How to Make Your Blog Go Viral

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There was a time when the word "viral" meant only bad things. Viral infections, viral colds – things you wanted to stay away from. In the online world, however, the term "viral" is something very desirable. When you start a blog, or create an online content, if you can get your content to go viral – that is, f you can get it seen by millions of people – you are really in business. How do you do that? That's what we'll cover in this article.

Provide solutions

People are always looking for solutions to their daily problems. Whether it's how to lose weight, look younger, get dinner on the table faster, make more money, find true love, or whatever, people want solutions. If you can provide a solution to a common problem, your content will get read shared, linked to, and referenced many times over.

Work in catchy titles

Before your content can be shared and eventually go viral, it has to be read. And for it to be read, you'll need to "sell the click" to the original reader. To do that, you'll need to create a compelling title that will encourage your readers to click your link to read more. People love lists and step-by-step ways to find solutions to their problems (see above about why you should provide solutions). Create titles that let people know that an easy solution is just a click away. Buzzwords like easy, quick, and fast are good choices, as are things like "5 ways to…" and "___ in 5 easy steps."

Break up the information into small chunks

These days, people have busy lives and short attention spans. They won't take the time to read a lengthy post that isn't broken up into manageable bites. Use titles subtitles, bullet points, lists, etc. to break up the content into easily scannable bites that people will be more inclined to read.

Get the readers involved

Another very effective way to get your content in front of many eyes is to get them involved. Ask them questions and encourage them to answer in the comments, leave blanks for them to fill in, or provide them with questions to ask themselves. All of these things will increase the viral potential of your content.

Be a place of positivity

People have enough negativity in their lives. Most people don't want to read, much less share, posts that are the written equivalent of a dark cloud. That's not to say you can't post about things that are not all sunshine and roses (the trials and tribulations of parenting, for example) but if you can do so with a little bit of humour and a wink in your eye, your content is much more likely to be shared. If you are positive and emote positivity in your posts, people will be drawn to you. When that happens, thy will want to share your content.

Evoke an emotion

Think about the kind of content you yourself share. More often than not, you share something that evokes an emotion in you. That emotion could be motivation, happiness, positivity, wistfulness, anger, or even sadness. It's the emotional response that makes you want to share it. You want the people in your life to experience the same emotions, right? That's why you share it. If you can do the same with your blog posts, your readers will also want to share what they are reading.

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