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“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children … to leave the world a better place … to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today I'm joined by a special someone who brings joy, laughter, and caring into this world is some very amazing ways.  Please help me welcome Katie West!  Katie is the brilliance behind The Levity Project (more about that below), where I first had the opportunity to connect with her this past summer.   She also has a coaching service, Levity Life Coaching, encompassing life coaching and laughter yoga.  Today Katie and I sit down and talk about her life, and how she has arrived at where she is today.

NOTE: We’re having a give away here today!  For the price of signing up for email updates from The Levity Project, one lucky winner will be chosen at random (on January 31st) to receive a complimentary one hour levity coaching session with Katie.  (note: signup is on the right-hand sidebar of her website)

In addition, if you are interested in becoming a Certified Laughter Coach, Katie is offering 50% off the early bird discount of this certification to the first person to contact her, with the words "I want to be a laughter Coach ha ha ha ha" included.  Several sessions are forming, please visit The Levity Institute for details.

Please read along as I ask Katie some challenging questions!

1. Tell us a little bit about who "you" are (family, career, any special life experiences you’d like to share, etc.)
I am an eternal adventurer.  I am hard wired to see every experience as a new journey leading to unexpected results.  So much so, that I parent that way, work that way, love that way.  More recently, I have realized what a meditation that has become in my life. No matter what is going on I try to see it as an explorer would look at a new land with all of the excitement of the potential trials and celebrations.

I probably have this approach because I led wilderness sailing trips for many years up the coast of Maine with teenagers, as well as living on a boat for the better part of several years.  I think this time period of being a wilderness guide truly shaped my outlook on life.  I had always been a very spontaneous person which was helpful in adapting to the challenges of being a guide and captain of a boat, yet what the experience impressed most upon me was the importance of good planning, being organized and having a clear vision of where one wants to go.  I think it somehow created a balance of my two sides.

I love wilderness expeditions because they truly bring us face to face with our “Oh no!” moments and provide an opportunity to move beyond them so that what has held us back is now no longer holding us.

Also, it has been so useful to approach parenting this way as I am a mom of two children, two and four years old.  I have joked so many times that each day of parenting somehow holds inside it both ecstasy and insurmountable challenge.   And the only way through it, is to allow the experience to run its course, or better said, to see myself as fully in the flow of the river of what is happening.  This includes treasured  moments such as once when I was gave my kids my homemade finger paint (which I was so proud of) only to watch it get flung to the floor, ceiling, windows, and onto little bellies!   Within that moment was everything: the delight of creating, sharing, playing, and the challenge of cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!  (Note: I finally gave up and photographed the mischief.)

My family means everything to me; I want my children to grow up to be joyful, confident, thoughtful, and open minded people.  And in order to do this it is how my husband and I must live to set the example. 

In this way, my work as a coach helps people to discover or re-discover their inner light-heartedness, or levity, is a great reminder to enjoy the moment….good or challenging and allow a sense of buoyancy to reign knowing there will be a new discovery momentarily

One of my stickers for The Levity Project says, “Powered by Laughter” and naturally, I have it on everything, my car, my coffee mug, my computer.  And I cannot tell you how fabulous it has been when I am in a grumbly mood to go into the coffee shop and hand over my mug-only to see the reminder to allow laughter to be my fuel and not whatever state I might be in that is not serving me, my family, or the world.    It is an instant shift! It really helps me to have this accountability on those inevitably grumpy days.

Lance's Commentary:  Hey, I think I have a t-shirt that says "Powered by Laughter"!  (thanks Katie!!)   And I have to think that the whole sailing experience really helped to shape the foundation from which you base living on today.  Very cool, adventure girl!  Let the mischief continue…

2. You have started a movement called The Levity Project.  Tell us about the inspiration behind that, and how long you have been doing this.
The Levity Project started in March 2009 when I was in New York City for a weekend.  While I was there, I had this fantastic experience on the subway.  As I was riding a long, I had my headphones on and was dancing a little bit with my eyes closed.  I began to smile this huge grin (it was one of the first times away from both children-so I was in awe of the time alone).  When I opened my eyes, I realized people were staring and not smiling back-some even frowning at me.  And I simultaneously felt deeply connected to everyone and quite sad that it would pain people to see someone happy and enjoying her day.

That weekend, I vowed to myself that I would do something to make a difference.  I had never seen myself before as an activist of any sort.  But I knew I wanted to actively be a part of a movement that supports the idea of living with more joy, laughter, and play.  Immediately, the name “The Levity Project” came to me…because I had been kicking around the word “levity” in my head for a couple of months.  I had just learned that the old (rare as of 1913 Merriam’s) definition of levity was “buoyancy-being lighter than that which surrounds us”.   What struck me about this is that the idea of buoyancy does not deny what is hard or pretend that it is not there, it just means we have a right to feel freer or lighter than what is happening.  What was also interesting is that today’s dictionary definition of levity sounds unappealing, “inappropriate humor, lack of appropriate seriousness, irreverence.”  How could we forget and dismiss the definition of gaiety and buoyancy? 

That was when I began to joke that my goal was to bring buoyancy back!  The Levity Project’s goal is to create a paradigm shift to a lighter and more buoyant society.  My hope is that by engaging in public acts of laughter, play and celebration, we can inspire a re-emergence into collective joy.  Ultimately, I think it is about awakening to what can be.

Lance's Commentary:  Katie, I've had the opportunity twice now, to experience a "levity project" in action.  One with your assistance in setting it up, and another together with you.  Both of these events are real (reel?) highlights from the past year!  And if they even make one person's day just a little brighter, it is so worth it (and I'll say that my day was definitely brighter after both of these experiences!).  Hey, I even have these really cool umbrella hats I got out of the deal!! 

3. You are a season of the year – what would you choose and why?
A season of the year?  I love them all for different reasons.  In fact, when my daughter was born, one of the songs being played was Sting’s song that has the lyrics “All four seasons in one day”.  We gave her four names (including her last) to represent the different seasons she holds within herself as we all do.

For me, I guess I must say late spring when it is warm enough to play outside but still breezy enough to feel a deep gratitude for the warmth coursing through my body.   I love the flowers emerging and the way everything is electric at being alive again.  And at the same time, give me a cozy, fall day full of poetry and woodsy walks through the leaves and I am a happy camper.  I pretty much adore the cycle of the seasons.  Since I live in Maine that is a very good thing to love!

Lance's Commentary:  Katie…this is deep.  The seasons we all hold within ourselves, wow!  I keep thinking of the yearly life cycle of a tree – and how we really are like that as we travel through our own lives, as the seasons come and go.   

