When you need money now, there are a variety of options you can choose from in order to get cash in your hands on the day that you need it. Below, we list some options for you to take advantage of if you are in need of money right now.

Family and Friends

This is considered the safest kind of debt to choose even though it can be awkward in asking for the money that you need. There is less risk in losing valuable property and you might even get the money you need without the expectation of repayment. If the money is given to you in the form of a loan, you might not even have to pay interest on the loan. However, borrowing money from family and friends must also be done with care so as to not harm your relationship.

Bank Loan

Banks and credit unions typically offer unsecured, personal loans that get you your money instantly. They do, however, carry interest rates, which can vary from bank to bank. These loans require a credit check to ensure that you are a low risk when it comes to paying back the loan.

Quick Loans Online

You can find quick loans online. At the click of a button, you can receive a loan from a lender willing and able to get you the cash you need right away on the same day that you submit your loan application. The website Ineedaloan.net offers quick loans when you need a loan but there are other types of lenders:

Micro Lenders

Getting money through a micro lender online is another good resource to get cash fast. The fees you pay to secure the loan are typically very low, and you receive your cash instantly. However, you may need to submit your credit score, and if you have bad credit, you will be subject to a high interest rate.

Payday Loans

These loans carry more risks, but are available to you if you have bad credit or no credit at all. Our best advice is to research each payday company and find out what they charge in interest, as well as the provisions they carry regarding fees, re-payment, and non-payment penalties.

Credit Cards

Many credit cards offer cash advances as an option to their customers who are in a pinch for money. However, these types of loans are tied to the credit limit you have on your credit card. Many credit cards only allow you to borrow a certain percentage of the available credit you possess on your card. Cash advances also are subject to fees and a higher interest rate than the interest rate tied to your credit line.

Getting the money you need on the same day you need it is not difficult if you know where to look. There are a variety of resources you can use regardless of your financial situation. You just need to be smart about it.

Which option would work the best for your current situation?

High cholesterol can be life-threatening, and it's a common problem with many Americans. To reduce your risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, it's a good idea to set a goal to lower your cholesterol. Luckily, there are several ways that you can lower your cholesterol levels and take a step towards attaining better health. Here are some tips to help you lead a healthier life and cut down your LDL.

Eat More Fiber

When you eat fibrous foods, your body isn't able to absorb as much cholesterol. Eating 10 more grams of fiber per day than you usually do might help you reduce your LDL. If you struggle with feeling satiated between meals, try eating foods like oatmeal for breakfast and apples for snacks. Foods that are high in fiber tend to make you feel full longer, leading to fewer calories consumed over the course of a day.

Replace Red Meat

Red meat is high in saturated fat, which is bad for heart health and your cholesterol levels. If your diet is largely dependent upon red meat, try to replace it a few times a week with poultry and fish. Once you're used to the change, you can start to phase out red meat even more until it's just an occasional indulgence.

Cut Down On Eggs

Eggs are high in cholesterol, and they are also a large contributor to foodborne illness. Although eggs are a common ingredient in countless foods, you can start replacing them with alternatives. For example, Hampton Creek makes eggless mayo and cookie dough, so you can feel good about continuing to enjoy this popular condiment and dessert without the high cholesterol. Learn more about hampton creek and find some delicious websites by visiting their Facebook page.

Ditch Cigarettes

Cigarettes are known for causing a host of health problems. If you've been looking for a reason to quit, quitting smoking can improve your cholesterol levels, as well as your blood pressure. Even if you've been smoking for years, the benefits of quitting are nearly immediate, and within 15 years, your risk of heart disease will be comparable to someone who has never smoked. As an added bonus, you'll save money by ditching the habit.

Pump Up Your Exercise Routine

High cholesterol is common in those with sedentary lifestyles. Sitting behind a desk all day makes it difficult to find time for exercise, but it's imperative to work up to exercising at least 30 minutes each day. The key is to find a type of exercise that you enjoy, and mix it up when necessary. Using an app on your phone to stay motivated is helpful, and finding a friend to work out with is even better. If you have a pet, it will benefit both of you to get out for a 30-minute walk once a day, or 15 minute walks twice a day.

