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We shall find peace. We shall hear angels.
We shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.
~ Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Today I have Evita Ochel, from Evolving Beings, here.  Evita is a wonderful and dear friend, and really a beautiful soul who touches other's hearts with her caring and compassionate love. 

Read along, as I sit down with Evita, and she shares a bit about who she is, and where she is at on this amazing journey of her life.

1. Tell us a little bit about who "you" are (family, career, any special life experiences you’d like to share, etc.)
I am a being, who currently lives in Canada. I was not initially born here, and no matter where I live  on this planet in the future, I simply consider myself “Earthian” today. I love traveling and exploring this Earth, and to date have visited over 15 countries.

Internally, I am a passionate truth seeker. I have a very profound love for nature. In fact, I have a huge passion and respect for every single species on this Earth. I am called to oneness with all and hold deep gratitude for this amazing planet and how it supports us.

I am married, but more than this, am in an incredible unity with an amazing being who not only brings out the best in me on a daily basis, but inspires me to constantly grow and expand to my highest potential.

In terms of career, as a teen I always had a strong interest in the health and science field and after my formal education became a high school science teacher. I loved being a teacher, and had no doubt that this was not only my calling but also one of my life's passions. However, as I taught and took very seriously to practice what I preach, I grew in many ways. It was at this time that I began to feel the limitations that this position had on my personal evolution, and so in June of 2009 I resigned from this position to become a teacher on a global level. I got some more certification in the areas of holistic health and nutrition and today am a writer, researcher and speaker in those areas, as well as in the areas of spirituality and consciousness expansion.

Lance's Commentary:  I'm drawn to your description of yourself as a "being".  Just the way you say that, it feels like you are much more than just your human self.  There's this real feel of connection to everything in this universe, and to this idea that we share this Earth we live on with every living thing.  What a beautiful view of the world!   

2. How long have you been blogging, and what led you to start writing?
I started the first of the three sites I currently run, 2 years ago. That was Evolving Beings.

Having gone through amazing personal transformations in the 2 years prior to this new venture, there was so much inside of me that wanted to be shared with the world. I felt a very strong calling to have a channel through which I could reach as many people as I could world wide. I felt like I discovered the secrets to internal peace, fulfillment and happiness, and wanted to help as many people as I could out there.

My husband knew that I had a passion for writing, as well as what “blogs” were (I didn't before this time) and so he suggested that I start a blog. Between his web development skills and my writing skills, Evolving Beings came to life.

A few months after that I felt the same strong call to have an outlet for my health, scientific and nutrition knowledge to help people lead healthier lives. This gave rise to Evolving Wellness.

Finally, later on that year, being a nature lover, and poet at heart, I started Evolving Scenes where I share my photography and short inspirational passages, in hopes of awakening a deeper love and respect for nature and life in people.

Lance's Commentary:  I first connected with you on your Evolving Beings site.  What I've also found since that first contact, is that all of your sites just complement one another so well.  I see that as the care with which you show in each of these places, and how it all connects back to you in very meaningful ways.     

3. What is the deeper purpose of your three sites?
That would be to awaken people to their highest state of being in every aspect of life.

Too many of us live and have lived on auto pilot for far too long. We don't act consciously, we don't speak or even think consciously. The majority of thoughts in our heads are negative, completely sub-conscious and virally driven. We are driven by many collective fears, greed and other various societal pressures. 

And all this would be completely fine if we were happy, but we are not. The majority of people live in unprecedented stress, emotional pain and do not truly know who they are or what true peace and happiness really feels like.

I didn't have to wait till I got diagnosed with a disease or suffered some tragic loss in my life to wake up and start making the most of life. Thanks to the right material, I “woke up” and completely transformed my thinking, my habits and my lifestyle from every angle. I achieved peace and happiness like I never thought possible. For the most part, I felt like I transcended fear and pain.

And that is what I want to help others with, through my writing on the sites. I want to inspire people to feel that same heaven I feel each day too, for I know it is possible.

Lance's Commentary:  Evita, know that you have a such a caring way of touching upon these deeper parts of the human soul.  This is a beautiful gift you have.
4.You live in Canada.  Tell us about something amazing that you have done or place that you have visited in this country you live in. 

What I love about Canada is the lush, vastness and diversity of its landscape. I have been to the Gaspe coast and seen some whales jump. I have visited Quebec City and appreciated its intricate European like appeal and architecture. I have been to Niagara Falls and enjoyed its breathtaking mighty presence. I also travel to our so called “up north cottage country” almost on an annual basis, and experience some of the most beautiful and serene places on Earth.

Lance's Commentary:  You make me smile, Evita.  Up north!  Hmmm…I think for myself and most of the readers here today…you already qualify as up north, just by the fact that you live in Canada!!  I know what you mean though.  That's a common saying here to, to go "up north", which is really about getting back to nature, leaving the hustle and bustle of daily living behind, and really feeling a stronger connection to this amazing Earth we live in community with.  So, I wish many moments of continued beauty "up north" and in all the journey's life takes you on. 

5.  Evita, when I think of you, I draw upon a deep spiritual grounding that you have.  Could you elaborate on this spiritual path, and what it means in your life?
I am really glad I have to say that you used the words “spiritual grounding” Lance, for that is exactly how I feel. I love experiencing myself as a spiritual being, while respecting this physical experience. I try to be balanced in both places at all times in my life today, and this has served me very well in every aspect of my life.

That deep spiritual path is the foundation of my life today. It is my rock. From it I draw my thoughts, words and actions. From it I draw my courage, confidence and faith.

For the first quarter of my life I lived very much like the majority of people today, seeing only the physical, with some small hints or flashes of some sort of spiritual aspect. Ever since I embarked on my spiritual journey however, life has taken on a delicious new depth. It has allowed me to transcend so many typical limitations and constraints. It has made me a much better person. It has drawn out of me a deeper love and respect for all things and beings. It has made me more understanding, perceptive, open minded and non-judgmental.

Today, I cannot imagine living any other way, and I love where this spiritual path continues to take me.

Lance's Commentary:  Evita, one of the many things that comes to mind when I think of you is love.  It's a love that just shines with such deep respect for life.  And that is life in many forms – from the greatest to the smallest.  And in that, I see this deep spiritual connection you hold dear to you, and how that is really the basis for the life you are living.  And that's a life – in every aspect that I have witnessed – that is filled with beautiful care and compassion for all living things.  Evita, know that I see your spiritual essence as a part of your soul…and a part that shines brightly out into the universe. 