4. Laughter and joy are a big part of what you are all about (I think that’s so cool!).  Tell us about those moments when you might not be feeling that joyful. 
When I am not feeling joyful (and it is a time that I am simply feeling like a stick in the mud) I laugh.  No joke. Ha ha!  I get my kids to laugh.  The practice of laughter without humor has really (gasp) changed my life or at least how I approach it.  I know that by saying ha ha, I can CHOOSE to feel differently, to feel better(since our brain does not know the difference between real and fake laughter).  With a tool as easy as laughter,  I have to really WANT my foul mood to stay in it.  What it takes is getting over my ego, my pride which is usually guilty for making me feel like a stick in the mud anyway. 

Once I am able to I connect to my deeper desire that I honestly and truly would rather feel joyful than grumpy, all I need to do is practice laughing …and really, everything is suddenly in better perspective!  Plus, as parents know…if you try to be grumpy when you have little kids, it really does not work, because they just get grumpy or whiny too.  What is worse than dealing with our own grumpy mood than having to deal with another’s?! 

I try to see myself in those moments as a change agent with the empowerment to shift the winds of my mood.  When I am feeling truly sad due to something challenging or grief-filled, I offer myself patience and breath to allow it to move through my body.  I have found in my coaching work that the tendency people have is to deny these deeper feelings, but I believe that there are key times when it can be useful to allow them to flow as they need to during a difficult time and then later reset the course we want to chart.

Lance's Commentary:  Well, that's a great example of the therapeutic benefits of laughter.  It just makes us feel good! 

5.  You kiss your husband, and instantly the two of you are transported to a strange new place, with nothing for the two of you to worry about.  Where might this be?  Why?
I have been there before but it is the first place I thought of.  Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands in Washington State.  Hands down.  It is where I wish to be every time I get one of those magical transportable kisses.  To me, Orcas Island is heaven on Earth!   Why?  Like falling in love with someone who knows why?  There is just some part of me that feels perfectly aligned with all the other parts of me when I am there.  You will have to go and see for yourself, but call me first I have great recommendations of what to do!

Lance's Commentary:  My family and I had the opportunity to vacation in the Pacific Northwest a couple of years ago.  While we didn't make it to the San Juan Islands, we did fall in love with the whole area and the beauty that is there.  Next time we go, I have a new destination to visit…and I'll be calling YOU!

6.  In the strange way the life sometimes works, you are suddenly asked to assist some ambitious city in a pilot program to bring more fun and joy into people’s daily lives.  What do you do?
I would create a Levity Pilot Program which would be unveiling the four part system I use with my clients that leads to feeling lighter and more joyful.  I would create The Levity Project Centers where people gather to create their own public Levity events, listen to speakers, train how to laugh for no reason and re-learn the art of play as adults. 

These centers would become a new bastion for the community.  And the part that people would love the most is The Levity Project events that would happen all over the city spontaneously; people laughing in a Laughter Flash, wearing umbrella hats and smiling at each other, bouncing on hippity hop bouncy balls, playing kazoos.  These things may seem goofy, but they aren’t.  They are expressions of light heartedness and our mutual desire for it. 

The goal for the program would be to dilute the power and attention we have given stress by placing emphasis on something else truly and deeply important: a sense of deeply connected joy and lightheartedness.

Lance's Commentary:  I lived in Kalamazoo for a while.  The word "kazoo" always reminds me of living there!  And I think we even had a couple of kazoo's at the time…maybe it's time to get a couple more!   On the art of play, we have a game we play, especially during the cold winter months, called "garbage".  It involves lots of running, lots of laughs, and is a pretty good workout too!  The "art of play"…what a great message to get out there!  Keep bouncing, Katie!

7.  In Maine terms you land the big lobster.  In baseball terms, you win the World Series.  In Katie terms, you?
Well, I would say that up till recently, it has been getting on the “Oprah” show! …and then it switched to “Ellen”.  And I will thoroughly enjoy the days when both of those happen.  But right now, it is about creating a system that empowers people to connect with their right brains-the side that allows for the rejuvenation and immersion of play, the freedom of laughter, and the inspiration that comes with wonder and gratitude. 

The big lobster would be seeing The Levity Project as an International movement in which people celebrate together inter-generationally and cross culturally.  And it would be having The Levity Institute become a respected forum for new developments and research on how to live more light heartedly and also to have it become a gathering place from which the next generation of social leaders can emerge and share their messages.

Lance's Commentary:  On the contrary…it would be Ellen hitting the world series of talk shows, having you on there! 

8. Tell us one unexpected thing that has happened to you, from going down this path of starting the “The Levity Project”?

Without a doubt, it has been watching how people are touched by the idea.  How clearly I can tell it feeds some part of them whether they are at the event or watching a video.  I get emails from people thanking me.  And sometimes I just think, “Why are they thanking me, we are just laughing, playing, and celebrating!”  I have met amazing people and it has helped me to realize that I am on a path and that I have to keep going to see where this adventure leads me and above all trust that it will take me, and hopefully our world, to a new place.

Lance's Commentary:  One unexpected thing for me from you going down this path, Katie…is a friendship that is pretty special.  Keep on celebrating life, you are touching lives in very deep ways! 

9. If you had to pick one thing as your greatest achievement, what would it be (and why)?
You may laugh…but really birth still ranks above everything.  I mean, a human being came out of me.  That was crazy!  And it happened twice!  What also moves me is that the first birth was hard, totally not how we pictured it, and had a lot of medical intervention.  What was so striking about this is that one of the people present said, “That was just the birth you needed to have.”  At the time, I am pretty sure I wanted to haul off and hit her, but in the years since I realized that what that birth did was shake my perfectionist qualities right out of me.  Nothing went how I had “planned” it with the exception of one thing, a healthy baby in my arms.  And with that awareness came the understanding of how to look at each situation and “juice” it for what is most important.  By letting go of all the seeming ways things were supposed to happen and let them happen, I got to experience life’s journey and what it had in store for me.  And since then, the gifts from what I learned in that moment have benefited me every day.

And of course, as the story would have it, my second child’s birth was dreamy.  Laboring at the beach, laughing at the hospital during active labor, and hearing Johnny Cash singing as my son was born which made everyone there crack up.  It made me realize celebrations come in all forms…some that make us shout with happiness and others that ask us to see the magnificence and holiness in the hardship.

Lance's Commentary:  Hmmm…I can relate.  Well, maybe I should say my wife can relate!  Wait, I was there, too!  Now I'm getting confused!  Our first birthing experience was one that was very much the opposite of everything we expected.  (see how I use the the word "our"…you know, because it was like I was going through that labor too!!!)  Somehow we survived, and were blessed with a healthy baby also.  And that made it all worth it.  Would you believe me, now, if I tell you I can completely relate???   

