On Fields Pond

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“We carry with us the won­ders, we seek  with­out us.” ~ Sir Thomas Browne

To step away, to see with dif­fer­ent eyes. 

Per­haps that’s it.  To see “you” in a whole new light.  To con­nect to some­thing deeper, some­thing more meaningful.

What is it that really draws us to visit new places, or to return to that place…that place of spe­cial mean­ing?  There is a world out there to see, to expe­ri­ence, to know.  And yet, within all that…

…there is another journey…

The jour­ney into that deep and mag­nif­i­cent chasm of “you”

A world to explore.  A world right within your own being. 

On Fields Pond.

“A lake is the landscape’s most beau­ti­ful and expres­sive fea­ture.  It is Earth’s eye; look­ing into which the beholder mea­sures the depth of his own nature.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

I live today, not to seek wealth by com­mon means.  I live today, in the wealth of expe­ri­ences, of moments, of love, of being.

Wednes­day, July 21.  Still­ness.  A set­tled fog upon the pond.  Morn­ing sun, ris­ing in the east.  A loon calls from deep within the fog.  An eagle soars overhead. 

And this is right and good.  The pond and I.

It calls my name.  With kayak, I travel into the pond, into that fog.

And stop. 

I let that all envelop me.  The beauty of this day, this place, these crea­tures, nature, our world.

That call of the loon.  How is it possible?

The flight of that eagle.  What gives her wings?

The fish that swim.  The fog that lifts.  The plants that grow.  The frogs that croak.  The water that moves.  The moon that sets.  The sun that rises.

All of this, a cohe­sive one.  A one with each other…together….

All of this, enter­ing my soul as I sit there, stilled, within that fog-covered pond.

We are one…connected at our soul.

And still, we are each so unique and truly amaz­ing.  Like that loon, or the lift­ing fog.

Do I see this every day?

No, not the lift­ing fog. 

Do I really see the unique and incred­i­ble being I am…not just on July 21…every day.

Do you?

Do you see that in you?  How amaz­ingly incred­i­ble you are!  YOU!  Flow­ing from your being, this spe­cial thing that makes you shine… (because you really do!)

Oh…maybe you don’t always see that.  It’s so easy to let the dis­trac­tions of life over­shadow the amaz­ing within you.  It’s there, though.  In each of us.  In every crea­ture, great and small. 

Today, choose to believe…believe in you…

Shine brightly…and live…

And as I reflect back, I’m drawn to that loon…on a still and peace­ful daybreak…

…on Fields Pond…

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