Nothing Beats an Original

by Jason Kotecki

Have you ever noticed that you can always tell whether a child’s drawing was actually drawn by a child or an adult? Advertisements, signage, or product packaging will sometimes convey a childlike quality by including some elements supposedly drawn by a child. Much of the time, the drawing is done by a grown-up mimicking a […]

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It’s Time to Opt-Out

by Jason Kotecki

When you buy something online, during the checkout process, there is almost always a checkbox with an invitation to receive promotional emails of some sort. Sometimes you have to check the box to get the emails. Other sites have pre-checked the box for you, automatically assuming that you want their stuff. If you don’t, you […]

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Quite Possibly the Most Fun Service Project Ever

by Jason Kotecki

College students sometimes give up their spring break to go on a service trip. Boy scouts have to collect service hours to earn certain types of badges. Lawbreakers must log a set number of community service hours in order to pay their debt to society. Every year, thousands of brave men and women enlist in […]

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Small Rebellions

by Jason Kotecki

Adultitis is one of the biggest problems our world faces today. A bold statement, perhaps, especially if you’ve never even heard of the disease before. A condition that affects at least 75% of the world population, Adultitis creates conflict that keeps us from working together. It stamps out curiosity that could have found a better […]

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Adventures In Expanding Your Comfort Zone

by Jason Kotecki

I often wonder why I care so much about what other people think. I shouldn’t, and I like to think I don’t, but I do. Not always, but more often than I should. The irony is that the worst-case scenario is always the most terrifying when it stays in our head. If we were to […]

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Unleash Your Inner Superhero

by Jason Kotecki

You are in possession of something powerful. Something with the innate possibility to change the world. You walk around with it every day, but sadly, you’re likely oblivious to its paradigm-shifting potential. Don’t feel bad, however, for even the most advanced airport security scanners are completely unable to detect its presence. What is it? Your […]

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How a “Dirt League” Can Make Your Summer Less Busy and More Fun

by Jason Kotecki

We’re often told that the secret to happiness is to take the road less traveled. Oftentimes, it certainly seems like there must be a better way to do things than our current approach. But the problem is that the “beaten” path is so well-paved, well-marked and well-lit, that frankly, it can be hard to imagine […]

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The Shocking Meal Miss Manners Doesn’t Want You To Know About

by Jason Kotecki

As casual as our culture sometimes seems, we are still quite uptight in many areas. Much of it comes from caring about what other people think of us. Young children, of course, have no such concerns. They dance openly with reckless abandon, would happily wear princess dresses to the supermarket, and wouldn’t think twice about […]

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14 Super Fun (and Thrifty) Ways to Say I Love You

by Jason Kotecki

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. Well, at least according to Hallmark. The stores are saturated in pink and red, the calendar has that pesky little fine print next to the fourteenth day of February, and the pressure is huge to commemorate the big day with your sweetheart. That often means roses, chocolate, a […]

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Everything Becomes Easier If You Have This

by Jason Kotecki

One of the biggest barriers to success — in anything — is lack of focus. That we might be unfocused is also a hard thing to admit about ourselves. Because being focused seems too limiting — too small. We’re created for greatness, right? “I want to get debt-free AND lose weight AND train for a […]

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