Less Stuff, More Meaning

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 Today it is an honor and a priv­i­lege to have Sami, from Life, Laughs, & Lem­mings here, shar­ing some of her won­der­ful knowl­edge, mixed with that fun and humor­ous side I’ve come to know and love.  Sami calls Aus­tralia “home”, so today we’re trav­el­ing “down under” as this bright young lady shares her wis­dom here.

Sami describes her blog as “seri­ous fun”.  And I think that’s right on the mark!  She’s a sweet­heart of a soul, and cares deeply for the world we live in, all the while hav­ing fun and really liv­ing life.  A per­fect exam­ple of this is her Daisy List (a spin on the Bucket List idea).  And just to see how she’s not afraid to have fun and really let the joy in her heart out, check out the video she shared on this post she did (sorry, Sami, it’s too good not to share!).  Or to see how she val­ues laugh­ter, check out this post.

Sami is one awe­some lady, a great friend, and – she’s sim­ply an awe­some writer!  To keep up with all that she’s doing, sub­scribe to her blog right here!

And with that, Sami, the floor is yours…

Less Stuff, More Mean­ing

i can't live without it or can i
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“Sim­plic­ity is the ulti­mate sophis­ti­ca­tion.” ~ Leonardo DaVinci

Damn those Jones’ and their fancy cars, fancy house, fancy TV and fancy clothes. And damn all those com­pa­nies with their fancy ads who know exactly how to make us feel less worthy/cool/successful if we aren’t able to keep up with the Jones’ and prefer­ably out-fancy them.

Funny thing about those Jones’ and all their fancy friends, they tend to have very fancy debt. Fancy that! In other words, it’s often all show.

The mar­keters will have us believe that once you get that lat­est model, spe­cial edi­tion, lim­ited run, fus­cia BMW, THEN you’ll get the girl (or boy). Or if you just get those cur­rent sea­son, bright red, 7 inch Manolo Blah­nik heels, THEN you’ll be sexy (and crip­pled). And God for­bid you should even think about not get­ting the lat­est phone that can give you your GPS co-ordinates, microwave your lunch, trans­late dog lan­guage, crack the Da Vinci code AND would you believe, make phone calls. You can kiss that hap­pi­ness good bye with­out it!

I should know, I used to be in mar­ket­ing (before I saw the light). I know a lot of the tricks like using emo­tive lan­guage in copy, upbeat music in stores, prod­uct place­ment on shelves, loss leader prod­ucts and the lesser known; beau­ti­ful peo­ple specif­i­cally placed at spe­cific bars buy­ing a spe­cific prod­uct so oth­ers will specif­i­cally emu­late them.

Don’t get me wrong, I use to want and strive to buy all the lat­est elec­tron­ics, clothes, car, etc, etc. An unwanted divorce, a sub­se­quent escape relo­ca­tion to another coun­try and leav­ing behind all my worldly pos­ses­sions sans two bags worth of clothes and a few sen­ti­men­tal items took care of that.

It’s really quite hum­bling but also lib­er­at­ing hav­ing your entire mate­r­ial world encased in two bags sit­ting at your feet. What I very quickly learnt through my sit­u­a­tion was who really cares about me and what I really should care about. “Stuff” didn’t really fig­ure in the equation.

Once all that is mate­r­ial was gone, all I was left with was myself and my sur­vival. For some that can be incred­i­bly daunt­ing and have as much appeal as turn­ing up to work butt naked (given I work from home, that would be less of an issue for me but would make for inter­est­ing times should the FedEx guy turn up to the door).

Whilst it can be daunt­ing, when the dis­trac­tions of pos­ses­sions, image, sta­tus and keep­ing up with all of that are no longer there, you are left with free­dom. Free­dom to move, free­dom to dis­cover who you really are, free­dom to be peace­ful and free­dom to uncover what is really impor­tant like your health, your fam­ily and friends and your purpose.

I’m not sug­gest­ing you go out and reduce your mate­r­ial pos­ses­sions to two bags but what I am say­ing is that there is power, free­dom and mean­ing to be had if you live a life with less stuff and less attach­ment to the stuff. Besides, fewer pos­ses­sions means less con­sump­tion, less dam­age to the planet, less cost, less main­tain­ing, less clean­ing and more time, money, fun, free­dom and fulfillment.

And who doesn’t want more of that?

Oh, and by the way, uncool is the new black. So if you want to be in sea­son, you really must go out and get your­self some!

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