Every parent wants to see their children succeed financially. It takes the investment of time, not just money, to make this a possibility. From a young age, children start to pick up habits that could last them a lifetime. This is a parent's perfect opportunity to teach about saving money. There are a variety of different accounts that are available for children.


Modeled Behavior

While it is not always easy to admit, children are constantly watching and love to emulate their parents. From the very beginning, children need to see their parents saving money. While they are not going to be able to watch as an online transfer moves from one account to another, they will be able to appreciate change being placed in a jar or a family piggy bank. Mom and dad need to make a conscious effort to save in front of their children. Over time, it becomes something that seems natural.


Letting Them Try It Out

A piggy bank is the perfect starting point when it comes to teaching children how to save. This is a hands-on activity that kids actually participate in. Choose a fun container that will add a little fun to their bedroom and watch them start saving money. When they receive gifts, have them place part of it into the piggy bank and allow them to spend some of the money. They learn that at least a part of every amount of money they earn or receive as a gift should be saved.


Taking Savings to the Next Level

At some point, a child is ready to move their money from the piggy bank to an alternate location. When this happens, it is time to find a kid-friendly savings account. In the U.S., many banks offer special accounts that come with incentives for a child when they save. A parent's name is always on the account and they determine when money is withdrawn. As a child grows, they can be given more freedom with the account. However, regular deposits into the savings account should be maintained.

In the UK, a Junior ISA is a savings account specifically designed for children. It grows over time and receives full access when the child comes of age. This money can be used for anything including education, the purchase of a vehicle or even a favorite video game. In each instance, a parent can point out that saving money was a great way to accumulate the necessary funds for important purchases. The funds consistently earn interest.


Giving Them Control

When children are younger, show them the account statements, so they actually see their money grow. Older children will be able to appreciate the growth of the account from one statement to another. At every turn, encourage them to save. Make it seem exciting and fun and something that will benefit them in the long run. At some point, allow an older child a limited amount of control. They will get a feel for what it is like to have money and the ability to continue to save or spend.

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Rosanne Cash: Land Of Dreams

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There is a well-worn path for people in their 20's and 30's. After an education has been completed it is time to build a career, find someone to marry, and start a family. This often involves dating sites, speed dating events, meet-ups for singles, and blind dates from well-meaning friends.

For those whose marriage ends in divorce, there is another well-traveled path often followed: a rush to the altar a second time. Too many times this happens quickly after a divorce is finalized with little time spent contemplating what went wrong the first time and what a good partner should possess for a successful relationship to be possible in the future.

The expectation that life is not complete until there is a spouse and children often leads to making bad decisions in choosing a life partner. Similarly, the pressure post-divorce to do it again is often not a wise path to follow down a second time.

So how is it possible to make better choices, leading to more rewarding, longer-lasting relationships?

It's simple:

Step off the beaten path and date yourself first.

In a rush to follow where others have tread before, there is not often a well thought-out plan or criteria for the ideal partner. This is impossible to accomplish without first knowing yourself well.

  • Get comfortable being alone.
  • Take yourself out to dinner and a movie.
  • Enjoy your own company.
  • Spend time thinking about who and what makes you happy.

Once you are happy and comfortable dating yourself, you are ready to date others. When you begin to date again, be mindful of what you like and dislike in each dating and relationship experience. This will help in choosing the right partner. Also, the time you spent dating yourself will ensure the fear of being alone will not be the determining factor in finding a partner.

Step off the path and seek happiness first with yourself and then with a partner.

It's the best path to choose for a fulfilling relationship and happy life.

by Kelly Sajonia

You are exceptional. I recently heard Deepak Chopra say: your body is literally made out of stardust. Can you hear the whoa-ness of that?

You are LITERALLY made out of stardust.


In this moment, your very presence is making the world exactly what it is. Without you, the universe would be different.

So it bears repeating: You are exceptional.

How will you honour your exceptionality?

People come to coaching because they have seen a glimmer of what could (might?) be. A divine whisper of "you can".

Often times, we ignore it. Largely because we can't trust it. It's too crazy. Haven't you been stockpiling all the reasons you "can't" your whole life? Why yes, I do believe you have.

And yet, there is something about the whisper that compels you. You keep coming back to it.

That's because it is the TRUTH, my friend.

And in that truth is a vision. YOUR vision. The one that you can barely name. The one that makes your heart expand and your toes tingle just thinking about it. So you don't.

But there's that whisper again. "You can".

So you tentatively consider the "how" and that shuts you down again. Because it's too much. This vision takes work. That's another truth: THIS VISION TAKES WORK. There are requirements expected of you. You must define your vision. You must see it. Feel it. Taste it. Trust it. Move towards it. Be obedient to it.

What magic happens when you honour you vision by naming, owning and obeying it? A light will beam from your heart, illuminating a path for you, rendering the "how" insignificant. Because you are getting there.

You will start to notice that you are now on a new path. One you don't recognize. One that has no others' footprints. That's to be expected.

No one has been on THIS path before. No one has your very iteration. Oh yes, there may be points along the path that merge with others, and frankly there is comfort there. In fact, there may be times where intentionally switching back to the beaten path is the right call. Like slipping into your favourite worn jeans. The ones that know your curves so well. The homeness of the experience. Rest here. Recharge here.

Then get back out there, machete in hand forging ahead with the searchlight emanating from your heart. Your vision awaits.

You can, and you will. Because you are exceptional.

by Tanya Geisler

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Connecting The Dots

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