Challenge the Status Quo and Discover Your Own Path to Amazing Health

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When you are surrounded by hundreds of people what do you see? Think about walking downtown in a big city such as Chicago or New York.

Is everyone fit and healthy? Or, rather, do you notice some fit folks mixed with some overweight and others obese? If you were to dig deeper into the lives of those who look fit and healthy you would find out that most are suffering through some sort of health problem.

You may look at a marathon runner and immediately assume he is healthy. However, he may have joint issues. He may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He may have sleep or digestive issues. We assume he has no issues even though this fact would be rare.

Is your doctor healthy? It's amazing how many overweight doctors there are today.

What has happened to the health of the world? Why does it continue to decline? Shouldn't we be getting healthier as we "progress" forward? We can fly, talk to anyone around the world via a cell phone, connect to the internet, drive cars, lift off into space…

Yet our health continues to decline. We may die at a later age but are we really living?

Begin challenging conventional wisdom NOW

Maybe it's time you throw a few punches at conventional wisdom. Challenge it. If most people still tell you that saturated fat is the devil then ask them why. They will tell you it leads to heart disease even though there is zero evidence that it does.

Challenge everything you read and hear for the rest of your life. Do your best to make sense out of everything.

It may be "normal" to believe that animal fat will get you sick (heart disease, etc.) but guess what? It is "normal" to be sick.

It is normal to suffer through something very serious in today's world.

Are you sure you want to continue to do what everyone else is doing?

Baby steps are important

You may be able to ditch bread or pasteurized skim milk cold turkey. Do it if you can. Realize that these individual things are baby steps to much improved health.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients of 100% whole wheat bread? Do you have any idea how it is created? It's not real food. Where it comes from? What about pasteurized skim milk? Raw, whole milk from grass-fed cows is one of the most nutrient dense foods on this planet. Why mess with it to make it "skim" milk?

Realize that there is no final destination when it comes to achieving super health. The final destination is in fact death.

Be proud of new discoveries. Run around your home when you quit drinking soda pop. Or smoking. Or binge drinking or eating. Each one of these accomplishments is a baby step. It's part of the endless journey.

You don't want to follow the same path as the average person. That average person is sick or is on the path to sickness. I'm not saying you will achieve perfect health. Perfect health does not exist. But, that does not mean you can't be full of energy and be excited about each and everyday because of how you feel day in and day out.

Challenge the status quo. It takes guts. Bravery. But, if you want to feel like you are 25 when you are really 75 then challenging the norm is an absolute must.

Where do you begin?

Focus on real food. You don't have to give up junk for life. Meat is real food. Buy from local farms if you can. Grass-fed beef is best but any beef that you cook and prepare yourself is great. Veggies are real food. Fruit is real food. Whole, raw potatoes are real food. Cook them yourself. That means skip french fries. Butter is real food. Eggs are real food. Liver is real food.

Think about what you put into your mouth. Increasing your awareness of what goes inside your body may be the most important habit that you can possibly develop.

After all, you are what you eat.

Are you ready to challenge the status quo when it comes to food? To go off the beaten path and discover what it feels like to have vibrant health? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

by Todd Dosenberry

Todd Dosenberry, aka "Primal Toad", is a primal enthusiast who is on a lifelong mission to inspiring millions of people. You can find him on his blog, Primal Toad, various social media sites or possibly in your hometown as he is in the midst of a world travel expedition through 2020.
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Jerry Tellier May 16, 2012 at 4:35 pm

Great article and you hit it on the nose with your comment on challenging everything we read and hear! We need to stand-up and take responsibility for our actions and that includes poor eating habits.

Hmmm…I wonder if drug companies and lobbyists play a small role in informing us what we should or should not eat?

Best example of healthy nutrition was from my 91 year old father that still plays/walks 18 holes of golf three times a week….”eat any and everything in moderation only”.


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