Generate Kindness

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Life can get pretty hectic, especially during the holidays.  Opportunities such as holding the elevator for someone or even giving a compliment can go right over our heads without noticing.  Being kind shouldn't require much effort. It should be part of our every day lives. Not only does it make us feel good, but it makes someone's day extra special. 
Because kindness should be celebrated every day, Shari's Berries has come up with a random acts of kindness generator.  Simply click on a category that interests you in the top row and our generator will provide a fun idea for the day — you can certainly invite your whole family to participate!  Luckily there are over 50 ideas, enough to extend kindness all year long!

Finding peace and creating a happy home is one of the most important things in life. Our house is where we most spend most of our quality time, and it deserves to be peaceful in every aspect. Here is a list of things you can do to achieve that goal and have the best home you can.

De-clutter your home


Our homes can easily get cluttered up with useless things if we just accept everything in, and that can only bring more stress. At least once a year you should take the time to look at what you have, the objects you own, and decide if it should stay or not. The method most used is: if you haven’t used it in the past year, get rid of it. It applies to almost everything, including clothing, objects, utilities and etc. There are various ways you can start de-cluttering your house.  You can choose to spend 5 minutes every day on this task, fill a trash bag or a goodwill bag every week or throw away one item a day. Choose what works best for you!

Have a Place for Everything

Every object you own should have its own place to be, to avoid having things laying around the house making the place less organized. Have a place near the front door you can leave your dirty shoes, have a small bowl to leave your keys, have a proper place for kitchen utilities, magazines, purses and backpacks, random cables, cds, small objects, everything. Creating the habit of putting everything back to its rightful place after using will save you time when you try to find it again and will avoid stress.

Take a Few Minutes to Organize


Before leaving the room, clean up the mess. Make your bed after getting up, set aside the dirty clothes after taking a shower, do the morning dishes before leaving to work. Take a few minutes, it can be only 3 or 5 minutes, to organize the room before you depart it. This way, the next time you enter the room, it will be clean and organized and ready to use, instead of being messy when you’re already too tired from work to clean it.

Use Colors in Your Favor


It’s no secret that colors have the power to affect your mood, and you should take that into your advantage. In the kitchen you can use more warm colors like red, that accentuates hunger and contributes to family socializing. On the bedroom, it’s better to choose calming colors like blue or turquoise. On the home office, it’s better to use more neutral colors with only a few colored focal points. Beware of overusing colors so it doesn’t overwhelm you: mixing bright ones with neutral colors like white, gray and black is always the best choice.

Display Happy Moments

Displaying different memories around the house is an easy way to lift the spirit and make it a happier place. Photos, paintings, children’s drawings, concert tickets… Display whatever brings you happiness. When you’re angry or feeling sad, seeing these displayed memories can bring you a calming feeling, and make you remember of good moments and forget the bad things.

Break Bread Together


Having more frequent family gatherings is a great way to unite yourselves and have a peaceful home. Have breakfast together whenever you can, dinners and Sunday lunches. Choose the time to share good news, how was each other’s day and leave the complaints and bad things to another time.

Build and Honor Good Habits

Having rituals and habits can only bring benefits to the house, especially when raising kids. Create some that your family can easily follow, nothing too rigid that would bring stress. You can start with some lighter ones like weekly pizza nights, take the kids for ice cream every saturday, watch a movie together every sunday night. Simple rituals like these can make your family’s bonds stronger and create a happier and peaceful environment for your house.


These were some simple steps on building a more peaceful home you can easily adopt, with just some effort and encouraging. Having a serene and happy home and family is the base of our lives, so don’t settle for less: make it happen and create the environment you want to live in.

Article written by Isadora Guidoni, also a writer for, a company that connects homeowners to reliable, affordable and professional contractors for their home improvement projects. Check more on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

23 Keys to Success In Life

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Do you believe that “rules are meant to be broken”? If you do, allow me to tell you a rule, that perhaps you don’t want to break, but make it even stronger and give it more power to govern your life. And that rule is: believe in yourself!

I know, you don’t live in a bubble or vacuum. Therefore, many things are outside of your control because life happens even when you stay still. However, you can successfully manage even the unexpected when you believe in yourself.

Was your life so far only music and roses? Haven’t you had many obstacle to cross over, difficulties to overcome, hardship to deal with, disappointments and sadness? I guess you did. As the life of the rest of you, your life might not be perfect, and yet, you are HERE! You conquered so far all the things that stood in your way. And as you’ve done it in the past, you can do it in the future as well.

Therefore, with no reservations, no ifs or buts, you can safely: believe in yourself!

