A Successful Vision Starts by Asking the Right Questions

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“Blurry things can be brought into focus with the right ques­tions and bet­ter strate­gies.” — The Car­pen­ter by Jon Gordon

Have you ever won­dered what makes some peo­ple suc­cess­ful while oth­ers in the same indus­try or pro­fes­sion seem to strug­gle just to get by?

A few years back, dur­ing the great reces­sion, I met a Car­pen­ter who , despite the eco­nomic down­turn, was busier than he’d ever been. Being a stu­dent of busi­ness and life, I couldn’t help but to ask him how he could be so busy when every­one else seemed to be unable to find work. I’ll never for­get his response…

Peo­ple often ask me why I am so busy and suc­cess­ful and I believe it started with ask­ing what suc­cess looked like when I started my career. I asked what it would look like while I was thriv­ing in my life and career and what it would look like at the end of my life. I began with the end in mind and worked back­ward. I had a com­pelling vision for my life and worked toward mak­ing it come to fruition every day.”

You see, this Car­pen­ter under­stood how to see the world not as it is, but as it could be.

And if we want to be suc­cess­ful, we need to do the same.

Before begin­ning an ini­tia­tive, project, prod­uct launch, sea­son, or cam­paign we must ask our­selves what the world will look like when we are fin­ished. Once you have a vision of what could be, and know what the world looks like, you are ready to design, cre­ate, and launch.

Know­ing where you want to go or what out­come you want to achieve will help you stay the course no mat­ter what the circumstances.

In the case of this sim­ple car­pen­ter, he had decided that the core of his busi­ness would be to LOVE, SERVE and CARE. He would cre­ate his mas­ter­piece by prac­tic­ing the great­est suc­cess strate­gies of all.

And you can do the same.

Now you must ask your­self these questions:

1. What does it look like when you are at your health­i­est, strongest, and best?

2. What does your fam­ily sit­u­a­tion look like while you are pur­su­ing suc­cess in your work?

3. Are you ignor­ing the peo­ple you love the most or mak­ing more time for them?

4. What mat­ters most?

5. What pri­or­i­ties drive you each day?

6. What are you doing that makes you come alive?

7. What are you doing to live and share your purpose?

Start by ask­ing the right ques­tions and you’ll find the answers that mat­ter most.

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