Finding Your Potential: Overcoming Micro-inhibitors

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There is a secret we all should know. The secret is that everyone has far more potential than they ever reach. We are all held back by forces we don't recognize or can't control. On a systemic level we call these forces macro-inhibitors and on a personal level we call them micro-inhibitors.

Macro-inhibitors are structural and systemic forces that constrain human potential such as nationalism, racism and toxic ideologies. They are part of the world we have inadvertently created.

We can't change the macro-inhibitors alone – they are too large for one person to change. But we can change the inhibitors that diminish us on a personal level; the micro-inhibitors.

Although we call them micro-inhibitors, they aren't small. They are huge in our individual lives. They will limit everything in our lives forever if we don't identify, understand and fight them.

Fortunately, we can identify them, we can understand them and we can reduce or eliminate them. We just need the tools to do it. Potentialism can supply those tools.

These micro-inhibitors that hold us back have many sources and together constitute a form of psychological baggage.

Of course, the sources of these micro-inhibitors are different for each of us. Clinical psychologists sometimes spend years trying to help people find the sources of their problems, and that is valuable help. But many micro-inhibitors are readily knowable and can be discovered on our own. Moreover, they can be faced and diminished.

Our inhibitors may stem from traumatic events or conditions in our childhood. We are all bruised and scarred to some extend during childhood. We may not be as attractive as others, or we may come from poor families, or we may be bullied, or we may be lacking in social skills. Regardless of the specifics of our lives, we all carry psychological baggage from childhood. In addition, as adults we acquire even more psychological baggage. Eventually, we come to believe that we can't do as much as others or we can't do what we want to do.

Fortunately, this isn't true. We can do more. We can be more. We all have a great power that is just unrealized. The trick is to understand that we all have psychological baggage, identify as much of our own baggage as possible, and then change the environment that perpetuates it. That is how we diminish it.

Research at major universities has shown that to reach our potential we must have a positive environment. In fact, to reach our potential we need about a 7 to 1 positive to constructive ratio in our environment. That means we need people around us that support us and help us. Unfortunately, most of us don't have such a positive support environment.

Potentialism was created to support you. It was created to support everyone. The third book in the Potentialism Series, The Future of Potentialism , is specifically about the micro-inhibitors that plague us all.

In addition, we created GlobalHouse, a California non-profit organization designed to provide everyone who wants it with a life-long positive support network. Too often the people around us – even family and friends – can't provide the 7 to 1 positive feedback ratio we all need to overcome our micro-inhibitors. We know that this is true. But until now, we didn't really have anywhere else to turn for help.

GlobalHouse provides a virtual support network for anyone who wants it. Moreover, little GlobalHouses are growing around the country and even in foreign countries. We are here to help you if you decide to take the journey, free your potential and find out who you can become.

About the Authors: Humanitarian leaders Theresa Ruby and Ross Anthony Gray are authors, consultants and creators of Potentialism, a new socioeconomic model they used to help end a 10-year civil war in Nepal. They are founders of GlobalHouse, a California-based 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to positive change through human potential, and authors of the Potentialism series of books. Visit for more information.

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Elle May 31, 2013 at 11:53 pm

This book is something that I might just need to pick up!

I agreed with all the points in your article. There definitely are some things that we can’t overcome – things that are out of our scope.

However, things that are in our minds are things we can work on.

The biggest issue I have observed is individuals not believing they can do something just because a family member or their friends ridicule them for it. It’s unfortunate to see, because those are the people who should be supporting you the most.

So I guess sometimes people need to find support from other sources (this might be where potentialism comes in!).


Yum Yucky June 5, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Welp, I could comment with this or that, but honestly just want to absorb all the goodness in this post, ponder it well. I’ve made some progress with my potential, but there are still some issues I need to barrel through if my full potential is going to realized.
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Lance Ekum June 5, 2013 at 8:59 pm

I’ve seen a couple of videos, Josie…you’re rockin’ the potential!!!


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