6.  One more thing that I’m drawn to is your health-conscious living.  Have you always lived this way?
On a smaller scale yes, but in no way to the level that I live it out today.
Fast food or processed food was never really a part of my upbringing so that really helped me get on the right path of health. However, up until just a few years ago I lived with the common paradigms that most people hold, those being that: the four food groups are a must for good health, that doctors and drugs make people better, that sickness is inevitable and that we are victims of our genetics, fate and environment.

It wasn't until I started to really examine each of those pieces on a deeply conscious, as well as  academic, spiritual and ethical level that I realized a whole other world and truth. I immersed myself in a lot of research and looked inward, only to realize that there was so much to health and well being that we were losing out on.
Today, living in balance, or striving always for balanced living is key to me, and I cannot imagine having a wonderful spiritual experience, without also having a wonderful physical experience, and vice-versa. It has become a whole package deal for me to focus consciously on the mind, body and soul.

Lance's Commentary:  I'm not sure if you are familiar with the study of epigenetics (many personal thanks to Katie West for the introduction to this field of study), or really how we can change our genetic makeup at the epigenome level.  This is good news!  And it fits so well in line with everything you are talking about – and how we CAN change our genes, on some level, and really make strides in our health, for instance.

7.  You are out for a walk one day, and winds of change blow over you.  What happens?
Ooooh – exciting things happen! I love change. This is one of the other perks that I have integrated into my life in the past few years. I no longer fear change, I embrace it. In fact, I often look forward to it. Nature changes constantly with such peace and ease, it is only us as human beings who try to resist any kind of change. But change is a part of life, it helps us grow, expand and rise to our highest level of being.

Lance's Commentary:  Just looking at our natural world…what a great view of change!  

8. Tell us one unexpected thing that has happened to you in the last year.
Hmmm, just one eh? Well, I guess that would have to be, being approached by a publisher to write two books for them. Completely out of the blue one day I got a message if I would be interested in writing these two books a publisher wanted. I mean I knew I wanted to be a writer, but this was a beautiful surprise of having a publisher contact me, instead of me contacting a publisher. It was a great opportunity that gave me some practice with how the publishing world works, and also to build up my confidence for when it is time for me to approach publishers with my own book titles.

Lance's Commentary:  Evita, that is wonderful news!!  Having read your material now for well over a year…this publisher is onto something!   Your writing is deep and meaningful.  More than that, though, it touches upon something that includes a part of your soul. And this is where you shine, in the heart and soul you put into all that you write.    

9. If you had to pick one thing as your greatest achievement, what would it be (and why)? 
It would have to be hands down attaining the internal spiritual peace that I have found to date. Lance, not a day goes by honestly where I don’t feel amazing gratitude for where I am in my life at such an early age. Some people may not see this as an achievement in the typical sense of the word, but for me it very much is.

At this point in my life, it is not about what degree I got or what job, car, house or whatever the similar case may be. I am not a seeker of fame or fortune. Today for me, it is about whether or not I found a way to live my life with peace, integrity, authenticity, love, joy, and balance. And for the most part that answer is yes, and that is what makes me the most happy today.

Lance's Commentary:  This answer is so filled with beauty and love.  Evita, you radiate this gratitude in all that you do!  And the beautiful thing about this is that your sincere connection to what matters, this very deep spiritual peace, is something that helps others to feel more peace in their own lives.  I personally feel this every time we interact.  So, know that I completely see you living your life with authenticity, peace, joy, and love.    

10. Deep-down, Evita, what makes you, "you"?  And what does a typical day with your husband involve?
Well, I will start with what a typical day looks like for me and finish off with what really makes me who I am…

Our typical day can be explained by 5 words: love, peace, creation, serenity and laughter. Our days typically begin somewhere between 8 and 9am. From there we go to the kitchen together to have breakfast, whose signature ingredient is always some sort of a green smoothie. There is no rushing or stress of any kind. Normally, we have nowhere to go or must do's. Sometimes breakfast lasts 15 minutes, and sometimes up to an hour, as we began to discuss the joy and possible creations of a new day.

From there we go to our “work room” where we have 2 desks that face each other. We both work from home and this lets us spend a lot of quality time together, as well not be tied to any particular location.  We create our passions, we talk, we laugh, we bounce ideas off of each other. Naturally we have lunches and dinners together and some days are interspersed by yoga classes. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to spend each day with not only my husband, but my best friend and an amazing co-worker.

As for what really makes me “me”…. my strength, independence and calm state of mind, as well as love and passion for life. Life is a precious gift, and I love experiencing it everyday to the fullest!


Lance, thank you so very much for inviting me to this interview with you. I appreciate so much all the work you do here on this site and in our world today. You truly are a lightworker, as you spread so much love, joy and kindness wherever you go. It is really such an amazing honor to be featured here on your site and call you a great friend.

Lance's Commentary:  Evita, I'm going to share my take on what makes you "you".  Our paths crossed well over a year ago, and in that time, I have truly come to love the person you are.  And that is because of who "you" are.  I think of this peace and calmness about you…one that makes others feel at ease in your presence.  And then there is this genuine warmth.  A warmth for life…although deeper than that…really a genuine warmth and caring for every living thing on this earth.  That is a warmth that touches me at my core.  You are so real, so approachable, so unconditional in the love you share from your heart.  That is "you".  And that is true beauty. 

Closing Thoughts:  As I have touched on above, you have such a beautiful view of life.  It is a view that feels so connected and grounded in the depth of your soul, Evita.   In every interaction we have had, I always feel a deep sense of peace.  That is you, sharing the purity of your heart.  That is you, caring with every ounce of your being.  That is you, sharing the love that is beautifully within you. 

The sky does indeed sparkle with diamonds.  Evita, know that you are a bright and sparkling diamond in my life. 

You can keep up with Evita by subscribing to Evolving Beings, and following her on Twitter.

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suzen February 22, 2010 at 7:48 am

Hi Lance and Evita! This is the first thing I’m reading this morning – and what a lovely beginning to the day! There are some people’s words that melt right into you like butter on warm toast – so thank you both for a soulful breakfast!
.-= suzen´s Last Fabulous Post ..Looking At My Desk =-.


Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord February 22, 2010 at 8:02 am

Oh my gosh, I almost started to cry as I read this incredible interview with one of my favorite people BY one of my favorite people. And at the end, I was so moved by the whole thing that I almost clicked both links to follow Evita on Twitter and also subscribe to her blog. I’M ALREADY DOING BOTH! That’s how touching this interview was… I lost myself in it for awhile.
My God, saying “thank you” seems too little.

