mind, it can be easy to forget how important it is to nurture our closest relationships. Whether it’s reminding your loved ones just how loved they are or doing that chore they dread, you’d be surprised by the impact you can make on someone’s day.

And the best part is, these inexpensive tasks cost you nothing but a little time. Not to mention, making someone smile is priceless. As a reminder of the many things you can do for someone else, ProFlowers created a collection of acts of service ideas. Save the ideas below and share them with the ones you love.

acts of service

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With the ever-growing stress and intensity of our jobs and everyday lives, time is becoming a much treasured commodity. Because we are constantly “out of time”, many people feel too overwhelmed with their daily tasks and job obligations to make a space in their schedules for exercising or running.

But, the fact is that one shouldn’t neglect their body, fitness level and overall wellbeing because of the lack of time. In order to stay in shape, improve your flexibility, tone your body and release yourself from the stress, implementing some form of exercise on a daily basis is a must.

You do not need to spend hours and hours of strenuous training. All it takes is establishing a fitness routine which includes workouts, runs or other activities 3 or more times per week.

One way to stick to your fitness regimen without this affecting your work and other daily chores and activities is to get up pre-dawn or just an hour or so earlier in the morning, and do your


workout or go out for a run then. This will give you an early start, and will energize your body and boost your metabolism, so that you can go on with your daily schedule as normal in time.

The problem which many people have is developing the habit of exercising or running early in the morning.

Here are some tips which will help you adapting this new exercise routine in your life:

  • Set as many alarms as you need to make sure that you wake up in time, and place them somewhere within your reach, so that you need to get up to turn them off.
  • Prepare your morning snack on the night before and set the timer of your coffeemaker for earlier as well.
  • Also, lay out all your exercise clothes, gear, shoes, your mp3 player, phone and anything else you need for your workout or for your run before you get to bed, so that you don’t lose time looking for this and that in the morning hours.
  • Do not be tempted to check your Facebook profile, your e-mail, or start browsing through your favorite social media timelines. This could take more time than you intended, which will lead to a delay in your whole daily schedule.


    By adding just a little bit of effort to your morning program, you will soon feel the impact this effort is having on your body, your fitness level, your energy level and your overall wellbeing! Your body will continue burning the calories from the exercise for about 14 hours after training, so you can rest assure that the food you consume will be used to replenish the body, rather than be stored under the form of fat.

  • Consider going to bed earlier than usual. Try to relax with some soothing music and go to sleep earlier, so that waking up earlier isn’t such a painful experience for you.
  • Find a running or training buddy to join you. Having a friend with you for your early workouts or runs is definitely motivating, and will make you feel guilty for letting the person down by skipping a training session. Also, working out with a friend is fun, because you can catch up on the latest gossip and news early on in the day.
  • Keep in mind that at first all new initiatives seem difficult, but in time as you get into the habit of getting up early and exercising early, you will find that it will actually grow on you, and you will be anticipating it every time.
  • Keep track of your runs or training performance, and enjoy reaching your goals and watching the improvement you are making.

About the author: Cara is addicted to running and healthy food, loves taking pictures, writing, and spending quality time with her family. She writes about running at ComfortHacks and about sports gear and other sports related topics for Fitaholic Gear.

Did you just log on to Facebook using a public Wi-Fi? What if your privacy is breached?  You may ask, what would one do with my Facebook account details? Just read my messages? No, there is a lot that can be done. Hackers may use your account to do illegitimate transactions or indulge in illegal activities. Since your account is used, you will be the one responsible if the activities get tracked.

No matter what you do on the Internet, share important business information or casually browse the Internet, it is a must that you protect yourself from the spying eyes. A VPN (virtual private network) helps you secure your online privacy.

What is a VPN?

According to Wikipedia, ‘A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.’ In simple words, a VPN protects your online data even when you are using a public Internet connection. Using a VPN is the most cost-effective way of protecting your online identity.

Now the next question is what does a VPN do? When you connect to the Internet, you share loads of information with your peers or other websites. If the data/information is send in an encrypted format, such as in case of Gmail, Facebook, etc. then you need not worry, but if there is no encryption you are at risk. When you use a VPN, everything gets encrypted. So no one can spy on you or collect data that you share online.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

A VPN protects your from cyber attacks and protect saves you from online identity theft. But there are many more reasons why you should consider using a VPN when browsing the Internet. Some reasons include:

  • Ensure safety while performing online transaction and sharing personal data.
  • Ensure security of highly confidential and sensitive data travelling over the network or store on the cloud storage systems.
  • Get rid of local bans and blocks. There are several countries that block specific websites. For instance, China blocks Facebook, Wikipedia, etc. So if you are in China and need to visit your Facebook account, you have to use a VPN that manipulates your IP address.
  • Change your location using a VPN connection to avoid your bank and credit card accounts from being frozen. Even when you are away from your home country, you can choose an IP address from your home country and make the online transactions. Virtually you make the payment from your home country.
  • Using a VPN while travelling is important since you may have to connect to the hotel Wi-Fi, cafe hotspots or other public networks. A VPN protects your data, so you can have peace of mind.

However, remember that a VPN connection might affect the Internet speed. So you must choose a good VPN service provider. Make your online browsing safe with a VPN connection and enjoy your peace of mind.

Anyone who has ever undertaken a massive project, or achieved a seemingly unreachable goal, knows that the key to success lies in preparation. This seems like a no-brainer, but your odds of success plummet rapidly the less time you devote to preparation. Surprisingly, many people still continue to neglect this vital step.

Among the goals many people consider impossible, but can be attained with proper planning and determination, stands the holy grail of comfortable retirement. Too many retirees these days live on insufficient savings and inadequate Social Security checks. A little planning now can go a long way toward ensuring your own comfort and security during retirement.

As the saying goes, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Similarly, the best way to save a million dollars begins with investing a little each day. Of course, starting early helps a lot, but it’s still attainable at almost any age. It will take preparation, planning, determination, and patience, but anything worth doing requires every one of those. If success were easy, it would have no value.

The real question becomes exactly how much do you need to set aside each day to retire a millionaire? The answer depends on several factors, such as your age when you start, and how much you already have set aside. The lifestyle you want to live after retirement also plays a big role in how much you’ll need to save for retirement, something you’ll need to consider during your planning and preparation phase.

The infographic below breaks down exactly how much you’ll need to set aside each day, based on your age, and how much you already have saved. Take a look here and start planning now! Taking the time to do this today can make or break your retirement goals.

Via: InvestmentZen.com

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