Choose Not Lose

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A Sixty-Word SZEN Story:

All of the movies and videos were organized by title and genre and all of the labels were facing out so he could easily search to find the film of the week. His collection was enormous and the Sunday evening film ritual was something that he cherished – movie, popcorn, and delight. He hit play and gasped. The VCR had died.

And more…

Sometimes things that we get pretty used to go away. The VCR, the rotary phone and lunch served in coach class plus friends that move, or relationships that fade are a few examples. And whenever something is taken off of the shelf we choose from, there is a moment of searching and sometimes panic. Replacing what was with something new sounds easy enough, but not always true. Seems that change can be difficult especially when what was working fine, at least in our view, is suddenly not an option.

How we face new choices often determines if the new choice will work at all. Option 1: If we're reluctant to have something new in our lives because it's different and we resist, there is a good chance that whatever it is won't work and thus we prove to ourselves that something new isn't necessarily better. Option 2: And just as true is that if we embrace what's new we'll learn quickly to appreciate the improvement. Both of these options however have nothing to do with the object of change, but rather with our own perspective.

As the keepers of our own disposition and point of view we have the capability to judge, evaluate, endorse, reject or accept whatever we choose. So even if options are removed and things like VCRs, free television, cassette tapes, or even relationships and special people in our lives go away, we still get to choose how we feel about it. That's where the power of the human spirit lies. Our feelings about anything or anyone start with us. We choose, even if we lose.

Szenippet: If we didn't choose where we are, who did?

Szen Zone: Reaching a State of Positive Change , by Gary Szenderski, is a compilation of heartwarming and inspirational short stories that celebrate the power in each of us to create positive change in our lives.

The general overarching theme of the book is change and all of the aspects of it – creating, surviving, and managing change with the goal to recognize the power we have to create positive change in our lives and be what we want to be.

Topics covered include productivity, letting go of the past, embracing the potential of the future, and learning to take chances.

If you are a fan of short inspirational stories like those in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, then this is a book you would certainly enjoy. Wherever you may find yourself in life, you will discover an insight or example in this book to help you change course and take charge of your life.

Whereas ZEN is of the moment and what is, SZEN celebrates what could be.

Praise for Szen Zone:

"Commonly held together by the thread of positive change, each tale tells of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity… Because it's composed of so many short stories, there is really something for everyone within the pages of this inspiring book. If you're looking for a dash of hope and a sprinkling of encouragement to change for the better, then look no further than Szen Zone. It's one of those books that bears picking up again and again throughout the seasons of your life, whenever you need a solid pick-me-up." – Reviewed by Red City Review

"Szen Zone is filled with illuminating stories and anecdotes that can help point the reader to that promised state of positive change, presented in a manner that's neither didactic nor preachy. Rather, Szenderski employs an easy going and conversational style of communicating his message to his readers that made me feel as though he were there alongside me, sharing his own efforts and experiences in a spirit of frankness, honesty and sincerity… Szen Zone is a book to breeze through and be inspired by, and then to be read more slowly in no particular order of topic, concentrating rather on the concepts and thoughts which most appeal at the moment. It's an impressive self-help guide and it's highly recommended." – Reviewed by Readers' Favorite

About the Author:

Gary Szenderski is an author, speaker, teacher and branding specialist, internationally acclaimed as an expert on the subject. He specializes in helping people and organizations to navigate change, and frequently speaks and writes on the topic of emerging brands, personal branding and companies in transition. Gary is an award-winning writer, author of theBook of Szen and Szen Zone, often quoted marketing expert, and recipient of the Distinguished Instructor Award from the University of California in Irvine where he teaches branding. He resides in Southern California.

Readers can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Throwing a party or hosting an event – be it social or business – is a fun and interesting way to catch up with friends, socialise with guests, and celebrate important days of your life. But as it turns out, when you're the one doing all of the planning, the cooking, the serving and the clean-up, it's not so fun. Organising, planning, hosting, and overseeing that all of it goes as planned is a hectic job, leaving very little scope for you to enjoy your event. Here are some big reasons for you to consider hiring a catering service for your next event rather than doing it all on your own.

