Laugh and Get Rich

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“I love peo­ple who make me laugh. I hon­estly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a mul­ti­tude of ills. It’s prob­a­bly the most impor­tant thing in a per­son.” ~ Audrey Hep­burn

Laugh and Get Rich!

Feb­ru­ary 8th:  Do you know what is sig­nif­i­cant about this day?

It is offi­cially also known as “Laugh and Get Rich Day”!

If you are read­ing this on Feb­ru­ary 8thLAUGH!!!  Right now…let that laugh in you out!!

And, shoot — even if it’s not Feb­ru­ary 8thLAUGH!!! 

Ahhhh…doesn’t that feel AMAZING!!

Laugh and get rich!  Okay, I’m not going to guar­an­tee that by laugh­ing you’ll become richer mon­e­tar­ily.   I DO have a guar­an­tee, though:  Laugh and you WILL become richer.

Richer in your health

Richer in your relationships.

Richer in our well-being

…richer in your soul

So, let’s all…

CELEBRATE!! (…and have a good time!)

Laugh and get rich!!!!


Per­haps you need some help to get those laughs com­ing (although I’m all for laugh­ing for no rea­son at all, too!).  Let me share a story with you.

Adven­tures in Travel

I recently spent sev­eral days in Cal­i­for­nia (attend­ing a con­fer­ence and vis­it­ing some very amaz­ing peo­ple).  That’s not what I’m talk­ing about today, though.  I’m talk­ing about my trav­els TO California. 

I was fly­ing form Mil­wau­kee, WI to San Diego, CA…with a lay­over in Las Vegas, NV.  The plane I was on was also the plane going on to San Diego (so I would not have to get off the plane in Las Vegas).  When we landed in Las Vegas, every one of the other pas­sen­gers exited the plane (seems as though all trav­el­ers EXCEPT me were on there way to Vegas, baby!).  There was to be about a 45 minute lay­over before this plane would be leav­ing for San Diego.  I chose to stay on the plane.  So, it was just me and the stew­ardesses (and a guy restock­ing the kitchen area) on the plane. 

NOTE The next part may con­tain TOO MUCH INFORMATION (you’ve been warned!)

This stop­ping point also seemed like a good place to visit the air­plane lava­tory (because, well…too much cof­fee and water…).  So, I wan­dered to the back of the plane to use the restroom.

I squeezed into the small room, locked the door, and began to unzip.

At that moment (mid-zip), one of the stew­ardesses got on the inter­com and said, “To the gen­tle­man who just went into the restroom.…HANG ON!!!!!”. (said with conviction!)

…let me just say…

FREAKY!!!!!  (and…it’s a good thing I was in the restroom!!!)

She then con­tin­ued to talk to me, over the inter­com, while I used the restroom (the WHOLE time I was in there!).

Why?  Just for fun!!!  Just because she had never done that before.  Just because…

How cool is that!!!  (well…after you get over the freaky-ness of it all!)   And the thing was, after that restroom “inci­dent”, there was an instant con­nec­tion between myself and both of the stew­ardesses.  That moment cre­ated con­nec­tion (…as weird as that “moment” sounds…).  That moment cre­ated a space for friend­ship, how­ever brief, to begin…

In case you are wondering…and I’m glad to share — the air­line was South­west Air­lines…which, from my expe­ri­ence, their employ­ees have a whole lot of fun at their work!!

So there you have it — your LAUGH for today!

Now…go out and laugh even more!!

Rich­ness (beyond mea­sure and in so many ways) awaits!

To those of you with inquir­ing minds, I know of this very spe­cial day (Feb­ru­ary 8th), from a cal­en­dar I received this year…that has some­thing to cel­e­brate every day of the year!

A cou­ple of good ones com­ing up:

Feb­ru­ary 19th:  Choco­late Mint Day! (yum!!)
March 18th:  Awk­ward Moments Day (wow…who knew I could have just saved these moments all up for just one day each year!)

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