What a gift your words are, Evita, and Lance your commentary was spot on.

The scene you described each day with your husband — Evita, that is a bliss I dream of, and know that I’ll someday have. How incredible that you two get to share that type of life together! And your views on spirituality – who and what you are – and what’s important to you… I aspire to live up to your words through the actions I take in my own life.

You’re an amazing being (there’s a fourth blog we could start on your behalf; honorary, if you will!), and I’m just blown away the more I get to know you.

Lance – you continue to bring us great resources for inspiration, love, and self-improvement. Thank you, my friend, and as Evita said, you are a light worker who is doing amazing things in this world, simply by being you.

Love to you both!
.-= Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord´s Last Fabulous Post ..Moving Into Unconditional Love On All Levels =-.


diantha February 22, 2010 at 8:40 am

Lance and Evita,
It is always great getting introduced to someone who you know will lift you up a little higher! I know you do that Lance, and Evita, I can see you do as well! I am pleased to meet you here on Lance’s blog and will be a new fan of yours!

I was late in coming to the place you have found so early in life. I had to live nearly half a century rather in a sleeping mode, but now that I too have awakened, it has made a huge difference in my life. Twenty five years ago we did not have the tools available that there are today. There were only a handful of books, and those were hard to come by. There were no teachers that were readily available, no blogs, no websites, no internet! And if you dared to live as a “being” you were readily written off as crazy. I can’t tell you how many people thought I should be put on drugs, including my own Mother, and some other family members. In fact, this post is inspiring me to write about this old journey in another way on my own blog. So great connecting here in the blogging world with other like minded BEINGS! Lovely! xo


Lynn February 22, 2010 at 9:06 am

You both are so special. For thank you for the morning lift.
.-= Lynn´s Last Fabulous Post ..Cracks & Crossings, fun mail and surprise =-.


Evita February 22, 2010 at 9:17 am

Hi Lance

I am a little speechless right now as I think of the best way to send you this BIG hug – will you take a virtual, energetic one at least for now? 😉
Honestly Lance, thank you again for this beautiful opportunity to share with you, your readers and my readers more about who is it that I am or what makes me, me.

It has been such a pleasure and joy and I will just close by saying that it is one of life’s great gifts to have someone like you as a friend!!!!

Hi SuZen,

Thank you so much SuZen for taking the time to read a little more about me, and how beautiful to hear in how it made you feel!

Hi Megan

Oh gosh Megan, when I read your comment, I first was overcome by emotion that was going to lead to tears and than your comment also made me laugh out loud when you mentioned the “honorary blog”.
Megan – there is going to a lot of love exchanged here on this site – this beautiful platform that Lance has provided, today, yesterday and all the tomorrow’s to come.

Thank YOU for being such an amazing person and friend. I intend for you all that your heart and soul desire and know that you will always have in your life that same love, that you share with others (except that it will come back to you magnified!)

Hi Diantha

Thank you for sharing in my story, and I can’t agree with you more. This is why I am so grateful that a shift indeed IS happening on our planet. Today we do have SO many resources, if we only choose to look at them – to bring them into our awareness. And yes, today we get to live more the way our souls want and less how our minds want. We definitely have come a far way in society, but I know we are not all the way there yet. Many people even today get written off as various things, simply because they chose to express their truth.

So I rejoice in the fact that you too have come to know life in a new way. As for time, in the end it really doesn’t matter if it was earlier or later, the moment of now is all that matters and in it you are in an amazing place! Thank you for sharing your experience.
.-= Evita´s Last Fabulous Post ..Talking About Unconditional Love At It’s All About Joy =-.


Stacey Shipman February 22, 2010 at 10:21 am

Evita – So good to get to know you better! I love what you said about “I didn’t have to wait till I got diagnosed with a disease or suffered some tragic loss in my life to wake up and start making the most of life. Thanks to the right material, I “woke up”…” It’s promising and uplifting to know we don’t have to suffer tragic losses to wake up and live the live we truly want to live.

like you I feel so lucky to have “woken up” without tragic loss (although I felt pain a different way) and at a young age.

Thanks, Lance for the great interview!
.-= Stacey Shipman´s Last Fabulous Post ..Local Feel Good Living: Cathi Burke, Heart of Reiki Center =-.


Evita February 22, 2010 at 10:26 am

Hi Lynn

Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment!

Hi Stacey

Great to hear from you and yes I do feel very fortunate for that aspect. I just saw it on too many people directly and indirectly, and what fascinated me even more, is the people who do get a strong message to change their ways, and still do nothing. I find that aspect of the human being fascinating and it shows me even more that we are all on our own unique journeys – no right or wrong way. We each travel through life in the way that we choose.


Karl Staib - Work Happy Now February 22, 2010 at 10:27 am

What a beautiful interview. Both of you have such a deep connection to love that it shines through in this post. Reading this post is like listening to two spiritually enlightened people walking a lush trail in the woods.

I love that Evita feels so connected to her surroundings. I’ve been trying to feel more connected to my pain and frustration and it’s difficult. There are times I just want to crawl in to bed and just sleep.

Saturday I was very grumpy. I felt like my goals were out of reach. I know it’s all perspective, so instead of pushing harder to reach my goals. I took a day to just be and it helped. I was able to feel my emotions then let them go. I’m not perfect, but none of us are.

Like Evita said, being on this spiritual journey is a gift. So even when I’m feeling bad it’s just all apart of life. I can’t change it so I may as well just be with it.
.-= Karl Staib – Work Happy Now´s Last Fabulous Post ..How to Use the 5 Whys to Discover Your True Needs =-.


Joy February 22, 2010 at 10:53 am

Wow. I’m with Megan, as I read my eyes teared and all I could think was such pure love and beauty. Evita you just exude peace and calm even through this post! My overwhelming feeling as my heart settles now, is that I just wish everyone could be like this. Could be so content, so happy, share their skills and talents so that we all may grow to our full potential. It’s not about material or awards or recognition it’s about soul connections and love and nature and how we truly all are ONE. It’s about Energy and how you think, move, act, is all intertwined. What a beautiful Spirit, Evita. My heart just leaps after reading this. And thank *you* Lance for opening your space to pure Love, as you are such a generous and caring person.
*Thank you both* !!!


