Cheerful Wins!

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“I pray for a more friendly, more car­ing, and more under­stand­ing human fam­ily on this planet. To all who dis­like suf­fer­ing, who cher­ish last­ing hap­pi­ness, this is my heart­felt appeal.” ~ Dalai Lama

We have a win­ner!  Cheer­ful, come on up!

What do you choose — cheer­ful or depress­ing?  OK, are you por­tray­ing that?  With all of your com­mit­ments, all of your busy-ness, is cheer­ful the mes­sage that comes across?  Or, some­times does your demeanor show some­thing less than cheerful?

I stopped at our local gas sta­tion a cou­ple of days ago.  After fill­ing the car up with fuel, I went inside to pay the cashier.  And the gen­tle­man behind the counter was just gen­uinely cheer­ful.  He radi­ated hap­pi­ness.  At a job that prob­a­bly is mostly thank­less.  It wasn’t just take my money, give me a receipt, and move on to the next cus­tomer in line.  It was engag­ing me in con­ver­sa­tion, gen­uinely enjoy­ing the oppor­tu­nity to be of ser­vice to me, and giv­ing me a lit­tle extra bounce in my step as I left.  Will I go back here for gas in the future?  You bet I will!  Through a sim­ple act of being cheer­ful, one employee left a last­ing impact on me.

Think about the pro­found effect we could all have if we did this just a lit­tle more in our daily lives.  If we were all just a lit­tle more cheer­ful.  Cheer­ful is con­ta­gious!  It was for me after I left the gas sta­tion.  Just like depress­ing can be con­ta­gious.  We have the choice of how we treat oth­ers. What we choose can and does affect other peo­ple around us.  What do you choose — cheer­ful or depressing?

I chal­lenge you today to find ways in your every­day life to be just a lit­tle more cheer­ful.  To spread hap­pi­ness a lit­tle more than you already do.  It doesn’t have to be big and grand.  Look for the lit­tle things you can do.

Make it a GREAT day today — for you and for those around you!

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