10. What does a typical day with your family involve?
Which day?  Each day has a different flavor.  Both my husband and I work and both of us stay home. And if anyone reading this shares that experience, you are laughing your head off right now.  But each day has a lot of hugs, playing, crafting like I said before, debating what to do for dinner, getting together with people, emailing, laughing, and dancing.  Every Saturday night, we have a family mini-party.  It is called  “Everybody loves Saturday Night”, the name came from my daughter’s children’s CD.  So every Saturday night, as a family, we put on that song and dance, eat cake and do something fun.  We always get balloons and sometimes silly masks and celebrate.  If you hang out with me long enough, you will know that one of my central tenets is celebration….it just does not get enough air time in our society.  The Saturday Night Dance Parties with the four of us is a good example of us.  We may not be the family traveling to every place, we may not be staying out late doing exciting things, we may not be taking the kids to every museum, but we have our own brand of fun.  And it feels really good.

Lance's Commentary:  Saturday evenings sound like a blast at your house!  I think we should have a big party…and YOU can host!!  I'll bring the cookies!!  And exciting is what you make it, anyway…so keep on rockin' in your own groovy way!

11. Deep-down, Katie, what makes you, "you"?  
I think it is how I started this interview.  All is an adventure.  All is worthy of our attention and experience.  There is nothing without merit that happens.  My “me-ness”  is in being open to seeing the adventure and my willingness to allow it to transform me.  Even in the grumpiest of grump days, I know without a doubt, we are all connected and we are all one.  And that brings me a deep joy that somehow manages every time to break up any clouds that may be there and allow the light of possibility and interconnectedness to shine brightly.  My mom recently told me when I was born that she almost named me “Joy” and that many days since she wishes she had.   It seems only fitting that my work here on the planet would revolve around this idea.

And well, I also really really like making chocolate chip cookies and can do the recipe from memory.

Lance's Commentary: Joy!!  That IS a fitting name for you, too (your mom just knew!!).  Katie:  That's the new word for joy!

Life is an adventure.  And wherever that adventure leads us, those are the moments that are our life.  And whether they seem hum drum or filled with excitement, they are all ours.  In fact, I believe it's not so much the big and grand things that define our life as much as it is the regular day to day mini-adventures that life leads us on that are really the cornerstone for our life journey.  Katie, I know you have weaved a life filled with all of this, big adventures all sandwiched between lots and lots of mini adventures.  And you choose an attitude of belief in what IS possible.  And that is what makes life grand!

Closing Thoughts:  Katie, it is an honor to have you here today!  You have a mix of goofiness, deep understanding, and love that are second to none!  In our world today, you are sunshine…warm and radiant out into the lives of those you touch!

To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson:  Katie you HAVE succeeded…in so many beautiful ways, you give love and life a touch of joy.  And in that, the world is a better place.  In that, I am a better person.  Continue to give the world a bit of this magic fairy dust.  

And continue to rock the world, buddy!

Now…about those cookies… 

You can keep up with Katie by subscribing to The Levity Project,  and following her on Twitter.

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Wendi Kelly~Life's Little Inspirations January 26, 2010 at 6:23 am


WHAT a post to wake up to this morning! Katie, thank you for this great reminder that laughter can be fuel that propels us into a better day, and a better world. I am off to the Levity Project. I can’t think of a better place to take my Live Inspired plan to…it’s perfect! Thanks!

Lance- See you Friday at LLI!!!
.-= Wendi Kelly~Life’s Little Inspirations´s Last Fabulous Post ..Sith Lords In The Real World =-.


Karl Staib - Work Happy Now January 26, 2010 at 6:24 am

Yayyyyyy for laughter. It’s an amazing feeling to laugh. To know how to harness this power of laughter is a gift. It doesn’t come over night. It takes practice.

I want on of those stickers “powered by laughter” I slap it on my car.

It’s amazing how kids bring out the laughter hidden within us. Sometimes we get too serious. Just hang out with any 4 year old for 10 minutes and laughter will occur. Kids are amazing and we can’t forget to tap into our inner kid, so we don’t lose that ability to be silly and have fun.

Great interview Lance! There are always so many things we don’t know about each other. The more light we can shine on other beautiful people the better.
.-= Karl Staib – Work Happy Now´s Last Fabulous Post ..Why France Telecom Suicides Never Should Have Happened =-.


Jenny Mannion January 26, 2010 at 6:54 am

Hi Lance,

You introduced me to Katie a whiles back and I am so very grateful you did! She is a beautiful soul and laughter is SUCH an important part of life. Your interview was wonderful and it was good to learn even more about Katie. I share Katie’s focus on “joy” and I am so very grateful she is bringing it to so many people. Thanks Lance – as always I leave here inspired and with a HUGE smile.

Love, Jenny
.-= Jenny Mannion´s Last Fabulous Post ..Life After Death, Past Lives, Life Between Lives and How all this Can Heal – A 3 Part Series =-.


Positively Present January 26, 2010 at 7:43 am

Great interview! 🙂 It was great to learn more about The Levity Project and Katie. 🙂
.-= Positively Present´s Last Fabulous Post ..make the 3-to-1 ratio of positivity work for you =-.


jen January 26, 2010 at 7:54 am

Another fantastic interview. She is a true innovator, and a beautiful person. My favorite part here was the birth stories – the births we’re intended to have. It nearly made me cry. I had very easy births, but my pregnancies were very hard. I would have hit someone if they’d told me at the time they were the pregnancies I needed or was intended to have. Later, I would realize it was true, and the spiritual benefits and gifts and advantages of those pregnancies were paramount to compassion. They led to laughter in birth, also. Wonderful, Katie!! And, wonderful, Lance!
.-= jen´s Last Fabulous Post ..how to have fun while everything is terrible =-.


Evelyn Lim January 26, 2010 at 8:07 am


Your sailing adventures sound exciting! I learned how to sail many years ago but kept misreading the wind. I ended up being in the water a lot! Subsequently, I figured that I might do better learning diving instead.

Thumbs up to naming the best experience of your life as giving birth! Most certainly, I resonate with how you feel about experiencing the gift of giving life!

I love how you celebrate your days! You are a living inspiration to us all! It’s great that you connected with Lance for this interview. I enjoyed reading your answers to his questions! Both of you work so well together!

With love and blessings,
.-= Evelyn Lim´s Last Fabulous Post ..Planting Seeds of Intent: Creation. Creativity. Gratitude. =-.