J.D. Meier February 22, 2010 at 11:04 am

I like the tone, pace, and energy of this interview. Lance’s commentary perfectly compliments Evita’s insights and stories.

> awaken people to their highest state of being in every aspect of life.
That’s a powerful mission, full of growth and opportunity.

> I love experiencing myself as a spiritual being, while respecting this physical experience.
I like your balanced perspective.

> change is a part of life, it helps us grow, expand and rise to our highest level of being.
Beautiful outlook and perspective!
.-= J.D. Meier´s Last Fabulous Post ..Three D’s for Motivation – Direction, Decision, and Dedication =-.


Wendi Kelly-Life's Little Inspirations February 22, 2010 at 11:20 am

I was really interested to read this interview. I just started to read Evolved Beings last week and now here you are! Coincidence? I think not!The way you described you perfect day sounded ideal.

I would have been interested in hearing more about your ideas on healthy nutrition.
.-= Wendi Kelly-Life’s Little Inspirations´s Last Fabulous Post ..For the Love of Rain =-.


Julie February 22, 2010 at 11:34 am

Lance and Evita, two of my favorite people in one place, filling the world with the beaming love they both share for the wonder that is life, showering all of us with the most beautiful wisdom… It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Lance, your commentaries are spot on. Evita’s outlook on the nature of life is the fountain of youth, the secret of the ages, the peace all the sages in every age have spoken of in so many mysterious ways.

Evita, your words “…experiencing myself as a spiritual being, while respecting this physical experience. I try to be balanced in both places at all times…” This is the wisdom that begets peace for all mankind, the peace within that creates heaven on earth, that creates a palpable wave of goodness that will eventually change the world. You explain and exhibit what it means to be a spiritual being with such graceful clarity that no one could fail to be moved by the deepest understanding.

Lance and Evita, BOTH of you two dear friends are incredible in everything you do, everything you share, all that you teach just by being. Your passion and love shine so brightly for us all and we all are blessed beyond measure. Speaking for myself, the best thank-you I can give is to pay forward your wisdom of living in love. To live in Love.

Much love to both of you and THANK you for such a PERFECT way to start the week! 🙂
~ Julie
.-= Julie´s Last Fabulous Post ..Letting Go! =-.


Evita February 22, 2010 at 11:49 am

Hi Karl

What a beautiful description you started your comment off with Karl!
Thank you for all that you have said and expressed so honestly.

Every situation, every moment in your life is a chance for growth. The question then becomes what will you do about it? How do you choose to see the situation and why?

There is indeed great pain at times, but today I know that we should face that pain or any uncomfortable feeling and ask ourselves, what is this really all about? And better yet who is feeling this way, my ego, or my higher self?

You are on an amazing path Karl and I know because you are aware of the good and the not so good, your journey will lead you to a greater understanding and appreciation of yourself and all that is in your life. Thank you so much for that beautiful comment!

Hi Joy,

Lance’s site really has a way of bringing out so much love and joy out of everyone! And on a deeper level it is not about the site, but the energy behind it.

So thank you for those beautiful sentiments. I so appreciate all that you shared and take it deeply to my heart and soul 🙂

Hi J.D.

What a pleasure to have to read and share in my journey here. Thank you for pointing out what resonated with you, and sharing your feedback. It is so much appreciated!

Hi Wendi Kelli,

What a coincidence indeed, and yet I so agree, there are no coincidences. Everything that comes into our life or awareness, does so at the right time and for a reason.

As for talking more about healthy living and nutrition, I just had an idea that if you have any specific questions, please feel free to pass them along to me, and we can even turn them into a interview on that topic on your blog if you’d like.

Hi Julie,

Oh dear Julie, how wonderful for this platform to be infused with your energy!

It is really an honor to share my story, and than get these amazing loving souls coming like yourself, to not only read, but offer as well some beautiful words of love and wisdom. Thank you so much for that. How you worded your comment I find is an art in itself – it is one that I want to repeat reading to let your eloquence really sink in!
.-= Evita´s Last Fabulous Post ..Talking About Unconditional Love At It’s All About Joy =-.


Tess The Bold Life February 22, 2010 at 12:12 pm

You are such a role model for all that is beauty, calm and love. I believe you are recreating our Universe with your energy, generosity and authenticity. I also love the description of your day with you and your husband. There is a wall between my office and the office of my hubs…it’s a good thing because he’s a neat freak and I’m Tess the mess;)

It doesn’t surprise me you’re not about fame and fortune…that’s of the ego. Love is what it’s all about and you have that shining within and without. It’s been amazing to get to know you and I’m blessed and grateful to have you for a friend. xo Tess
Thanks Lance!
.-= Tess The Bold Life´s Last Fabulous Post ..Dream An Impossible Dream =-.


Audra Krell February 22, 2010 at 1:22 pm

Lance you have so many wonderful friends, and we have a wonderful friend in you.

Many people are driven by societal expectations and I offer another “d” word: Defined. We allow the culture to define us and then live on auto-pilot. I have found that God is faithful though and has made me/us more than over comers. We can choose to allow God to define our life, not the cultural. For that I too, am deeply and eternally grateful.
.-= Audra Krell´s Last Fabulous Post ..Good Game =-.


Evita February 22, 2010 at 2:47 pm

Hi Tess,

Thank you so much – I am truly humbled here by all the beautiful comments!
LOL – that is too cute what you said about your working environment with your husband. Hey, it all works when we allow the other to express themselves, and we ourselves.

And really thank you Tess for being in my life, the pleasure truly has been amazing in getting to know you more and more, interacting with you and sharing ideas about life, and all the rest 😉

Big hugs to you!!!

Hello Audra

Wow you said it so well, “we let our culture define us” – yes indeed. I think this is the easiest way to “get lost”. I think there is a huge benefit in having faith in a higher power, an all loving God in whose image and likeness we are made. It begins to open us up to our spiritual side, and to know ourselves as more than just “physical human beings”. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
.-= Evita´s Last Fabulous Post ..Talking About Unconditional Love At It’s All About Joy =-.


Lance February 22, 2010 at 4:43 pm

I WILL take a virtual, energy-filled hug from you right now! It feels great! And, really letting your words here – both in the interview and in the comments – flow over me is like a great big hug, too! So, that makes this all extra-wonderful (just like YOU!). I’m sure I have said this – Evita, your soul shines through so beautifully in every way…and I feel that deeply again today as I read these comments, and feel love being shared in communion with all these other caring souls here today. Peace and joy to you, dear friend….


