5 Steps to Focus On to Achieve Your Goals

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“To accom­plish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” ~ Ana­tole France

I haven’t read every per­sonal devel­op­ment or self-realization book out there, but I sus­pect that every one of them has at least a chap­ter that’s all about defin­ing your dreams and focus­ing on what it takes to achieve them.

As Lewis Car­roll said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”  In other words, with­out focus­ing on a goal, it really doesn’t mat­ter what you do, or how hard you work at it.

It’s funny, but in the past, I’ve only asked my clients to imag­ine their “ideal” lives one year out. But recently I’ve come to sus­pect that — as one of my clients (who has accom­plished some really amaz­ing things lately) so elo­quently put it — you “need to think really big to get unstuck and expand into possibilities.”

If you’re ready to get mov­ing, you need to focus on a goal. And if you want to move far and fast, it seems to help to have a really big goal. With that in mind, I’d like to offer five con­crete steps you can take to put your­self firmly on the path to your dreams.

As it hap­pens, I recently found three — and not in a per­sonal devel­op­ment book either! It’s a book on mar­ket­ing: Dou­ble Dou­ble by Cameron Herold. Here are the steps:

1) Cre­ate your “Painted Pic­ture”: Describe in vivid detail your life three years from now. What are you doing? Who are you doing it with? What does it look like? What do you do every day?”

Cameron described how a three-year vision chal­lenges you to think “big­ger”. It makes sense that clearly imag­in­ing goals, down to the finest details, are essen­tial to the process of achiev­ing suc­cess for big brands, like Apple, but can you see how it would also ben­e­fit you?

The thing is, peo­ple rarely take this step. Again, as one of my clients real­ized, we’re so focused on get­ting through our day-to-day lives that we have absolutely noth­ing to pull us into our best selves and our best lives. The Painted Pic­ture cre­ates the pulling power. And by giv­ing you the space to dream really big, the pulling power is that much greater.

2) Share your big vision with any­one and everyone.

In the past I have writ­ten my Painted Pic­ture (what I called Vision State­ments) and shared them with my coach. I have encour­aged my clients to write them and share them with me. But I have never imag­ined broad­cast­ing them to a wide audience.

I imag­ined that by writ­ing my Painted Pic­ture I was doing all that was nec­es­sary to get the Uni­verse to con­spire on my behalf. I think Cameron is say­ing avoid the “mid­dle man” and go directly to the peo­ple who, given a chance, are in the posi­tion to help.

Now that I’ve asked my clients to do this, I’ve seen amaz­ing things hap­pen. Ideas and sup­port almost imme­di­ately man­i­fest. Just today on the pri­vate forum for my group coach­ing pro­gram, a mem­ber posted a ques­tion and there were 4 imme­di­ate responses. She quickly wrote back, “Thank you all for your com­ments and solu­tions. I should have posted this sooner!”

I think we hold our dreams “close to our chest” because we feel self-conscious about shar­ing them. The “Who am I to want so much?” will surely come up. Only to be fol­lowed soon after by the thought, “What if I fail? I’ll look like a loser.” But I hope the above exam­ple will con­vince you that you have SO much more to gain by shar­ing your vision.

3) Focus on tak­ing daily actions.

No way around it: You have to do some­thing. I’ve writ­ten a lot about this topic before. Cameron also rec­om­mended Teamly.com as a fun and free way to keep track of your daily tasks related to your dreams.

4) Believe you can do it.

I’ve writ­ten a lot about this too. Thou­sands of words can be summed up by these 4: You. Can. Do. It. Repeat them to your­self often.

5) Cel­e­brate your successes!

Often we fin­ish one task or accom­plish a goal and rush on to the next with­out acknowl­edg­ing that what we just did was impor­tant and mean­ing­ful. So when you’ve achieved a goal or you’re done with a task, find a way to cel­e­brate, even if you only take a quick walk out­side or drink a glass of water in a beau­ti­ful wine glass.

Cel­e­brat­ing your accom­plish­ments helps cement them, and can make future tasks and big projects seem much easier.

What do you think of the list? Are you will­ing to do the steps? I know #2 on the list — broad­cast­ing my dreams — gives me a great deal of anx­i­ety. I’m sure it does for you too. When I shared this process with one of my clients, she audi­bly gasped.

But Cameron pro­vided com­pelling evi­dence for the fact that it works. I’m will­ing to give it a try — so watch for me to pub­lish my Painted Pic­ture. (If I can effec­tively sup­press the urge to go into a Wit­ness Pro­tec­tion Pro­gram instead.)

by Stacey Curnow

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