Nadia - Happy Lotus January 26, 2010 at 8:21 am

Hi Lance and Katie,

This was such an awesome interview! Thank you, Lance! 🙂

Katie, your experience of riding on the subway in NYC, is what I experience every day living in the vicinity of a major city on the East Coast. I love to laugh and I love life. I have had people frown at me for being so happy. Actually, one time someone came up to me and said “why are you so happy?” as if I had done the worst thing in the world.

So reading your experience made me feel better in not being alone in generating such a reaction. 🙂

And you go, girl and spread as much laughter as you can! 🙂
.-= Nadia – Happy Lotus´s Last Fabulous Post ..Forgiveness in a Paper Cut =-.


Jay Schryer January 26, 2010 at 9:10 am

This. Is. AWESOME!

I’m a huge fan of laughter, of levity, and of learning to be more child-like. Katie is my newest hero.

Rock on!
.-= Jay Schryer´s Last Fabulous Post ..Acceptance =-.


Jannie Funster January 26, 2010 at 9:24 am

Her name may not ” officially” be joy, but that what Katie is, through and through.

As to thoseSaturday Night Dance Parties and not ” going places” ( as in exotic travel, I assume,) Katie, you and your family are going to the very best place there can ever be– to the joy and love within!! Some families travel the world and are still not satisfied.

And Katie!! Why did I not know you live inMaine?!? That’s just across one small border into New Brunswick, Canada where I was born and raised, and still often spend time. Too cool. Are younplanning on staying in Maine a while?

Awesome you guys!! I just know The Levity Project is gonna take over the world in the very best way imaginable.

And darnit, how did I possibly forget to include Katie in my latest post award?? Duh, Jannie. I’ll be amending that list to add you, of course, Miss Levity.

Cheers and many big ho-dee-ha-hoos from Texas! xo
.-= Jannie Funster´s Last Fabulous Post ..(And I Thought “Leaven” Was Just A Bread-Baking Thing!!) =-.


Lynn January 26, 2010 at 11:12 am

I think Katie’s nickname should be Joy! Appropriate for sure. 🙂
.-= Lynn´s Last Fabulous Post ..Bright flowers, comparison and unsweet =-.


Aurora January 26, 2010 at 12:05 pm

I like that idea ! Going to go check out the Levity Project now 🙂
.-= Aurora´s Last Fabulous Post ..Brad and Angelina =-.


Lance January 26, 2010 at 12:40 pm

I was in a training session today. The table I was at became very connected to laughter (not in a distracting way). Guess what? The whole session was fun, and our group really jelled together. The power of laughter!

What you are doing in this world is touching upon something very deep within us all. And I see that as connection. There is a yearning, I believe, for us as human beings to connect with each other. Laughter and joy are such wonderful ways to make that bond and deepen that connection. What you offer, which is a real sense of that joy enveloped in love, touch me at my core. And I look at the world with new eyes, eyes that are very much focused on the value of life and living. I find that pretty amazing…all coming from a place of what started with laughter, and quickly spreading into joy, love, and compassion.

So, just so you know (you know, in case that wasn’t obvious), I see what you are doing as soul-touching work. And that is work that is life-changing, and culture-changing. You have a gift, Katie, a gift of joy. Continue to be a lover of life and a giving rainbow of that joy!

Love and chocolate chip cookies,


Lance January 26, 2010 at 12:40 pm

@Wendi – Katie is like a cup of morning coffee – a GREAT way to start the day! And The Levity Project is like this really cool way to take that idea of laughter and joy out into the world! Check it out, Wendi – Katie is creating something very special!! And…I’m looking forward to Friday!

@Karl – Having laughter in our lives is like an extra ray of sunshine – it just brightens our day! And Katie lives this…everyday! How cool is that!! And those “Powered by Laughter” stickers. I opened a drawer today…and there was one! And then I grabbed something off my dresser…and there was another! With all these reminders…I should be laughing all the time. Either that, or I’ll think Katie is stalking me!!! Okay, I stick with the first one (and I’m laughing right now)! Kids just so naturally let laughter out, and the more we can do that as adults, the more wonderful life will be!

@Jenny Mannion – Hi Jenny. You said it!! Katie’s soul is beautiful!! And her whole focus just is so grounded in what is right and good in this world. Jenny, I see those same characteristics in you. Coming from a place of joy is such a wonder-filled place to live from! And the more people that fully embrace this, the more connected to something deeper our whole world will be. And that’s pretty awesome! (like YOU!) Love and joy to you!

@Positively Present – Thanks Dani! What Katie has created with The Levity Project is something that is changing lives and touching souls…and that’s beautiful!

@Jen – I see Katie as living our her dreams, and pushing the envelope of deeper human connections. And that is just such an amazing place, especially having been involved in two of these Levity projects. What you have shared about your pregnancy and birthing experiences is moving…much like it was reading about Katie’s experiences. Life is an amazing gift, and while I can’t fully appreciate (as much as I tried to in my commentary) everything you, as a birth mother, have experienced – I do very much connect to this idea that being able to bring life into this world is an amazing experience. And something that is really hard to fathom, how that is so beautifully possible. So, Jen, thank you for sharing some of your own experiences. Your words are gifts here today…

@Evelyn – Hi Evelyn. Diving!! Hahaha!!! I love it! That’s taking lemons and making lemonade! Which would go really well with Katie’s cookies. Okay, this party is coming together now!! And yes! Katie is such a living inspiration and filled with such a deep love of life! It really is an honor to have her here today, sharing more depth of her being. Love and lemonade to you Evelyn. Keep shining your abundance into the world, it is beautiful…

@Nadia – Hi Nadia. And what I love about this, Nadia, is that other people’s “negative” reactions to your happiness and joy have not stopped you from letting your soul shine…in joy! And my guess is that many, many people have been impacted in profoundly positive ways from you, many that you are unaware of because they have showed no outward signs that you have made a difference. And yet, I am sure of this – that people have witnessed you, and left feeling their own call to let that spirit within free. So, keep on being happy, and being publicly happy! The world needs it! You are a star shining your soul out for others to see…just like Katie is!


Elaine Helle January 26, 2010 at 12:48 pm

Please tell me more about the Garbage Game. I for one am kazoo challenged.
with a smile and a belly laugh,


Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord January 26, 2010 at 1:04 pm

Oh how I loved reading this interview! Lance, I love you! Katie, I love you!

Less is more, and it seems that when we adhere to that levity mantra, LAUGHTER just bubbles up automatically. They go hand-in-hand, and I think all of us could use more laughter, fun, and YES — CELEBRATIONS!

By the way, I want to visit your house on a Saturday night! I’ll bring the cake.

