Get Naked in Your Relationship

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How com­fort­able are you get­ting naked?

It can be scary to present your authen­tic, stripped-down self to the world, but it will lead to liv­ing a hap­pier life. As in life, this is also true in rela­tion­ships. With­out allow­ing your part­ner to see the real you, your part­ner can only love the ver­sion you have pre­sented. It will ulti­mately limit the depth of con­nec­tion pos­si­ble, and will greatly reduce the chance of long-term suc­cess in the rela­tion­ship. While it is a fright­en­ing thought to be exposed and risk rejec­tion, it will be worth the effort.

“Always be a first-rate ver­sion of your­self, instead of a second-rate ver­sion of some­body else.” ~Judy Garland

The first step in allow­ing oth­ers to see you as you are starts with two things: con­fi­dence and love. Being con­fi­dent enough to allow the other to see you naked might be an unnerv­ing propo­si­tion, but you will be much bet­ter being you with your part­ner than being some­one else. And, equally impor­tant, love your­self enough to believe you are wor­thy of love and affec­tion just the way you are.

When you reach a point where you begin to allow some­one to see you as you are, you will be hap­pier. Free­ing your­self of the exhaust­ing task of pre­tend­ing to be some­one you are not will be a won­der­ful feeling.

The level of inti­macy and love shared with your part­ner will be deeper as a result of expos­ing your authen­tic self. Allow­ing your part­ner to see, and fall in love with the real you means know­ing you on a more inti­mate level. It will most likely lead to your part­ner open­ing up to you more as well. The result will be expe­ri­enc­ing a much more reward­ing, ful­fill­ing relationship.

“Be your­self; every­one else is already taken.” ~Oscar Wilde

by Kelly Sajo­nia

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