Lance February 22, 2010 at 4:44 pm

@Suzen – Hi Suzen. This was definitely a beautiful way for me to start my day, too…re-reading Evita’s words as I was finishing this up. She is a sweet and caring soul…

@Megan – Megan, your thoughts and caring comments always touch me deeply. It is so good to have you here, always. Today especially, though, as your words touch upon this wonderful connection to life that I feel so much in what you are saying. Your presence is light always…

@Diantha – Hi Diantha. Yes, Evita is truly a gift in my life. She so beautifully sees the good in all. And that is a gift that she gives so freely and with such care. Reading about your journey, it is so good to know that today you are in a place of much good. Diantha, you are a gift here, too…thank you so much for your presence.

@Lynn – Lynn, thank you so much for reading this today. Evita is truly a special person…and someone who holds deep meaning in my life.

@Stacey Shipman – Hi Stacey. That “waking up”…yes, we can all do that. That means we do have to be mindful of who we are, on the inside…and that can be a hard process sometimes. Getting there, though, is such a good place to be. Thanks so much, Stacey, for being here today, and always…


Chris Edgar February 22, 2010 at 5:05 pm

Aww, what warmth you radiate in those pictures. I find myself curious about the waking up experience you describe. But maybe I just missed the Evolving Beings post that talked about it!


Kimberley February 22, 2010 at 5:10 pm

Absolutely beautiful. Lance, I just found your blog yesterday via Mizfit and I am so glad I did.

2010 is a year of getting to know ME and my being. I can only hope to be where Evita is at some point in my life.
.-= Kimberley´s Last Fabulous Post ..Worthy Cause Wednesday =-.


Evita February 22, 2010 at 5:44 pm

Hi Chris

Thank you so much for the feedback 🙂
As to the “waking up” experience, that is actually a great point and you know I have never really fully talked about it. The closest I came to it was in this post, you may like to read. This is what started it all for me:

You know I thought on several occasions that I should feature myself in the “Evolving Being” in action section that I do on the site and feature others’ stories. Perhaps it is time for my own, so readers indeed can know better what sparked the change, how it was before and so on….
Thanks Chris – that is something I am definitely going to consider seriously!

Hi Kimberley

Thank you for stopping by, or should I say, how wonderful that you found Lance’s blog! It is truly an amazing place here in “The Jungle of Life” where you will be sure to find lots of love and material to stimulate awakening and growth!
.-= Evita´s Last Fabulous Post ..Talking About Unconditional Love At It’s All About Joy =-.


Jenny Mannion February 22, 2010 at 5:59 pm

Yea Evita and Lance — so beautiful to see you both here and to read your loving and conscious words. You know I am huge fans of both of you and feel blessed to call you both friends. Thank you Lance for a closer look at and a brilliant interview with Evita and all that she is. I have told you Evita how impressed I am with you – at such a young age to be where you are. 🙂 AND the fact that it didn’t take a “wake up call” as it takes many (including me) to BEGIN to realize the importance or awakening. Thank you both for all you do and for all the love and goodness you bring to the world.
Much Love, xoxo
.-= Jenny Mannion´s Last Fabulous Post ..Past Lives – What do They have to do with Healing? =-.


Jannie Funster February 22, 2010 at 6:06 pm

I so so appreciate getting this wonderful lady better. It sounds like we can all live in this peaceful dream, if we create a simple life of gratitude.

I will for sure be over to her blog more than I have been. I am excited to learn more about those 2 books she was approached to write. And maybe even be privy to a green smoothie recipe or two. 🙂

oh, and she is so cute!! Sweet photos.
Sparkling diamonds, the both of you two”North” people. 🙂

.-= Jannie Funster´s Last Fabulous Post ..18 Years, Jimmy! =-.


Evita February 22, 2010 at 7:02 pm

Hi Jenny

Thank you so much for those beautiful sentiments. Yes, I do feel so blessed to be where I am, and I never take it for granted that is for sure. And that is what is so amazing too, each of our journeys is so different, so unique and so our own. Each of us creates I think the right opportunities to make this life mean something special to us, and sometimes those opportunities are easier, and sometimes they are tougher – but they are all good in the end.

So thank you again for sharing in this interview, and for being the person and friend you are!

Hi Jannie,

Aw, Jannie, you made me so blush with that last statement.
Thank you so much for coming by Lance’s site today and reading more about me. I am so grateful to Lance for this wonderful gift he has given me, this opportunity to share more of me with others, like yourself.

As for the 2 books, they were health related educational books that were of the publishers choosing and they are still trying to figure out if it is worth it for them to pursue full publishing. (For now I did the preliminary work on them.)

And as for the green smoothie recipes, there are a couple over at Evolving Wellness – but the simplest one that I recommend is: 2 ripe bananas, 1/4 pineapple, 4-6 kale leaves, a spoon or two of ground flax seeds, some water and blend! Makes a beautiful green color and so yummy! Well for those starting out, I usually suggest starting with a tropical unsweetened juice as the base instead of water, until your taste buds adjust a little depending on how much fruits and veggies one eats currently.

And Jannie, please know that you are welcome over at Evolving Beings or the other 2 sites, anytime 🙂
.-= Evita´s Last Fabulous Post ..Talking About Unconditional Love At It’s All About Joy =-.


Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord February 22, 2010 at 7:16 pm

I had to come back to read more comments on this post. All I could think the whole time I was here was, “What a great day — and one so full of love.”
There is so much love attached to this post… The energy from it is palpable, and I can’t stop smiling about it!
.-= Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord´s Last Fabulous Post ..Moving Into Unconditional Love On All Levels =-.


Evita February 22, 2010 at 8:07 pm

Oh Megan you are so amazing! Every time I read something from you, you have me smiling from ear to ear too, well that or being moved to tears, in a good way of course 🙂

Like I said, all that you share, and all that you experience you are feeling that same love you give out reflected back to you and it is always magnified!
.-= Evita´s Last Fabulous Post ..Talking About Unconditional Love At It’s All About Joy =-.


Sagan February 22, 2010 at 9:07 pm

I love the concept of “Earthian”! Change is so exciting. There’s so much POSSIBILITY and opportunity in change!
.-= Sagan´s Last Fabulous Post ..The Living Healthy in the Real World Guide to Grocery Shopping, Part Four: Where to Shop =-.