Thanks for this awesome interview.
.-= Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord´s Last Fabulous Post ..Authenticity = New Definitions =-.


Hilary January 26, 2010 at 2:31 pm

Hi Lance and Katie .. Lance you could tell you had such a good time from the other comments you’ve made – but it really gave us a flavour of who you are Katie, and who are family are etc. The wilderness leading you and setting you examples – I think we can all learn from nature as we travel through life ..

I love to laugh with my mother and when she has a belly laugh it’s so special and we roar at times at crazy things .. but she loves it and it lightens my day. I’m quite gregarious and true to my name – I got called the right thing!!

Great to meet you and thanks for sharing her, Lance!!
Have good weeks – Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters Inspirational Stories
.-= Hilary´s Last Fabulous Post ..Haggis, Whisky and Poetry .. means only one thing "Robbie Burns" =-.


Jody - Fit at 52 January 26, 2010 at 2:38 pm

Thank you so much for sharing! With the stresses of the world & life right now, more laughter is needed & helps!
.-= Jody – Fit at 52´s Last Fabulous Post ..Hunger & Mood Journal for Weight Loss =-.


suzen January 26, 2010 at 2:39 pm

Hi Lance! Great interview – you ask such adventurous questions! Good job! You sure know how to highlight a person’s heart!

And Hi and Hugs to Katie! I missed attending the laughter sessions with Lance but I have to tell you I was sure there in spirit! I know what you mean about Orcas Island – a favorite of mine too – it is where hubs and I became engaged so yes, very magical memories and indeed a spot of beauty you have to see to believe! I’m so proud of the work you are doing with the Levity Project – fabulous! Laughter is good medicine! In that, you are bringing about a healing! I’m giggly with praise and encouragement – keep on going, lady!

Hugs to you both,


Sami - Life, Laughs & Lemmings January 26, 2010 at 3:14 pm

Laughter has always been a big part of our family. When we all get together, much laughter ensues. It has also gotten us through some pretty tough times. For me, the magic of laughter is that it can always be found in every situation no matter how dire and it always helps when it is found.

Rock on (or should I say, laugh on) Katie (or should I say, Joy)! The world needs more people like you!


Evita January 26, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Lance, you are just too awesome! I love the questions you asked and what a pleasure it was to learn more about Katie here today. I was especially intrigued to find out how the Levity Project started. And the birth story was great too 😉 I used to ask everybody I knew how birth was and than I realized that I didn’t want to hear their stories anymore because they were freaking the heck out of me from having my own baby. We are still undecided if and when a little one might join us, but the one thing I do know is that every experience is different, and one person’s horror story is another’s blessing.

Katie, how cool to get to know you better here! I can so relate to being at home with your husband and having the diversity and fun of each day!

Great, great interview!!!!
.-= Evita´s Last Fabulous Post ..Awaken Through Entertainment – 5 Great Sites For Free Documentaries =-.


Tess The Bold Life January 26, 2010 at 4:04 pm

Hi Katy and Lance,

Katy you are just what our world needs and I’m so happy you’re on a mission with laughter. Your values on family, fun and helping others lighten up and get happy are exceptional.

What a fun way to raise your kids. One can tell the health of a work place or home by the amount of laughter so I officially call yours “happy and healthy.” What a gift you are and what a gift you bring.

Keep growing and glowing and laughing…
.-= Tess The Bold Life´s Last Fabulous Post ..The Time Of My Life =-.


Lance January 26, 2010 at 4:27 pm

@Jay – Hey Jay! Your choice of a new hero is a WONDERFUL choice! Katie does rock!! Hmmm…and if we’re acknowledging her hero status…I’m thinking we should give her a super-hero name! My suggestion: Kid Katie! Because she brings out the KID in all of us! I’ll send the cape to her (not that she needs it!). Superpowers ACTIVATE (well…I think they are always activated for this hero!).

@Jannie – Yes…Katie IS JOY!! I wonder if we can get her picture added to the dictionary for the word JOY? I’ll talk to my buddies Merriam and Webster (well…they will be my buddies as soon as they talk to me, I’m sure of it!). And I’m sure of it too – the Levity Project is like candy for the soul! Do you like candy, Jannie??? Cheers from Wisconsin right back to ya!

@Lynn – Yes, Joy is such a fitting name for this sweet friend!!

@Aurora – Definitely check out what Katie’s up to with The Levity Project! Lots of great stuff at her site, and today – car dancing!!! Woohoo!!!

@Elaine – I am kazoo challenged too! So, this “Garbage” game. My kids love it! The kids are the “garbage”, the sofa is the “dumpster” and I’m the garbage man. They all run wild through the house (doesn’t all garbage do this??), and I try to catch them (or scare them) and then I carry them back and throw them in the dumpster (the sofa). And then…we just keep repeating over and over. Hauling these kids around…that’s the real workout for me!! Thanks for asking!

@Megan – Hi Megan! You are sweet, wonderful, kind, and amazing (just so you know what I think!)!! Yep, and when that laughter bubbles up…it also just puts us in a pretty great spot, doesn’t it! Alright!! This IS turning into a party at your house, Katie! Megan – great, you’ll bring the cake! I’ve got cookies! Woohoo!! This is going to be fun!! Love, laughter, and parties to you Megan!!

@Hilary – Yes, it is so good to hear Katie’s “story”. She is such a source of love and light in this world, and after this…I feel that even more deeply. And what a great thing you are doing with your mother! Laughter is so good for the soul! Your name is definitely fitting!!


Suzicate January 26, 2010 at 4:38 pm

Great interview. I believe Angelia over at Living, Laughing, Loving posted a video of herself and her daughter when they participated in The Levity Project.
.-= Suzicate´s Last Fabulous Post ..Whine Or Wine, Which Is It? =-.


Lance January 26, 2010 at 4:53 pm

@Jody – Hi Jody! Right! Katie’s message is one that is so good to hear today. It’s easy to feel the “stresses” of life, and laughter and joy are great ways to lighten that load.

@Suzen – I stay up late at night dreaming up these questions!! Suzen, you really emanate joy in everything I’ve seen, and so I know that you are doing this too – bringing happiness and joy out into the world around you…and that is awesome!! So…you have visited Orcas Island too! That’s now two votes for what an amazing and magical place this is. It’s on my list!! And to the concept of The Levity Project…Suzen, thank you!! I know from firsthand experience with this project just how meaningful it is. So, hearing it from you, with experience through only what you have heard and seen – this means a lot to me. So, I’m fully with you…praise and encouragement to the nth degree for Katie!! Hugs to you Suzen!!

