Apples And Pies And Barbara Oh My!

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Pie-Making - finished pie, apple
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“I meant what I said and I said what I meant.” ~ Dr. Seuss



Barbara Swafford!!

I have an apple with me today.  (yum!)  I want some apple pie. (double yum!)  And I am honored to know Barbara Swafford and have been touched by her presence!! (triple YUM!!)

Let me set the apple aside and stop dreaming of that apple pie (grudgingly…it tastes soooo good in this dream of mine!) for a moment…


Thank you!  (it hardly seems enough…)

As I think back to when I started down this journey with the Jungle of Life, I recall those early days when I was a bit unsure of myself out here in this new world online.  And then, magically, I found Barbara and her wonderful site – Blogging Without A Blog.  What a amazing and wise woman…sharing so many ideas!

It didn't stop there, though.

There was this thing – the New Blog of The Week (NBOTW) that she was doing back then…featuring new bloggers and helping to give them a start, a boost, a connection with others.

I knew so few out there in this big and unknown online world.  And then Barbara…well…she opened her heart…and connected me with her caring and amazing followers!!

Barbara…thank YOU!!!  Thank you for ALL of this!!

It's been over two years since that time…and what you gave me was truly a boost in confidence, an appreciation for caring souls, a deeper belief in my own abilities, and an online classroom in which to learn and grow!

Barbara…may your life be filled with magical moments…moments like you have given me and so many others!!

And for everyone reading this…know that each of you offer amazing gifts to this world! 


Enjoy some sweet apple pie!!!!  (…or an apple…) (…or whatever it is that warms your belly!!)

Barbara…you are a STAR!!  (…shining so brightly into so many lives!!!)

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