Lance February 22, 2010 at 10:11 pm

@Karl – Karl, your words are touching today. You know, Evita has a real way of connecting with “love”, and that just makes it all the more natural for me. And to this journey we are each on…there are bumps along the way. Bends in the path. And that’s part of what makes our journey unique, and what makes it beautiful too. Having moments of grumpiness, or fatigue, or sorrow, or any other thing that might seem to pull us down – just can make those moments of good, of joy, of deep love even more meaningful. Life is indeed beautiful. Karl, what you are doing is great. Taking time to just “be”, to step back, to connect with “you”…so, so good.

@Joy – Joy, you are so filled with deep love. And that shines through here today so beautifully. What you see in Evita is truly what I believe she is, at her core…peace, calm, love, compassion. And in that, her spirit shines through in some very special ways…

@JD Meier – Hi JD. Yes, Evita is truly living a life filled very much in an awakened state. It is such a beautiful experience to witness…

@Wendi – Hi Wendi. That “day in the life” sounds like bliss in so many ways. And that is Evita and her husband, creating this. What a wonderful place to be…

@Julie – Julie, you are so sweet and kind. And that you connect with that feeling of love…Julie…that is you, at your core. I know it. Everything about you is love. So, having you here today, especially is deeply meaningful to me. Julie…wonderful, sweet friend…thank you for your presence here today. Love and big smiles to you…

@Evita – Hi Evita!!! (waving)

@Tess – Evita is all sorts of wonderful, isn’t she! I see that so brightly from this amazing woman, and having her here today has been a true gift for me.

@Audra – Audra, wonderful friend, I am thrilled, always, to have you here. And when I read your words, I connect deeply with my own spiritual being, and back to God – and to the source of who I am. So, I am reminded, reading today, that this connection to God is always there…if I am ready to receive it. Audra, thank you once again for your beautiful wisdom…

@Evita – Hi again!! (high five!)


Lance February 22, 2010 at 10:11 pm

@Chris Edgar – These pictures of Evita are both warm and beautiful. And I know that is her soul, shining through. I feel that very much, this essence that these photos are much more than skin-deep…they are Evita, at her soul. I see that in her eyes, in both of these pictures (even with her eyes closed, I still feel this much deeper connection).

@Kimberley – It is great to have you here, Kimberley. And, it’s all part of that journey we are each on. May this year be filled with moments of really knowing “you” at a deeper level. Just writing it down and thinking about it are such great steps! Peace to you…

@Evita – Hey Evita!! (bear hug)

@Jenny Mannion – Jenny…wonderful and beautiful friend…having you here is especially meaningful for me, since Evita, you, and I are all connected through our reconnective healing experiences with you. Really, knowing Evita has been through your session, too, is very meaningful to me. Jenny, you shine so much lignt into the world, and especially into my world. I am blessed by that beautiful glow again today….

@Jannie – Yep! Evita is all sorts of wonderful!! Hey, that sounds pretty much just like YOU, too! And the photos are super wonderful, aren’t they! I see much joy in both of them. Way awesome! And…enjoy the smoothie! (I see Evita has left a recipe here for all of us to try!!!)

@Evita – Good evening, sweet friend!! (funny handshake)

@Megan – Megan, you make me smile. Again. And again. And again. (I guess you get the idea!). This great day just became even better…having you here again!! Love and sunshine to you, sweet and amazing friend.

@Evita – Good night Evita!! (hug)

@Sagan – Earthian is a beautiful concept! To me, that really says that I’m not just part of one particular state, or country…that the Earth is my home. And that is what I care for. Just think if all the world saw themselves as Earthian, and took great care of this home we call Earth…what that could mean for humankind!


Eric D. Greene February 23, 2010 at 6:45 am

Hello, I have been following Evolving Scenes for awhile now. Really enjoyed the interview with Evita, and getting to know her better. She is clearly following her passions and her story is inspirational for me!
.-= Eric D. Greene´s Last Fabulous Post ..How to use Oil Pastels =-.


Hilary February 23, 2010 at 6:45 am

Hi Evita and Lance – thank you for letting us share such a wonderful interview.

Your words “Too many of us live and have lived on auto pilot for far too long. We don’t act consciously, we don’t speak or even think consciously. The majority of thoughts in our heads are negative, completely sub-conscious and virally driven. We are driven by many collective fears, greed and other various societal pressures.” – Gosh – how true is that.

These words resonate too: “I love experiencing myself as a spiritual being, while respecting this physical experience. I try to be balanced in both places at all times in my life today”. Now I can understand how to be both ..

Congratulations on the book offers – that’s great – let’s hope they publish ..

The rest of the interview and Lance’s comments are as JD put it so succinctly – “I like the tone, pace, and energy of this interview. Lance’s commentary perfectly complements Evita’s insights and stories.” I can’t add more really .. without reiterating all our feelings ..

Thanks – I’m on my way over to subscribe .. brilliant and truly invigorating for today ..
.-= Hilary´s Last Fabulous Post ..February – the half-way month .. =-.


Evelyn Lim February 23, 2010 at 7:36 am

Lance, a very special interview that you have conducted of a most beautiful soul! Even after being acquainted with her site for a year and more, I have to say that it is nice to get to know her better through your list of questions.

Evita, congrats about your recent successes with getting writing projects. I can see why a publisher will approach you!
.-= Evelyn Lim´s Last Fabulous Post ..How to Win the Lottery or the $10 million Hongbao Draw? =-.


Evita February 23, 2010 at 11:42 am

Hi Sagan

Glad to hear you liked that and thank you for taking the time to read this interview. And how wonderful to hear too that you are so enthusiastic about change – that is wonderful as it can really make life so much easier as we move through it from moment to moment, day to day, and so on….

Hi Lance

Oooo! All these waves and hugs and high fives – too cute!!!
I am so in awe of all the beautiful comments here. What an amazing place of sharing, love and kindness you have created here with this site of yours!

I also wanted to tell you something I didn’t yesterday. Yes I have heard of epigenetics…I was introduced to it through the work of one of my great role models – Dr. Bruce Lipton. As a biologist, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate his work and what he has proven through his experiments. It has definitely been instrumental in how I understand the human body today, health, disease, aging and more!

And I also did not mention yesterday, how much I LOVED the quote you used to go along with this. It has this beautiful tone to it, and it resonates with me very much. It is funny, I actually really love diamonds (I am not into any other colored stones), and I love them not for their status or value, or the bigger the better, I just love white crystals – I love appreciating their beauty, and that clarity, clearness, transparency really resonates with me a lot. So what a perfect quote use!