@Sami – Hey Sami! Hmmm…so laughter is a big part of your family?? Would I have ever guessed that?? Ha!!! Of course I would have!! YOu make me laugh way too often (okay, that’s a lie – I can’t laugh way too often!!). You do make me laugh a lot, though…and it always feels way good!!! And that really is the magic of laughter….how it can really help, even (or maybe especially) in difficult times. Keep bringing the fun and laughter to the world, sweet friend!

@Evita – Evita, you are just way too kind and sweet (did you know that?)!! It’s true! You always have a way of making me feel really good!!! It is interesting how this whole thing started…how it came about because of a moment in the subway. I think that really speaks to this idea, also, that the moments of our life, they all matter, they all count, they all hold something special in them. Because of that moment…The Levity Project was born! And I, for one, have been touched by the beauty of what the movement is creating. So, that’s pretty awesome!! Birth…yes, every story is unique and personal and one’s own. And whatever you end up deciding, Evita, know that it is the right decision. And know also that I think you give so much to this world, and that touches upon the beauty of your soul. Anyway, thanks so much for being here today…you are a gift in my life (as is Katie!). I am blessed to know both of you…

@Tess – Hi Tess. Yes, Katie is a gift to the world! I believe that very deeply. And that she does this all with her values strongly rooted in basic truths, this just adds to the beauty she shines out into all that she touches. Happy and healthy! A great way to describe her household! Oh, and maybe splattered with paint and love too! Tess, thank you for being her and shining your light on what really matters – the values we live by! You do this so well!

@Suzicate – Yes, you are correct!! Angelia did join in virtually and posted a video. It was way cool!!! And I think that’s what this can lead to – people taking this out into their own communities, and in small (or large) ways, bringing laughter and joy to others. And that started because Katie had this grand idea for what The Levity Project could be…and then she went out and made it happen!


Jannie Funster January 26, 2010 at 5:17 pm

Do I LIKE candy!? Do you really have to ask?? I only like Smarties, Butterfingers, all-natural “Gummi-Bear” substitutes, all kinds of fudge, jelly beans, peppermint sticks, caramels(I am very very fond of that”Nips” brand, the ones so hard and chewy they yank your fillings all out,) nougat, chocolate covered cherries with liquid filling, barley candy — that old fashioned amazingly wonderful stuff, all day suckers in fruit flavors, salt water taffy, fresh water taffy, brackish water taffy, laffy taffy, daffy taffy, frozen Snickers, melting Snickers, Rolos, Dots, peanut brittle, almond brittle, pecan brittle, pecan pralines, lemon drops, raspberry drops, grape drops, orange drops, cherry drops, anything maple, Twizzlers, Big Hunks, pretty-much all chocolates. But not a fan of marzipan or black licorice. Tho I do like licorice tea. Thanks for asking, Lance. Do YOU like candy ?? 🙂
.-= Jannie Funster´s Last Fabulous Post ..(And I Thought “Leaven” Was Just A Bread-Baking Thing!!) =-.


Lisa (mommymystic) January 26, 2010 at 10:51 pm

Lance, wow how amazing to write about keeping your sense of humor in my own post, and then come here and see this!! I had not heard of the levity project but now I can’t wait to check it out…thanks for sharing…
.-= Lisa (mommymystic)´s Last Fabulous Post ..Keep Your Sense of Humor… =-.


Amit Sodha - The Power Of Choice January 27, 2010 at 5:34 am

Well as you know with my stand-up comedy I’m definitely a huge fan of all forms of laughter and I encourage more! Just last Saturday I was filming a comedy music parody video and I can’t wait to see the finished product, i just hope it makes millions laugh!

Lance, great line of questioning. Katie, lovely to be acquianted with you!
.-= Amit Sodha – The Power Of Choice´s Last Fabulous Post ..Honouring People And Cultures With Language Skills =-.


Katie West/The Levity Coach January 27, 2010 at 6:04 am

@ Wendi Glad we could greet your day and nice to meet you! The more I have brought the practice of laughter into my life, the more I have felt inspired and able to receive the inspiration to guide me. I agree with you, may we all live lives that are guided by heart’s inspiration.

@Karl One Powered By Laughter Sticker coming your way! I know kids are great for keeping me on my “levity toes”….when any situation is getting too serious or tense, one of us will start rhyming and things get really funny, really fast! I have been really enjoying getting to know you too, Karl!

@Jenny YOU bring a HUGE smile to my face! Whenever I see your presence anywhere, it is clear that joy is part of the flow you have in this life. Thank you for being in my life and may we continue to know each other…and maybe meet someday!

@Positively Present Thanks for reading and look forward to checking out your site!

@jen Thanks for your beautiful words, so touching. Thank you for your comment about the birth stories. I had not really known that was going to be my answer….yet I realize how very much they are a part of the fabric of what shaped who I am today. It sounds like you can relate as well. I look forward to visiting your site…you have a beautiful energy to you.
.-= Katie West/The Levity Coach´s Last Fabulous Post ..Car Dancing for the Greater Good =-.


Miguel de Luis January 27, 2010 at 6:48 am

Who ever said that joy was unkind? Who ever said that we can’t smile to work or from work? I believe it was someone who used solemnity as a shield against sadness
.-= Miguel de Luis´s Last Fabulous Post ..Humildad es decir la verdad =-.


Angelia Sims January 27, 2010 at 8:04 am

Hi Katie! Hi Lance!


It’s always a joy, a pleasure, and a great belly laugh to read about you and your work. Obviously, I am a fan. I believe in everything you root for in life. I believe laughter is what our souls long for and does connect us in deep ways that no one will ever understand.
“buoyancy-being lighter than that which surrounds us”
I try to live my life this way. It’s hard sometimes. There is a lot of joy stealers in the world. The good news is….I think your Levity Project could change that.
I find myself smiling at everyone, and just generally trying to project this buoyancy. I know you changed my daughter and I. She is 15 and I hope she carries this on for her lifetime and to her children.

Thank you Katie! Thank you Lance! As always…..ha ha ha ha ha.



The Exception January 27, 2010 at 10:48 am

I loved this yesterday and wrote my own post today… I want to share the laughter and the joy too… and the cookies!! Are there any left? 😉 Keep up the good work and the giggles!!

And I want one of those shirts!
.-= The Exception´s Last Fabulous Post ..Giggles =-.


J.D. Meier January 27, 2010 at 11:33 am

Wilderness sailing trips up the coast of Maine sounds just too good.

“Land the big lobster” is catchy … now I want to land the big lobster.

Great questions, in depth responses and commentary.
.-= J.D. Meier´s Last Fabulous Post ..Career Growth and Finding Your Way Forward =-.