Eliminate Trans Fats

Trans fats are a big contributor to high LDL. Unfortunately, trans fats like to hide out in comfort foods like cake frosting, cookies, and fried foods. Start getting into the habit of reading labels at the grocery store, and be wary of partially hydrogenated oils. It's best to start adding more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, which will eventually crowd out most of the bad foods.

Plan Your Meals

When you plan meals ahead of time and prepare meals for the week in advance, you are more likely to continue to eat healthfully on a regular basis instead of just occasionally. There are plenty of easy-to-make recipes, so you won't have to spend a lot of time cooking anything fancy. Studies have shown that losing just 10 pounds can make a serious dent in your LDL levels (up to an 8% reduction). Slow, sustainable weight loss is your best bet, and you can expect to lose one to two pounds per week by decreasing the number of calories consumed and adding more exercise to your routine.


When you're looking to raise your good cholesterol (HDL) and lower your unhealthy cholesterol (LDL), there are several ways to start the process. Focus on eating whole foods like vegetables, fruits, and minimally processed grains. Cut down on foods like eggs and red meat, and start a weight loss and exercise plan. It might be difficult to stick to at first, but keep your goal in mind. The long-term health benefits are well worth the initial struggle.

Morning people can be insufferable for the rest of us as we blearily make our way through the worst part of the day. There are habits that you can adopt to become one of these morning people and start each day off right. Check out our secrets to a happy morning:

· Wake up fully – So many of us jump out of bed right away and make a dash to the shower before we're properly awake. Instead of getting up at the last possible minute, wake up earlier and spend some time in bed waking up. Engage your brain with an activity like Sudoku or free bingo while you ease into the day. It can take as little as 5 minutes and will make a huge difference to how engaged you are for the rest of the day.


· Think happy thoughts – As cliché as this sounds, thinking about all of the great things that could happen in a day and being thankful for yesterday will put you in a more positive mind frame. If you're struggling to feel the motivation, read some inspirational quotes and jot down a couple to keep in your head through the day.

· Tidy up – Ok, so usually the last thing we want to do in the morning is a little cleaning but it can be great for your mental health. Making the bed and picking up a few clothes from the floor will be your first achievements for the day and the rest will be easy. Experts are telling us all about mindfulness these days and a couple of new habits can really do wonders. The act of clearing away yesterday's mess and problems is cleansing to get you on track for a new day.


· Write a diary – Yesterday might not have been the best of days, but writing about what happened can be cathartic. Maybe your car broke down or the kids were just extra testing, write about it in your journal. It's almost like a little chat or pep talk with yourself before you set out into the world and it can act as a way to get rid of yesterday's little annoyances.

· Have a stretch – Yoga has long since been proven to release endorphins and reduce stress, so get your mat out. It's super easy to get to grips with as a beginner and there are plenty of resources on the internet for you to use. If you never get any time to yourself then you can even get the kids posing along with you.

· Eat well – As we all know, you are what you eat so if you eat well you'll feel even better. Healthy food doesn't need to be boring or bland, there are so many recipes out there to make it fun. Don't be tempted to skip breakfast, enjoy some fruit or an omelette to give you a burst of energy. This will stay with you through the day if you stick to high protein meals and you'll notice a difference in how you feel instantly.


People think a solopreneur's work is easy: they have a small business to take care of, so they save the money and nerves they would spend on employees. However, being the only one in charge of a business is not nearly as simple as it seems. First of all, a solopreneur needs great education. Students, who have goals to found a business, invest a lot of finances and effort in their studies. They often use essay writing services just because they need to focus on studying and practical work, so they can't waste a single minute of their time unproductively.

A solopreneur's college education is extremely important, since it provides them with the knowledge they need to succeed in the real world. However, the business also needs to be supported with all the right tools that help the founder to everything without hiring employees. We suggest 10 tools that will supercharge your work.

1. Datanyze

When you explore the work of your competition, you shouldn't be solely limited to the results. You see the effects they achieve on social media and you have a clear view into their marketing strategies through the promotional techniques they use, but do you know what kind of technology they implement? This is the tool to use for that purpose. You will see all technologies different companies use, and you'll find new prospects for your business.

Over 30 000 marketing and sales professionals trust this tool, so you can't go wrong by trying it for free. If you like it, you can purchase the full version. The price will depend on the depth and scope of your project.