Hi Eric

How wonderful to see you here! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this interview! I so truly appreciate it!

And yes, I wish you the best of happiness to in following your passions – you are such a talented artist and know the world can benefit greatly by you sharing your work with them and expressing the beauty of this world through your lens.

Hi Hilary

Thank you so much Hilary for those warm and beautiful comments! I am thrilled and deeply moved that some of what I have said resonated with you so well. This is a big part of who I am today, really facing the truth, seeing into the depth and deciphering what it means for me, us, the world….

And so I look forward to getting to know you better, and thank you again for the time you took to share in my story.

Hi Evelyn

And what a wonderful gift to have you here sharing in this interview I have with Lance. I too love getting to know the wonderful people and friends that I have made online, so I share in your sentiments.

Thank you so much for stopping by and for the best wishes!
.-= Evita´s Last Fabulous Post ..Sharing “Me” At The Jungle of Life: Interview with Lance Ekum =-.


Robin Easton February 23, 2010 at 3:33 pm

Oh this is just beautiful. Evita and Lance, two of my most cherished people. It was fascinating, Evita, to learn more about you and your life, your beliefs and loves. I knew you as only soulful, deeply kind, compassionate and loving…and as having a treasured relationship with Nature, BUT it was still so good to hear about you and your life. You know I always LOVED that photo of you with your face to the moss. Remember waaaay back when you sent it to me. I still have the email. For me, all that that photo expresses IS you. And I love it also as I see myself in it and know how you felt with your face against the moss. I just love you and always have.

Lance, I just LOVED your responses to Evita, not only insightful, but so loving. You are just always so loving. I get this beautiful wave of peace come over me, a feeling of great soothing safety just reading this, like the world is SUCH a good place. Lance, you always give people that feeling. It is such a “sweet” gift. So needed in the world.

You and Evita are part of me.
I love you both very much,
.-= Robin Easton´s Last Fabulous Post ..What Does “Naked in Eden” Mean? =-.


Evita February 23, 2010 at 8:27 pm

Hi Robin

Wow Robin, how is it that every time you write something on this medium (through this world wide web) I feel your energy and your love so clearly?!?! It is like any place you touch transforms into something richer, and so much more grand.

Your words have touched me so deeply. I treasure your friendship SO much, and always love looking up to you. In fact your love for nature, played a huge part in awakening me to an even greater love for nature myself. I see our paths as so similar in so many ways. The one thing I have definitely not done is lived in the Rainforest, but there is still time…. LOL – I am not discounting anything like that these days! I gravitate towards a natural life so much, and hearing your experiences always whether past or present solidify that for me.

And yes, I do remember the photo, I sent it to you after I came back from one of those trips “up north” (no laughing Lance 😉 and wanted to share a bit of how I interact with nature too. I have this special affinity for moss – I just love all the varieties of it, and I always picture it like some miniature mystical Kingdom is down there! Or in Earthly terms, I am just fascinated by it 🙂

Anyhow thank you so much again for stopping by to share in my journey, and many continued blessings and love to you always!
.-= Evita´s Last Fabulous Post ..Sharing “Me” At The Jungle of Life: Interview with Lance Ekum =-.


Lance February 24, 2010 at 5:11 am

@Eric – Hi Eric. It’s great to “meet” you! Evita is a very special person, and that really shines through in this opportunity to know her at a bit of a deeper level. And that is all very inspirational!

@Hilary – Hi Hilary. It was so fun working with Evita on this. She has a heart of gold, and seeing that shine through even more is such a gift! Anyway, Hilary, thank you so much for your continued support, and I know you will very much enjoy reading Evita’s works on her site….

@Evelyn – Hi Evelyn. That’s what I love so much about these interviews – it’s a look inside on a different level than we may otherwise normally experience. And that “look inside” with Evita is filled with beauty and love…

@Evita – Hey there!! Yes, the comments are so filled with love…and I completely believe that is because it is exactly what everyone sees in you…and that helps to bring out the beautiful words they have shared. And I know the Dr. Bruce Lipton is a role model of yours, although I wasn’t aware of his connection to epigenetics (although it makes much sense now that you say that). I find the whole concept very fascinating.

And thank you for sharing about what that quote meant to you. I did not know about your deep love for diamonds (and what the clarity and transparency means to you). I did think about the angel part, as I know you have written about angels before. What really made this quote so beautiful, for me, was in the thought of “diamonds sparkling in the sky”…and how much that image is one that is so fitting for you. Evita, you “light up” all that you touch upon – and with so much clarity and transparency in who you are. So, how wonderfully fitting that this precious gem is one that resonates also with you. You truly are a diamond in my sky…

@Robin Easton – Hi Robin. Echoing what Evita has said…Robin, your love and energy shine through in such amazing ways. I am deeply touched by your words. You connect with me very much at my soul…and it is such a good, good place to feel your love and caring beauty. And the truth is, the love that is shining through here is really my giving back what Evita has so openly shared. As you know, she is a person that is very much connected to her heart and soul. And that shines through so wonderfully in both her answers to the questions and in her caring comments. That all makes it so easy (and natural) for me to share what I am truly feeling in my own heart. Robin, I am so happy to have you here to read Evita’s interview…you are a compassionate and loving soul…and you add so much to my life, and to really my completeness of being. Peace and love to you…always…

@Evita – Good morning Evita! (smiles!) (…and a little tiny laugh…)


Evita February 24, 2010 at 9:13 am

Hi Lance

I am shaking my head and smiling, of course! how could I have forgotten to mention the angels! This is what I meant by it being a really perfect quote that truly resonated with my heart and soul – the peace – the angels – the diamonds.

Angels are indeed also very special to me. I had an angel collection since I was 16, not to mention that I always held a special affinity and acknowledged my guardian angels as a child. And do you know that to this day, people who don’t even know that, give me “angels” as a token of thank you for something (like a few of the students I taught last year) or someone I consulted in the past. I find that really something so special. I mean out of all the “stuff” out there or tokens – angels! I just love it!

And I want to say, thank you again, for not only did you include a very special quote, not only did you include such heart felt responses, but your comments to the readers are also so special and moving to me. I really cannot thank you enough – so I send you warm, loving energy full of gratitude and joy!
.-= Evita´s Last Fabulous Post ..Sharing “Me” At The Jungle of Life: Interview with Lance Ekum =-.


