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“When all is said and done, you are part of me. That’s the way it was meant to be. Peo­ple are brought together for a rea­son, every­thing hap­pens for a rea­son. I believe the rea­son that you and me were brought together was because we com­plete one another. We fill in each other’s miss­ing spots with love. And if some­day God decides to tear us apart, I trust that there is a rea­son. Cause if there is a rea­son for love, there is a rea­son for life beyond it.” ~ Author Unknown

Tak­ing a step back in time, and to some­thing that hap­pened.  Something….which left me ques­tion­ing.

Those col­lege years…a time for many things.

But this?

It all started sim­ply enough.  A visit to my sis­ter at col­lege, to cel­e­brate a birth­day.  I was home for the week­end, and would ride up with my par­ents. 

It was all good.  Then, later in the after­noon… time to go back home.  A cou­ple of hours.  I would drive, on this nice late win­ter day. 

And in an instant, every­thing can change.

Look­ing back, it’s so easy to think about how it could have been different.

There I was, dri­ving down the free­way.  Out in the wide open spaces, light traf­fic.  Sun shin­ing in.  And I felt myself get­ting tired.  (has that ever hap­pened to you?) I could drive through it, though.   

And I con­tin­ued on down that highway.


Except, I wasn’t becom­ing any more awake. 

The next thing I remember…

Well, it’s kind of a blur, espe­cially after all these years. 

I was leav­ing the road.  Jarred back to the present by the sounds, then by the world fly­ing by me.  What a scary feel­ing.  Not know­ing exactly where I was headed, dri­ving way too fast, espe­cially at that moment. 

(per­haps our life is some­times like this…)

As it turns out, it was a flat, grassy median.  We came to a stop.  Every­one was okay.  And we were able to drive away, every­thing intact.   No one hurt.

Per­haps, except for my dignity.

And I couldn’t help but notice, as we drove the rest of the way home, how much worse this could have been.  Spots where there were steep drop offs.  Other roads.  Groups of cars.

Why me?  Why was I spared?  Why did this moment which could have been so much worse – why wasn’t it?  And what does that all mean?  Is there some pur­pose I have here, which hasn’t yet been fulfilled?

All thoughts that came up right after all of this happened.

Per­haps we’ve all had these moments.  Maybe more than we even real­ize.  Where a few sec­onds have made a com­plete dif­fer­ence – and yet, we never know what could have hap­pened.  Where our doing one thing has com­pletely altered what might have been.

Life is pre­cious.  We each have good within us -  amaz­ing good that we can give to the world. 

And we don’t always real­ize this.  I haven’t always real­ized this.  For a few moments, nearly twenty years ago, I did.  And off and on through­out the years — there have been moment of this clar­ity.  Clar­ity of purpose.  

Does it always have to take moments like this, though, to really make this set­tle into our souls?  Or can it become a part of our being, of our soul, of our living?

Life here on this earth is a won­der­ful and amaz­ing gift.  I do not take that for granted today — this beau­ti­ful gift called life. 

My hope for each of you.…as you read this.…that you take a moment to reflect on you, and on the amaz­ing gift it is be here and trav­el­ing through this jour­ney of your life.

Your life…is an extra­or­di­nary life.  You are an extra­or­di­nary being. 

Much peace, always.

This arti­cle is part of the Life Lessons series, cre­ated by Abubakar Jamil.

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