New Rules, Real Rules, and the Steps of our Lives

by Lance Ekum on

I've recently had the great pleasure of reading a book on The Real Rules of Life

It reminds me, very much, of something I wrote previously – the New Rules For Life.  To refresh, when I looked at this – I defined four high level rules which essentially comprise our life:

  • You have this moment.
    Life is made up of our moments.  Moments – just like this very second, right now, that you are here, reading.  You have chosen how to use this moment.  And even when we are in a place that is not our choosing, we still (always) choose our response.  That response – ALWAYS – is yours.  In every moment. 
  • You are a spiritual being having a human experience.
    Stop.  No, really stop.  Stop and be still.  Silent.  Just you and your breath.  As thoughts come, just let them go.  How amazing is this!  This physical body of ours – bones, skin, muscles, tissues, organs – all make up your being.  There is just still so much more to you, though.  So much more than this physical body that you are in!  There is something just so much deeper about you – and who you are!  Your soul…that which makes you YOU!  It's not something we can see (like our fingers or toes).  Our soul…our spiritual being…that deep part of us that is both mysterious and known…beautiful and amazing…
  • Love matters.
    Do you have a pet?  Have you held a tiny baby?  In its purest form, these are beings that love.  And accept love.  Think about this.  Or, even more importantly – feel this.  Feel this in your soul.  That thought of holding a tiny, unprotected baby.  Love. 

    Now, feel that in everything you do.  In everyone you encounter.  In your being.  Love. 

    And imagine, if you will, for a moment – a world filled with this.  Love, which is already at our core,  Love…that connects, that breaks down barriers, that lifts up, that cares, that feels, that shows, that touches, that understands…that matters…

  • Everything else is negotiable.
    You make the rules.  This is YOUR life.  This life of yours – it is not the life of your boss, your lover, your parents, your employer, your customers, your friends, your foes, your government, your religion. This life – the one you are living right now – is for you. 

In the book The Real Rules of Life – author Ken Druck ties into all of this so wonderfully, and then expands these "rules" and really digs further into their meaning in our lives.  And he does this from a deep place of compassion – tying it into the loss he personally experienced when his daughter died unexpectedly while doing missionary work.

What I really liked about this book was it's focus – each chapter – on specific things we can do in our lives to bring these "rules" more fully into our being. 

If this idea of what the "true" rules are in life is something that resonates with you – Ken's book is a worthy read, and one that will be a guide for living a healthy (in all aspects) life.

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by Lance Ekum

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