How Can Parents Lessen Traumatic Effects of Divorce on Children?

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Parents divorcing is a traumatic experience for children. Suddenly, their family is disrupted through no fault of theirs, and they have to accept the disappearance of one parent from their home, whose presence they miss. They are also disturbed by the thought of what would happen to them. But with a little effort, parents can reassure their children and take steps to minimize the traumatic effects of divorce on their children. Here's what you can do.

Ensure adequate support

A child needs complete emotional support of both parents. Sometimes, a counselor or therapist can help your child through the complex emotions brought on by the parents' divorce.

Co-parent respectfully

When there is a collapse of marriage, there is bound to be bitterness. Sometimes, due to domestic abuse etc., if you're looking for a lawyer in NSW, it is best to seek hire someone experienced who can advise you on legal factors involved with co-parenting such as parenting time and visitation rights

Also, it is in the best interest of the child/children that the parents do not speak ill of one another in front of them. The goal is to bring up a well-adjusted, child which can happen when both parents are respectful towards one another.

Maintain emotional neutrality

Parents should never ever make the child/ children take sides in a divorce. They should be allowed to stay neutral and be taught and helped to love both parents, regardless of your differences. Don't force them to divide their loyalties.

Don't make them your confidant

Parents sometimes lean on their children for emotional support which might "parentify" the child and he/she may become stressed because of it. You have to look for emotional support from adults – either your friends or family or by joining a support group.

Stay active

Leading a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating healthy food will be beneficial for you and your child, and help to release negative emotions faster.

Encourage father's involvement

Usually, children tend to stay with their mothers and thus it's the father who the child misses. If a mother tries to maintain a good relationship with the father, it will encourage the father to be more involved with the child. A positive father-child involvement also lessens the trauma of divorce.

Divorce is tough on the child, but he/she can overcome the effects of it if parents consciously provide an emotionally safe environment for the child.

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