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“A word is not a crys­tal, trans­par­ent and unchanged; it is the skin of a liv­ing thought, and may vary greatly in color and con­tent accord­ing to the cir­cum­stances and the time in which it is used.” ~ Oliver Wen­dell Holmes

One Word

A new year is upon us.  A time to start fresh.  To review the past and look toward the future.

“I want to lose weight.”

”I will become more organized.”

“I will paint.”

New Year’s Res­o­lu­tions.   Grand plans to start the year anew.  State­ments that touch upon some area in our life that we’re not com­pletely happy with.  Ever done them – made New Year’s res­o­lu­tions?  Just like the spike in gym mem­ber­ships in Jan­u­ary of each year – fol­lowed by the decline in Feb­ru­ary, New Year’s res­o­lu­tions typ­i­cally fade quickly as our daily lives takes us to where we have always been.

Two years ago, I was inspired by a much dif­fer­ent approach to New Year’s res­o­lu­tions – a con­cept by singer/song writer/blogger Chris­tine Kane.  This idea – to come up with one word to focus on.

The idea – that this one word will con­nect with us at a much deeper level, and inspire us to make it become part of our daily life.  That it will BE part of our true fab­ric.  And in being part of us at a much deeper level, this word will be a guide toward the life we desire, toward doing the things that are in align­ment with what this word means to us.

One word.  For 2009, the word I chose was COURAGE.  And in many amaz­ing ways, that one word man­i­fested itself in my life.

For 2010, the word I chose was SPLASH.  Again, this word became a deep part of my being dur­ing these past twelve months (and is some­thing I will also be writ­ing about soon, as I review this past year).


My word.


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SHINE – what does that mean to me?

Per­haps I can begin to answer that with another ques­tion.  Have you ever held your­self back, because maybe, just maybe, there is some fear of step­ping into who you truly are?   …of shin­ing your true colors?

And maybe the thing is, we even tip­toe around our own great­ness (and that great­ness, it is within each of us)…lurking just at the edge of the shad­ows.  Per­haps step­ping briefly into the light…


I’m there.  I’ve been in the shad­ows, step­ping out into the light…one step at a time. 


Except, it’s so easy to step back, too.  To step back to that “safe” place, just out­side the light.  How about you?  Do you hold your­self back sometimes?


Because  why?

This year will be about step­ping more fully, more authen­ti­cally, with more trust, into that light…a light that comes from within…and will shine more fully outward.

I am ready to SHINE!

Are you?

Your Turn
What would you choose for a word to focus on?    This year, 2011, has many great pos­si­bil­i­ties in store for each one of you – may you find  much mean­ing in all that is to come in the next twelve months!

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