2. GoToMeeting

Being a solopreneur doesn't mean you'll do everything alone. You'll still collaborate with partners and you'll need to outsource some of your tasks. For that purpose, you need to go to meetings. Do you really? Not when you rely on effective online meeting solution. GoToMeeting is a video conferencing tool that enables you to host real meetings online. You'll notice they are much more effective than simple phone calls.

You'll get a free trial for 30 days, and then you can select one of the monthly plans, which cost $24, $39, or $49, depending on the features they include.

3. PandaDoc

This extremely useful tool enables you to automate your contracts and sign documents online. Instead of printing out a contract, signing it manually and sending it to a client/collaborator, you can use your e-signature to automate that process. You can integrate PandaDoc with Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot CRM, Oracle, Insightly, and other online tools you use for business purposes.

The solutions include: contract management, quoting software, electronic signature, HR documents, and sales proposals. There are three plans you can choose from: professional, business, and enterprise – priced $19, $39, and $49 per month respectively.

4. FullContact for Gmail

This awesome tool performs a background check of people you contact with through Gmail. It revamps the address book because it enables you to get info about the type, size, location, and demographics of the companies they work for; and you can easily see the latest tweets of your contacts.

Instead of manually searching Google to get more information about your prospects or business partners, you can get everything with this simple tool. The best part is that it comes as a free Chrome extension.

5. Calendly

The task of scheduling appointments can become a real nightmare when you're a solopreneur. Big companies are busy, but they also have the needed human potential to take care of different tasks. When you're running the company on your own or you have very few employees, you need a precise system that won't turn the appointment schedule into a big mess.

With Calendly, you eliminate the email and phone tag, and you can easily schedule meetings, calls, interviews, demos, and other events. You can integrate it with your Google or Office 365 calendar, so it will automatically update them with the new events. The basic version is free, and the premium one costs only $8 per month.

6. Lead Capture

The ability to identify your leads with name and contact information is crucial for the success of your business. Less than 3% of your website's visitors initiate contact, so you need to do something to attract the other 97% of them.

With Lead Capture, you can identify your website's visitors even when they don't provide contact information. The tool will also reveal the products and services they are most interested in, and it will qualify the visitors according to their engagement and interest. The tool is a bit pricey ($350+ per month), but it's totally worth it.

7. Hubstaff

Maybe you don't have a huge base of employees, but some of your activities are still based on teamwork. When you outsource some of your projects and tasks, you have to be aware of the entire development of the process. That's why you need Hubstaff – time-tracking software that keeps you updated about the team's work through screenshots, in-depth reports, and activity levels.

You get 14 days to test the free version of the tool. Then, you can opt for the basic or premium plan, which cost $5 and $9 per month, respectively.

8. KiteDesk

This is a tool that helps you automate the process of inserting data into your Customer Relationships Management system. You'll get access to millions of sales leads with email and phone information. Plus, you can build action lists based on the reliable insights you get for each lead.

KiteDesk is useful for prospecting searches and getting actionable lead data. You can integrate it with your calendar and CRM to save time by automating important tasks. The tool costs $75 or $100 per month, depending on the plan you choose.

9. Boomerang for Gmail

When you're trying to get the most out of the emails you send, you can't allow them to get stuck in a busy inbox. That's why it's important to send them at the right time. However, sometimes you only have free time in the middle of the night, since you can't bother with email messages throughout the day. That's why you can use Boomerang – a tool that allows you to pre-write notes and emails and schedule them to be sent at any time and future.

The tool will also remind you about important messages that were left without an answer. You can use the basic free version, but you can also opt for a paid plan if you want greater effectiveness from the tool. The plans cost $4.99, $14.99 and $49.99 per month, based on the features they include.

10. Conspire

LinkedIn is still a relevant network for sourcing warm introduction to leads, but that doesn't mean it's the only one. Conspire is a professional network that has tons of potential for discovering the right path to people, opportunities, ideas, and resources. It recommends the best way to introduce yourself to potential customers.

The smart system understands who knows each other and how well, so it scores the relationships between different people to recommend the best path of connections. The network is free, so you can start using it without being worried about any investments.

Solopreneurs spend a lot of time on tasks that can be made much faster and easier with the implementation of the right tools. The 10 tools suggested above will improve your effectiveness and they will leave you with more time to focus on the most important aspects of your business.

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