5 Ways to Stay Active during your Work Day

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Do you feel drained in the middle of the day while you’re working? It’s a common experience in the office that you feel lethargic, bored or sleepy at work. Here are some tips on how you could stay active to survive your workday.

  1. Exercise at Your Desk

You may think that you can’t exercise at your desk, but believe it or not, you really can! By doing simple movements, you can put in a considerable amount of exercise while seated at your desk. You can try lifting one leg off the seat, and then extend it straight and the lower it to the floor stopping short of getting your feet to the floor. Hold that position for a few seconds and then do the same for the other leg.  Do this for 15 counts for each leg. Try relaxing your stomach muscles and flexing them again for several counts. This helps you work out your abdominal muscles, transverse abdominus and lower back. To work out your shoulders and chest, place your hands on the arms of your chair and lift off your bottom off the chair.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Making it a point to drink 8 or more glasses a day is very important in keeping energy levels up.

Drinking fluids is essential for staying healthy, keeping bodily functions in check together with your heart, muscles and brain. Stay hydrated throughout the day at work by having a pitcher of water close by and drinking gradually within the day or make frequent visits to the office water cooler.

  1. Take the Stairs

Skip the elevator and escalator altogether. Stay healthy and inject some aerobic activity by walking up or down the stairs. This is just like when you exercise bike helps to weight loss. Climbing the stairs increases our heart rate and helps prevent high blood pressure, clogged arteries and weight gain. It improves muscle tone, bone density and strength. Taking the stairs also lessen the chances of having osteoporosis especially for the “desk jockeys” at work. This also improves your mental health. If you’re can’t think or just have that black canvass in your brain, take the stairs to help you think better. Stair climbing also helps your body release happy hormones; endorphins which will help you manage stress and tension in the workplace.

  1. Socialize

After sending an email, go to your work mate and discuss if they received your email and ask if they have any questions about it. Visiting colleagues is one way to stay active during your work day.  Walking to their desks takes you away from yours and walking takes the stress off sitting on your desk the whole day. It also increases mental alertness and at the same time conversing would bring about new ideas or strategies. This helps produce better work and with socializing, you have time to bond with your work mates.

  1. Have Walking Meetings

A walking meeting, simply put, is having a meeting while walking versus the conventional meetings that are usually held in conference rooms, hotels and coffee shops. Walking increases creative thinking. It also creates a venue for a more productive and more honest exchange of ideas among the work mates than traditional meeting setups. Walking meetings also improve energy levels, focus and engagement. Since you are walking during the meeting, walking increases blood flow to your brain enabling you to express your ideas clearly and more fluently.

  1. 5 Minute Breaks

Set your alarm for 5 minute breaks to do stretching. The breaks can be put in spaced throughout the day to keep you energized.

Author Bio: Jennifer O’Neal is a lifelong cyclist, enjoying the thrill of an outdoor ride as much as the one on her indoor cycling bike. She regularly contributes to allexercisebikes.net, a leading provider of exercise bike reviews and education. Exercise bikes are helpful for weight loss.

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