Not Your Typical Kelly Blue Book

by Lance Ekum on

“From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Who is this?

Do you recognize her?

And what's she doing here?

It's Kelly!  And she has blue hair!!  (and I think she might know a bunny that is blue, too!) 

Today…she is asking me a whole bunch of questions…enough to be a book!!  Okay – it's a short book, because even if I emptied my whole brain, it would still be short book!!  Wait…I think I may just have done this…completely emptied my brain!  Wow, Kelly…you are GOOD!!!

It's even better, though – I get the very cool opportunity to talk pies in the sky!  (okay – not for the whole interview…) (wow…my mouth is watering just thinking of this right now!)

See – she IS good!! 

And…I'm famous now, too!!  See, Kelly is the sweet daughter of the very wonderful, super awesome Jannie Funster!


I probably reveal WAY too much about me.  Perhaps some of it is even scary (oh…parts are definitely scary!).

Check it out…if you dare!

And if you don't know the very cool Jannie Funster, you MUST check her out – she's a guitar playing, song singing, happy, lovely soul!!  (and her daughter Kelly is all sorts of awesome, too!!!)

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