You Can Dazzle When You Are Vulnerable!

by Jen Slayden

Today, while running errands in town I decided to save some time by visiting a car wash close by that was named “Dazzle.” Since I was way on the other side of town that I do not visit often, I had not patronized the place before, and assumed it was just one of the speedy […]

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It’s Never Too Late To Be Great!

by Jen Slayden

Ironically, I sit down to write this article on the evening of my birthday. Each passing year I become a little more reflective when May 1st comes around, perhaps because I am more aware of how quickly this carnival ride of life starts spinning. At times, a deep sense of gratitude penetrates through memories of […]

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Lessons From A Rock Cairn

by Jen Slayden

Rock cairn:  noun 1.  A human-made pile of stones erected to define a trail or mark a memorial    2.  A small breed of terrier from Scotland Cairns are found all over the world, and have different spiritual meanings and historical purposes.   When a large rock is placed on top of smaller rocks the cairn is […]

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Live With Courage

by Jen Slayden

Courage. What does the word mean to you? As a young child I pictured a being named Courage. It was always Courage who defeated the evil forces, rescued the maiden, and took great measure to ensure the "happily ever after". Do you remember those stories as a child? The hero, the one who rescues. The […]

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Love Will Keep Us Together

by Jen Slayden

Love keeps us together, right? But what happens when our society portrays love through perfection, wealth, lust, and greed? What do we teach our children about love? With a skewed definition in place, it is even more important to share with our family the true meaning of love: which encompasses hope, positive behavior, strength and […]

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Breaking Down FOCUS

by Jen Slayden

When I first saw what Lance had picked out for this month’s theme, I actually started laughing. After a week spending every waking hour with my children and spouse on a five state and seven day road trip for Christmas, I had visions of how many repeated conversations we had with our kids because they […]

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Givent Ake

by Jen Slayden

Once there was a man named Givent Ake. Givent had a life that from the outside people might appear green with jealousy. He had it all, one might say. A big fancy house with lush gardens and a swimming pool, fancy cars, and vacation homes scattered throughout the world, which were often the gathering place […]

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You Are What You Consume

by Jen Slayden

You are what you eat!  mom would exclaim at random times when I was a child. I didn’t understand what she meant, really. I had visuals of becoming a huge head of broccoli and wondered if that was the reason my eyes sometimes had a tint of green flickering among the brown. I wasn’t allowed […]

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Yielding To Change

by Jen Slayden

Recently there was a street makeover in my town where 5th street loops around to Madison Ave. Just to clarify, I’m not talking about the streets in New York City, where change is trendy. I’m talking about small-town Montana, where change freaks people out way more than a bear in their backyard! The road used […]

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Endings… and New Beginnings

by Jen Slayden

It is a funny thing, to talk about new beginnings as the world around me shows otherwise. For in a matter of one week, I have watched the deciduous trees in my state start to slowly relinquish themselves back to Mother Earth. Some cling, many hover, and some finally let go, resigned to the fact […]

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