Learn to Listen to Your Gut Feeling

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We are all born with instinct, also known as a sixth sense, an intuition or a gut feeling. A gut feeling is a strong inner knowing about something. Psychologists explain intuition as a "mental matching game" where the brain absorbs a situation and searches for memories and knowledge that may relate to it. But it seems there is more to it and that having an instinct over a situation could even be more of an unexplained immediate understanding or knowledge.

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As we grow up, human beings are taught to think with their head and not their heart. Most men think more with their head, and women seem to make most decisions based more on emotion. But should we all start to listen to our gut feeling more?

Instinct is within us all and animals use their instinct to keep them safe from predators, seek out food and know when to hibernate. Although most animals' most prominent sense is their nose, their natural instincts also form an integral part of their existence. Intuition is when you feel you know something yet there is no physical or logical reason why. How many times have you felt strongly about something and then it's come true? Have you correctly guessed who is calling on the phone before you pick up? Have you had a vivid dream that has come true in real life?

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Trust Your Gut

Intuition is a sixth sense that everyone has. Learning to trust it could potentially change your life in the decisions that you make. We all have the ability to listen to ourselves and to trust in what we are feeling. When we are born, we are born with a natural psychic ability and through time as we grow up, we seem to lose the trust in our gut feeling. Children are believed to have a much stronger intuition than adults because they are more open and have not been conditioned by society. Your gut feeling gives you the ability to know or sense things and will sometimes forewarn you if you feel uneasy about something. How many times have you met someone and felt uncomfortable in their presence? This would be your intuition telling you that this person may be a negative influence on your life and that it would be sensible to be wary of them.

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What is Developed Intuition?

Psychics have a developed ability to sense things in a stronger way than most normal people. A psychic has a feeling of "knowing," a clairvoyant has the ability to "see" images related to someone in their mind's eye, and a medium reading will converse with those who have passed over. Some of these talents are inherited at birth. However, some have been developed over time through development circles and psychic support groups. Developing your intuition is possible and trusting your gut will serve you well, enabling you to make informed decisions about people, your life, your work or potential romantic partners.

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How to Develop Your Sixth Sense

Research and studies prove that our gut feeling is correct 90% of the time. So, when someone says " trust your gut," you really should. Learning how to improve your intuition is fairly simple. Set yourself easy tasks such as guessing who is calling when the phone rings or telling a friend about what's on your mind if something suddenly occurs to you. Most of us have several gut feelings a day and it's a wonder why we don't pay more attention to them. Your gut feeling works on instinct, just as an animal's instinct alerts it if it is in danger. It has embedded within us all from birth, it's just a case of nurturing it and believing in it.

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