The “23 Keys to success in life” infographic shows you the road to your success or how to continue the journey you’ve already started. Channel your self-belief and confidence into getting the most out of life.

Some people are like turtles, moving slowly; others are like rabbits, running fast; but we all have something in common no matter how fast or slow you are moving; you want to lead a successful and fulfilled life. And why not? You are entitled to it!

Build your success on your strengths, skills, and talents. Give yourself a chance, the opportunity and the knowledge to be the leader of your life. Success is a journey; therefore, move at your own speed and pace and know that success is waiting for you to get it. Believe in yourself without reservations!

Source: How to be Successful: 23 Keys to Success in Life

This world is a beautiful place to be in when you know how to use the way you are to your advantage. Being shy (timid, introvert) is no different. It gives you many qualities that other types of personality wouldn’t give you.

I am a shy person and to be honest, I like it. I don’t see anything wrong with it, on the contrary, it gave me the foundation to be who I am now and helps me to become better for the future.

Today, allow me to reveal to you 3 common mistakes shy people tend to make that stops them to take advantage of being shy; and later, discover the benefits of being shy and a few ideas of how to use them to your advantage.

1. Trying to be somebody else.

The world needs you. You as you are. You as a shy person.

Why? Because you are a great asset for those around you. Would you tell your secrets to an extrovert? Probably not. Would you find modesty in an extrovert? Probably not. Would you search for calm and serenity alongside an extrovert? Probably not.

That is not to say that is something wrong with being an extrovert. Far, far from it; it means that all of us, each person part of the big collective that is the human race, serves a purpose, serves a different function. We are completing each other in such amazing and wonderful ways.

For example: if you are the confidant for an extrovert, in return this person probably is helping you to get introduced in the circles you want to be.

2. Judging yourself too harshly.

Shy people tend to be sensitive to details. Plus, they have the affinity to make statistics, to notice patterns and anticipate consequences. Therefore, if you are a shy person, you are prone to judge yourself too harshly because you are that person that misses nothing, no gestures, no comments, no actions and sometimes, not even simple thoughts.

However, judging yourself is not modifying your behavior in positive, and it is deterring you from being the great person you, actually are. You already are a reserved person, you already approach things and people with caution, there is no need for you to do even more. Is it?

Let me tell you this: people around you don’t see, don’t notice, don’t know, exactly what you know, see and notice.

No matter who we are or how we are, we are aware, only about what is in our mind. We often get self-absorbed, and what you might consider a big offense or mistake you’ve done, most probably goes unnoticed by others.

Free yourself from judgment and use that space and time to improve what you believe you might lack in.

3. Underestimating your value and overestimating the value of other people.

It is true that being shy can give you many benefits, yet you need to pay attention that, if you try too much to be someone else, and adding judgment toward self on top of that, can make you end up with low self-esteem. Being shy is not a problem, is not taking your power to be successful and fulfilled, but having low self-esteem can. Having low self-esteem is an issue that you need to address.

Yes, you want to keep your modesty. However, there is a difference between being modest and downplaying your value. Take credit for what you’re doing right and assume the responsibilities that are coming from your merits. Understand your value because only in this way you can use your potential, talents and knowledge to your advantage and for the benefit of others.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits that being shy can offer you.

The power of the observer.

Did you know that wisdom comes more from observation rather than knowledge or practice? And observation is one of the benefits of being shy.

If you are shy, you are a good observer. You notice, and you pay attention to many things that most people don’t. Therefore, you have the awareness and a better understanding of what is happening around you.

Excellent listening skills.

Being a good listener doesn’t come naturally to most people, yet you are a naturally born listener. That means that you already have a great foundation to build on your communication, influence and assertiveness skills. Plus, it comes easier to you to empathize and sympathize with others. Compassion is your middle name, and people are drawn to you for your calming effect. They are open and relaxed in your presence which means you get the chance to know them better and in time, you become a good character judge.

Taking the time to think before speaking.

Rarely happens to a shy person to have that monumental discourse that some other people regret even before finishing it because shy people think before speaking.

Most probably you are analyzing and evaluating the effects, the consequences, and effectiveness of what you are saying before letting the words out. Are you not?

Self-reliant and independent.

A shy person knows how to entertain her/himself and how to solve his/hers situations and problems. How? Using creative thinking and a lot of caution.

Shy people are forced, by their nature to think outside of the box, to find new ways of doing things and as a consequence, they are creative and flexible.

Carmen Jacob is the creator of several personal development programs, courses, and books, which focus on using what you already have to improve your life and the life of those around you.

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