Cut out stress

The stress involved with organising an event is huge. From planning the menu, buying the ingredients, preparing the food, cooking, presenting, and serving the food, all the way to cleaning up after the guests leave – catering can leave you so exhausted that you may miss out on the main purpose of event, which is mingling with your guests. Hiring professionals not only takes the pressure off you but also those volunteering friends, family members or co-workers who can relax and have fun instead of helping you around and stressing themselves out while doing so.

Feed a crowd with confidence

Hosting a large group comes with its own share of challenges. First of all, you may not have the kitchen space, the equipment, the energy or the means to cook for a crowd. Secondly, menu selection can be a chore, what with special dietary needs or food allergies thrown into the equation. Plus, you could easily go wrong in estimating the amount of food needed to prepare for a large group, resulting in either running out or having too much food left over. A professional catering service, with the means and experiences of hosting such events, is your answer to all of these problems.

Have all the tiny details taken care of

Mint leaves to garnish the Mojitos, serving on warm plates, putting together a playlist to complete the whole entertaining experience – it's often these small things that come together to elevate an event from good to great but they can be easily forgotten in the rush. Professional caterers remember all these little details to make your event a truly memorable one.

Save money

It's a common mistake to think of a catered event as a costlier alternative to doing it on your own. And here's why. The cost of all the food, drinks, equipment and table décor for a single event can add up to a lot of expense. Professional caterers usually have most of the equipment and table decorations. Plus, they source their ingredients, foods, and drinks from wholesalers, at much lower prices than you'd spend at grocery stores. This is why they can offer their services at cost-effective rates.

Create the right impression

A professionally catered event goes a long way in making it creating the right impression on your guests. Having a good catering service can make a world of difference to the overall vibe of your event, while it also shows that you took time to really make the event special.

So whenever you're planning your next event, bring professionals into the scene. You'll experience the benefits first-hand. There are many professional party caterers Sydney has to offer to help you turn your event into a success.


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When you need money now, there are a variety of options you can choose from in order to get cash in your hands on the day that you need it. Below, we list some options for you to take advantage of if you are in need of money right now.

Family and Friends

This is considered the safest kind of debt to choose even though it can be awkward in asking for the money that you need. There is less risk in losing valuable property and you might even get the money you need without the expectation of repayment. If the money is given to you in the form of a loan, you might not even have to pay interest on the loan. However, borrowing money from family and friends must also be done with care so as to not harm your relationship.

Bank Loan

Banks and credit unions typically offer unsecured, personal loans that get you your money instantly. They do, however, carry interest rates, which can vary from bank to bank. These loans require a credit check to ensure that you are a low risk when it comes to paying back the loan.

Quick Loans Online

You can find quick loans online. At the click of a button, you can receive a loan from a lender willing and able to get you the cash you need right away on the same day that you submit your loan application. The website offers quick loans when you need a loan but there are other types of lenders:

Micro Lenders

Getting money through a micro lender online is another good resource to get cash fast. The fees you pay to secure the loan are typically very low, and you receive your cash instantly. However, you may need to submit your credit score, and if you have bad credit, you will be subject to a high interest rate.

Payday Loans

These loans carry more risks, but are available to you if you have bad credit or no credit at all. Our best advice is to research each payday company and find out what they charge in interest, as well as the provisions they carry regarding fees, re-payment, and non-payment penalties.

Credit Cards

Many credit cards offer cash advances as an option to their customers who are in a pinch for money. However, these types of loans are tied to the credit limit you have on your credit card. Many credit cards only allow you to borrow a certain percentage of the available credit you possess on your card. Cash advances also are subject to fees and a higher interest rate than the interest rate tied to your credit line.

Getting the money you need on the same day you need it is not difficult if you know where to look. There are a variety of resources you can use regardless of your financial situation. You just need to be smart about it.

Which option would work the best for your current situation?

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