Tim February 24, 2010 at 9:42 am

Hi Evita:

Thank you for sharing a little bit more about you and thanks Lance for putting this all together. Evita, I’ve been following you on Twitter and have read some of your posts and I have to say that I’m very impressed with your background and what you’ve had to say. Very cool…a science teacher and now you focus on spirituality and nutrition. In recent years, I’ve become very interested in food and how it can be such a great thing that brings joy and connection with other people. But I’m learning that while food can give us the nutrition that really sustains us…some food can lead us on a very negative path.

I’ve been blessed with good genes (i.e. I’ve always been skinny) and for most of my life, I never worried too much about what I ate. Now, as I’m getting older and I’m not as skinny as I used to be, I think I’ve needed to relearn and reconsider what I put into my body. I really appreciate the message that you communicate out there and I look forward to reading and learning more from you. Thanks again for this great peak into your life, I really admire you.


Mark February 24, 2010 at 2:25 pm

This was an excellent interview. Your questions were great, almost as wonderful as Evita’s answers.

Thank-you for letting us to get to know you on a different level. You are an amazing being!
.-= Mark´s Last Fabulous Post ..The Reflection of Our Reactions =-.


Evita February 24, 2010 at 4:25 pm

Hi Tim

Gosh, you gave me one of those comments where I am really quite speechless. Tim, thank you so much for all that you have said. It is so humbling and also so moving to hear. I cannot tell you how so very blessed I have felt to hear what you and other readers have taken the time to say, not to mention the work Lance did to put this all together.

As for nutrition, that is an interesting area indeed. In our society, it is pushed upon us in many ways that life is all about food. We eat when we are happy, sad, angry, joyful. We eat to celebrate and we eat when we grieve. Yes it has an amazing social connection, but over the past few decades the food used in that connection is really not serving our bodies.

So I am all for appreciating good food, but it has to be actually “good” for me too, or else I am benefiting in one area, while hurting another area. Anyway Tim, I have to say that you have motivated me to do something that I have been thinking of doing for a while now….I am going to put together some presentations and figure out how to best share them with people online. So thank you 🙂

Hi Mark

What a pleasure to see you here and have you share in this interview. I so appreciate the time you took to read it and comment – this whole interview has been such a pleasure on so many more ways than I could have ever expected! Thank you so much for that beautiful comment.
.-= Evita´s Last Fabulous Post ..Sharing “Me” At The Jungle of Life: Interview with Lance Ekum =-.


Wilma Ham February 24, 2010 at 9:01 pm

Hi Lance and Evita.
Yes love is what we are and all we need and obviously that is so, reading this post, knowing your loving presence Lance and all the comments that are oozing love.
It is amazing how people once they are aware are attracted to nature.
John and I could no longer stay in the city either and have now lived for over 1.5 years right here in nature as well. AND that is amazing, the food we now eat freshly picked is so nutritious and so beautiful to look at.
Nature shows abundance, if I did not believe in abundance I do now, being surrounded by so much goodness.
Thanks you two loving BE-ings. xox Wilma


Lance February 25, 2010 at 5:26 am

@Evita – Hi Evita!! You are very welcome! And really – thank you, sweet friend, for such deeply thoughtful responses to these questions, and to all the comments. And…I love the story about the angels, and how they continue to come into your life! Very wonderful (just like YOU!).

@Tim – Hi Tim. Evita’s background provides for a very interesting mix on life – and one that I find so good to connect with. Top that off with her genuine caring, and her beauty shines through in all she does. And that is all sorts of awesome!

@Mark – Hi Mark. Evita’s true spirit was shining through in her responses – deeply meaningful and caring. And that just fits her so well, and to the person she is….

@Evita – Good morning Evita! (woohoo!!)

@Wilma – Hi Wilma. Thank you so much for your wonderful affirmation of love. And nature is a real draw for me, too. That ebb and flow of natural life…and how that is like our life…at a deep level. Enjoy all those wonderful freshly picked foods!!!


Evita February 25, 2010 at 9:25 am

Hi Wilma

How wonderful to hear from you and have you also share in my story here with Lance!
And I couldn’t agree more. It is so true, over the past few years, I have been changing not only my tastes and views on things, but also being increasingly attracted to nature and on very profound levels. It is pretty incredible! I think it comes down to that realization that nature is what sustains us, and is us on so many levels. It is pretty incredible.

And I love hearing that you pick your own food, that is what we are actually aspiring to at the moment to make a move to a much more natural state of living. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts here 🙂
.-= Evita´s Last Fabulous Post ..Sharing “Me” At The Jungle of Life: Interview with Lance Ekum =-.


scheng1 March 1, 2010 at 10:05 am

Once I read a story about Buddha. In this story, a king forsook his kingdom to seek spiritual understanding. He found it, and his heart overflowed with happiness, so much so that he could not stop saying “I’m so happy, I’m so happy.”
I guess that is the spiritual being we all want to be.
.-= scheng1´s Last Fabulous Post ..What are the benefits of quitting smoking? =-.


Colleen March 1, 2010 at 12:55 pm

Evita has an incredibly warm and inviting smile. Very nice interview. 🙂
.-= Colleen´s Last Fabulous Post ..Kennewick Real Estate =-.


Evita March 1, 2010 at 7:02 pm

Hi scheng1

Wow – what a wonderful story you have added here. Thank you so much. And yes whether some see it as happiness and others as deep peace within, today I feel grateful to have both be abundant in each of my days.

Hi Colleen

Thank you so much for coming by and sharing in this interview and for the really sweet compliment 🙂
.-= Evita´s Last Fabulous Post ..We Are All Evolving Beings =-.


Lance March 1, 2010 at 7:14 pm

@Evita – Happy Monday evening Evita (big grin!)

@Scheng1 – Finding that connection to joy is a wonderful place to be at. And there is something very spiritual, as well, about connecting to that inner happiness within us. Thanks for sharing that!

@Colleen – Yes, Evita has a wonderful smile…and I really see that as a smile that comes from within her. Beautiful…

@Evita – (waving) ….


Hanlie March 8, 2010 at 5:26 am

Lance and Evita, that was just beautiful! Thank you so much for brightening my day and for always teaching me something valuable. I really loved this interview and will probably read through it a few times in the days to come…
.-= Hanlie´s Last Fabulous Post ..Still making progress =-.


Lance March 8, 2010 at 7:02 am

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Evita is a sweetheart, and it is her beauty that is shining through here in the wonderful and caring responses to all of these questions I “grilled” (smile) her with.


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