How to Use Creative Approach in Job Search

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In the period of economic crisis people take the problem of job search more creatively. The novelty of this approach is in use of non-standard communication channels.

One of the creative approaches in your job hunting is self-promotion or self-advertising. The core of this method lies in the ability to use different sales techniques that work for products and services but adapted to selling your skills in the labor market. The employers are taken as usual customers, so let's work with them professionally!

Here are several examples of such non-standard approach in finding a place known on the Internet:

– A university student creates a site informing about the guaranteed remuneration in the form of a cruise or $ 500 to anyone who tells him a good option of getting a job;

– A former bank employee having tried all the standard ways to attract the potential employers, puts a "sandwich" costume with the message: "Experienced MIT graduate is looking for a job" (MIT, i.e. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – a mecca of computer technology) and goes to Park Avenue to distribute his business cards among top managers going for lunch.

You can also see some posters or billboards with excerpts from the resume or ads put on the garages of top managers.

HR-specialists advise to combine creativity with a considered approach – a common sense should obligatory be present. The form of the appeal to potential employers should be chosen based on a clear understanding of the target audience, and the creative component should not overshadow the information.

Don't forget that the professionalism and pragmatism will be appreciated in any situation. HR specialists advise to show results, i.e how much have your former employers earned or saved thanks to your efforts. Thus, we can conclude that competent lawyers or accountants will be in a great demand without any creativity.

Creative approach is welcome for the candidates of such positions as: producer, commercial artist, art director, etc. In this case, the employer may be interested in your focus on the results, the ability to come up with innovative solutions. In addition, an original approach is a way to reveal your professional qualities as a creative worker, which is hardly possible during the interview.

Recruiters advise that in order to stand out from the crowd you need to focus on:

– creating a qualitative resume;

– finding and maintaining relationships with people who can assist in finding employment – networking;

– improving your interviewing skills.

Recently, many candidates are turning to HR-managers and other employees of the companies directly through social networks, blogs, forums and professional communities.

We offer you several other ways of unconventional job search.

1. Online games. This method is suitable for any online game, but preferably with an active chat.

2. Dating sites. A resume submitted to the dating site will help you find a life partner and work simultaneously.

3. Tax office. The following method proposed by one of the applicants seems most original. Competent and colorfully decorated resume (colored paper and photo) placed as brochures on the tables of tax inspectors – are your chance to attract the attention of accountants.

In conclusion, we can say that an unusual way to find work says about your creativity, the ability to achieve goals, originality and creativity.

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