Lance January 27, 2010 at 12:12 pm

@Jannie – Wow, someone likes her taffy!!! The “laffy taffy” seems fitting today! Do I like candy? I seem to recall…there was a conversation we had once before, and it involved organic Snicker bars. That’s not very much candy, though, is it??? Well…yes, there IS more! I even eat non-organic Snicker bars. What I really like is dark chocolate. It’s good for me, too (how lucky is that!!!). Have you ever had M&M’s? I love the peanut ones! Well….there you go, another favorite of mine – Peanut butter! So…Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are right up there, too. How about if we team up next Halloween, dress up (I’ll go as a clown!), and score lots and lots of candy! Doesn’t that sound fun!!!

@Lisa – I know, very cool!! Definitely check out The Levity Project, and what Katie is up to – it’s all sorts of awesome! As much fun as greeting the UPS man!!!

@Amit – Laughter is a great way to release and unwind. So, keep up what you are doing, Amit! The world is better because of all of this! And just so you know…Katie is like a walking talking bundle of contagious joy!!!

@Katie – Hey Katie!!!!!!

@Miguel – Joy is a great place to come from. And being there, whether it’s in our personal or professional life – it’s all good! Great seeing you here today Miguel!

@Angelia – Hi Angelia! Katie’s work (or should we call it “play”) is filled with fun! Obviously I’m a fan too!! Hey, we should start a fan club! I suggest we call it “Katie Rocks!” And…as founding members, we would rock too!! And I love what you have said about how this amazing person has changed your life. Angelia, thanks so, so much for sharing that. I find it touching… Keep laughing, sweet friend…

@The Exception – I just read your article…very cool!!! Keep letting that song in your heart out…you ARE touching people when you do! Dancing, laughing, and eating cookies…I’m there!!!

@J.D. Meier – Well, I have to agree…those sailing trips sound like an amazing adventure! Hmmm….how can we convince Katie to lead another trip?? (I’m in!!!)


Randall January 27, 2010 at 1:21 pm


Totally fun questions, and way cool to meet you – thanks Katie for the awesome work and great stories, and I wanna hear more about the sailing, too!



Katie West/The Levity Coach January 27, 2010 at 6:13 pm

@Evelyn Well, it is no secret that you have been an incredible inspiration on my path. You have really opened me up to seeing new ideas and concepts and in a way that I honestly feel is what has helped me be open to the possibilities that lie ahead with my work on The Levity Project and with the levity concept in general. Thank you Evelyn…know that there is a future thank you note that will be written to you for your guidance (whether you are aware of it or not) It is big…keep following your heart and vision. It blesses us all.

@Nadia I can not wait to check out your archives!!! From the moment I first read your blog…I knew intuitively that we had some shared grooviness! Not to mention you have brought me much inspiration and thought provoking along this path. Thank you, Nadia.

@Jay Okay what you wrote totally made me smile. Maybe I have never gotten to be a hero before! It is nice to meet you…and thank you for your boundless positive energy!

@Jannie Jannie Jannie You give me courage to put it all out there…to be my wacky self, to have a fun time, to bust a move fearlessly in my car. It is knowing that someone way down Texas shares a bit of my brand of fun…You crack me up and inspire me simultaneously–this is very very good. And thank you for first visiting my blog ages ago and spreading your magic Jannie dust of enthusiasm, joy, and ahem yes, levity, Jannie. You rock and I can not wait till someday we get to goof around together (Oh by the way….did you know I have decided that you, Lance, and I are going to organize the first ever Fun Blogger-Flogger Conference next year???? You think I am kidding, but no, Jannie. You will be singing for beer and donuts and of course boatloads of candy!)

@Lynn Thanks for visiting. It is such an honor to meet everyone over here…such a great community!

@Aurora Nice to meet you! And thanks for checking out The Levity Project. And well, I have to admit the title of your recent post has me super intrigued to jump over to your site 🙂

@Elaine Thank you for asking about the garbage game….hmmm, Lance, sounds like the party might need to be at your house!

@Megan Hey there Joy BOND Girl what is up? Absosmutely you can come eat cake! I make a mean cake…did you know that Lance? Megan, Something tells me we would laugh a lot together!!! Thank you for being you and shining your light and joy to all of us. We feel it and is so beautiful.
.-= Katie West/The Levity Coach´s Last Fabulous Post ..Car Dancing for the Greater Good =-.


Stacey Shipman January 27, 2010 at 7:34 pm

Katie – So great to learn more about you. I do appreciate what you’re doing with the levity project and absolutely agree that people need laughter and lightness! My husband and I are just back from a long weekend in Texas visit in-laws who live on a farm complete with horses, llamas and donkeys. Not a site I EVER see. And feeding the animals filled me with giddiness, kid-like and it was wonderful. I can’t wait to go back for that reason.

Lance – thanks for highlighting her so we could learn more!


Wilma Ham January 27, 2010 at 10:05 pm

Oh, you have to laugh how the word levity has been mangled into something so NOT it.
It shows Kartie that your purpose it worthwhile, we cannot have levity go to THAT place.
Air, food and laughter is all I really need at the end of the day and you seem to do well Lance, with your food obviously being cookies but hey, some people have all the luck.
And this is fun, to pack such a serious message, because I totally belief that that is what it is, in such a wonderful playful wrapping.
You two are a real tonic, love Wilma
.-= Wilma Ham´s Last Fabulous Post ..Learning to observe my Little Voice, my ego. =-.


D.M. Solis January 27, 2010 at 10:18 pm

What a great find, this blog and the two of you! Enjoyed the exchange and the energy of this interview. Great to learn of the work, viz, creativity, motivation, and joy! I’m glad I stopped by. I will be back again and again.

Peace and all good,


Amanda W January 27, 2010 at 11:16 pm

Thanks for the great interview Lance! It was fun to learn more about Katie. Katie – you’re a big source of JOY in my life! Keep laughing!


Lance January 28, 2010 at 4:35 am

@Randall – Great to “meet” you, Randall! And my take on this: the questions became fun because of the caring and real answers from Katie (she rocked at answering all of these!)! And doesn’t that sailing experience sound like a real adventure! Maybe “Adventure Girl” should be the nickname we give Katie!

@Katie – Hey Flogger Extraordinaire!!! Woohoo! The Fun-Blogger Flogger conference! Let’s do it! (right Jannie!)

