Love and Health: 10 Love Tips for Electrifying Health

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Love is beau­ti­ful. Love is essen­tial for elec­tri­fy­ing health. Love is essen­tial for life. With­out the act of mak­ing love, life does not exist. This is beau­ti­ful, don’t you think?

The fol­low­ing is a list of ten love tips that will allow you to live your life with elec­tri­fy­ing health. You want to live as long as pos­si­ble, right? More impor­tantly, you want to feel alive dur­ing your time on beau­ti­ful Earth and not suf­fer from any dis­ease or can­cer. This is cer­tainly pos­si­ble and the fol­low­ing tips will help.

1) Love your­self. You are the most impor­tant thing in your life. If you don’t take care of your­self then how are you going to help others?

2) Love oth­ers. My sis­ter just got mar­ried in Key West. The love she shares with her hus­band is infec­tious. If you are deeply in love then you will make sure your lover is in grand health. You will make sure you are in grand health as well. You want to be with this per­son for as long as possible.

3) Make love. Yes, that means have sex. Sex with some­one you love. Sex is phys­i­cal activ­ity. It gets your blood flow­ing. It’s fun. It’s play. And, of course, it cre­ates life. Mak­ing love with some­one you love is one of the world’s great­est de-stressors in the world. Exces­sive stress is one of many play­ers in dis­ease and can­cer. You want to avoid both, right? Find a lover and make love with him or her!

4) Love to cook and/or pre­pare food. Unless you live with a pro­fes­sional chef, make cook­ing a hobby. If you hate to cook or pre­pare deli­cious raw food such as a smoothie then you are more bound to buy pack­aged junk food at the gro­cer or to pass through a drive thru. If cook­ing becomes a hobby, some­thing you love engag­ing in, then your health will improve. Home cooked meals are almost always bet­ter than pack­aged crap at your local gro­cer. Start with cook­ing meat and veg­gies with lots of spices and herbs and then go from there.

5) Love nature. Where do you spend the major­ity of your time? If you work, eat, relax and get enter­tained indoors then you are prob­a­bly nature defi­cient. Get out­side. I don’t care how cold or hot it is. I hate the cold but I still feel out­ra­geously relieved when I step foot out­side in the heart of the Win­ter. It’s dif­fi­cult to explain the incred­i­ble phe­nom­e­non behind the heal­ing prop­er­ties of nature. If you are con­stantly inside and stressed then it’s time you spend more time out­doors. Go for a short walk. Take a long hike. Play a sport. Go to the beach. Ski or snow­board. Don’t be afraid of the sun. Vit­a­min D3, aka the Sun­shine Vit­a­min, is essen­tial to all life. A burn is too much but a tan is per­fect and pro­tects you from dam­age. Maybe you need a non human com­pan­ion to join you on your walk?

6) Love your pet. We own a lovely Boston Ter­rier. I’m deeply in love. I LOVE tak­ing him for walks. The longer the bet­ter. If I never looked for­ward to putting the leash on him and step­ping out­side then I would feel stressed every time I had to do this “chore.” This would prob­a­bly lead to bad habits that could lead to poor health.

7) Love move­ment. Any form of move­ment is bet­ter than no move­ment at all unless you are com­pletely exhausted or have a strong desire to relax. Every sin­gle time I decide to lift my butt off the chair and do a few push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, leg swings, hip exten­sions, arm cir­cles, etc. I feel alive. My con­fi­dence soars. Just a few min­utes of this many times through­out the day can do won­ders for many folks. Love the move­ment you are engag­ing in and feel your health improve in an instant.

8 ) Love sleep. Sleep is impor­tant. If we all know this is true, then why do we fail to place an impor­tance on it? We instead watch hours of TV on a daily basis. Ditch the tele­vi­sion. You think you love watch­ing the screen when in real­ity you don’t. You love being out­doors. You love to play. You love to sleep. Love it more. Under­stand that it is vital to your health and be grate­ful every time you place your head on your pil­low and pull the cov­ers over your body. Love the energy you gain from sleep.

9) Love to smile. Are you feel­ing stressed out? Smile. Try to laugh a lit­tle. How are you feel­ing now? If you actu­ally com­pleted this small task then you should have felt alive for at least that brief moment. The sim­ple act of smil­ing is one of the sim­plest, yet one of the most pow­er­ful and con­ta­gious actions you can take to improve your health. A fake smile won’t work unless a real laugh fol­lows. But if you make smil­ing a habit then it will all of a sud­den hap­pen auto­mat­i­cally. You will find your­self laugh­ing more. Your hap­pi­ness, and thus health, will increase at a rapid rate. It may take some prac­tice but it’s worth it. It’s so sim­ple folks. Just smile! :)

10) It’s your turn. Leave a com­ment below with at least one tip that deals with health and love. What do you love that improves your health? Maybe its giv­ing a hug, play­ing a sport, med­i­tat­ing or engag­ing in yoga. What­ever it is, share. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.

by Todd Dosen­berry

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