@Stacey Shipman – Hi Stacey. And that’s what is so awesome – that by being laugher and lightness, that is exactly what Katie is bringing to the world! Reading your comments here today, I’m drawn to this whole idea that just getting out of our normal environment and seeing “life” through different eyes can be such a powerful experience. Just like your visit to the farm – and the kid-like wonder this brought, when we remain open to new experiences, pretty wonderful and amazing things can happen! Anyway, your trip to Texas sounds like it was a great experience! It’s great to have you here, sweet friend…

@Wilma – Right! So, who went and messed with the REAL definition of “levity”, anyway??? I’m sure Katie will get that word back to where it rightly belongs – to a place filled with bouyancy and joy! And…did someone say cookies??? We’re all out here (I just checked the cookie jar) – yikes! On a more serious note – yes, this whole concept is about really touching people at their core, which can change how, really, they view life. Such a good message to spread. Anyway, your words are sweet and kind Wilma – working with Katie on this was a complete pleasure (and even a few laughs!).

@D.M. Solis – Thanks so much, Diane! What Katie is doing is so good…at a soul level. I believe that it really touches upon this concept of joy, and really a joy that comes from deep within. It’s been so great being a part of this over the last several months, and just seeing how laughter touches people’s lives. And how my life has been touched by Katie. All so deeply good…

@Amanda W – Hi Amanda! You are welcome. And really, this was so, so fun to do with Katie! She’s really is a shining light of love in this world! And a big source of JOY in my life, too!! Woohoo!!


Alex Blackwell January 28, 2010 at 7:33 am

The part of being a season o f the year really spoke to me.

My season is Autumn. I love the cool, crisp weather and seeing the leaves change – kind of reminds me of the changes I’m trying to make.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful interview.



Diane Fit to the Finish January 28, 2010 at 10:58 am

I loved reading about your sailing adventure. I’ve just been once in my life but would love to go again. And yes to the laughter being such a vital part of who we are. There is such joy and release in that simple act.

Thank you Lance for this great interview.
.-= Diane Fit to the Finish´s Last Fabulous Post ..I Was Judging UnFairly =-.


Tom Volkar / Delightful Work January 28, 2010 at 12:59 pm

Hi Katie and Lance. I totally enjoyed reading more about Katie and the inspiration behind her mission.
I was about half way through the interview and I realized I hadn’t yet laughed so I let a big one out in celebration of both of you. Thanks!
.-= Tom Volkar / Delightful Work´s Last Fabulous Post ..You’re Brilliant! =-.


Lance January 28, 2010 at 4:27 pm

@Alex – I found Katie’s answer to that question to be deeply introspective…another one of her beautiful qualities. And I love how you view the autumn season as change, and the change that it can represent in our lives. Wonderfully said! Thanks much for visiting today.

@Diane – Don’t those sailing experiences sound like incredible life experiences! Sailing is a fun experience, and done that on a small lake, it is still pretty wonderful to be out there, and working with nature to steer your craft. Great to see you here today!

@Tom Volkar – Hi Tom! Way cool stuff, huh!! That Katie character…she’s all right! And speaking of “right”, it’s just not right to read this and NOT laugh. So, good on you for reaching deep down in your belly and enjoying some laughter…just because! In fact, I think of you as a big laughter type of guy, anyway!


B @ logos coaching January 29, 2010 at 3:53 am

When I see someone enjoying a moment (like Katie on the train) I always smile and feel delighted for them; I in turn enjoying my moment of feeling delighted for them. Alot of people need to lighten up in this wide world…


Lance January 29, 2010 at 7:23 am

@B – Isn’t that great, when someone is open and free! We lock ourselves into these boxes sometimes, boxes that we think is “should” behavior. It’s really, though, about letting that song in our heart out. Katie does this beautifully….


Tim January 29, 2010 at 7:40 pm

Hi Lance and Katie:

Thanks for a great interview…I admire both of you for your wackiness and ability to really have fun in a lot of ways. Katie, I admire you for making a conscious decision to raise your kids in a fun environment…I know this will have such a positive impact on them when they get older. Lance, judging by some of your recent vids, I know you’re doing the same with your family. All I can say is that is awesome. Please continue to spread the laughter and levity, I know it will have a bigger impact than just your families.


Lance January 30, 2010 at 5:35 am

@Tim – Hi Tim. {I’m pointing to the east} – she’s the wacky one! I mean, I never would have wore an umbrella hat, had she not given me one! And have you seen her red nose (the one she wears to the grocery store??)!! (sorry, Katie!!) WAIT – I’m not sorry! That is one of her beautiful gifts, how she just really loves life. And that is awesome!! With wonderful souls like Katie walking (or skipping!) this earth – laughter, lightness, and levity are touching others in some amazing ways. Tim, I know you are making a conscious effort to laugh more this year – and that’s something I think everyone can benefit from. Anyway, keep it up, you will be brightening the lives of those around you with your smile and laugh!


Holly Latty-Mann January 31, 2010 at 10:52 pm

Katie and Lance,
What an incredible interview! I especially appreciate how you launched The Levity Project. Your March, 2009 experience in NYC shows what a beautiful soul you are. So often when people see others looking at them with frowns, they are thrown into a similar mood. You somehow just loved them all back, which makes you the perfect founder of The Levity Project. As I continued to read your responses to Lance’s creative questions, I kept thinking how lucky your two little ones are – not to mention your husband. I envision your Levity Project going beyond what I’ve learned thus far about it. You likely will have an offshoot called something like the Family Levity Center where you help parents create laughter in their homes. I need to figure out how I can keep up with you and Lance on this Levity Project. It is so important that it goes global. Katie, it is a better world because you are in it. Thanks for being you!
PS I have lots of family in Maine (my mom was born on Stonington Island). Our last renunion was in Bar Harbor. What a beautiful state!


Lance February 3, 2010 at 7:44 am

You are truly seeing into the soul of Katie. She is filled with beauty, caring, and love. And what GREAT ideas – envisioning just where this whole Levity Project can go! A Maine connection! Very cool, Holly!! I’ve visited only once, several years ago…and for not nearly long enough. My father was stationed in the Air Force there, way back before I was even a thought.

Anyway, thank you so much for this beautiful comment. It speaks deeply to the person you are, Holly. That beauty you see, is the beauty within you, shining out and touching others…


BLOOMING PARIS/ Jenn October 6, 2010 at 12:05 am

Katie and Lance, great post! I really enjoyed this… so very much!
Katie you are very inspirational… and I learned much from you, and Lance you are so fun! 😉
luv Jenn
BLOOMING PARIS/ Jenn´s Last Fabulous Post ..SHE Inspirations of MotherhoodMy Profile


Lance October 7, 2010 at 12:47 pm

Thanks so much for being here!! YOU…are an inspiration!!

Big hugs and lots of love!


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