Quick Tips to Live a More Eco-Friendly Life at Home

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Being more conscious about your impact on the environment is important because humans do have the ability to better preserve the world they live in. There are a number efforts being made all over the world to reduce the environmental impact of humans, such as the Cadiz Water Project, but living a more environmentally responsible life ultimately begins at home. There are things you can start doing today that will aid you in reducing your carbon footprint so that you can further the efforts being made to sustain the environment.

Reduce How Much Meat You Eat

You do not have to give it up completely, but consider only eating meat one to two times a week instead of most nights of the week. It is estimated that in order to support and raise livestock, it requires over 30 percent of the Earth’s surface. This industry is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions and might be contributing to global warming. When you are eating less meat, you are doing your part to reduce greenhouse gases and global warming.

Make It a Point to Recycle

Many cities throughout the country have been working on efforts to make it easier for residents to recycle. If you have this type of program in your area, make sure to take advantage of it. If not, you can usually separate and bag your recyclables and then drop them off at a recycling center. As part of this same effort, it is also a good idea to reduce your reliance on paper products.

Think about all of the paper items you use daily and now consider which ones you can replace with more sustainable materials. For example, instead of using a paper calendar, take advantage of the digital one on your cell phone.

Conserve Water at Home

One way to improve how eco-friendly your home is involves working hard to use less water. You can actually make a difference do this and it plays into the larger efforts, such as the Cadiz Water Project, that works to improve how people store, capture and renew water.

There are many ways that you can use less water at home, such as fixing all water leaks promptly, turning off the faucet when washing your hand or brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers and measuring the water you use for cooking. You might also consider plumbing fixtures that automatically use less water, such as an eco-friendly toilet.

Create a Compost Bin or Pile and Plant a Garden

Instead of throwing away all of the food scraps and other items, you can use them to create a lush and thriving garden. It is not too hard to build the bin you would use to store this and they do not have to be big, so you can even take advantage of it if your yard space is limited. Just make sure you know what can go into the bin and what to leave out so that your compost has the right mixture of nutrients for your garden.

Your garden means that you get to control the pesticides and other products that are used on your produce. This allows for a healthier and more eco-friendly selection of foods in your home. The use of pesticides and similar products can have a negative impact on the environment, so by gardening, you are helping to alleviate this.

Switch Out Your Light Bulbs

Switching your light bulbs for ones that are the CFL type can cut the electricity usage in your home. These bulbs tend to be much brighter and have a lifespan as much as six to 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs. So, they cost slightly more to purchase, but since they last longer, you will actually save money over time. You will also not have to worry about bulbs frequently burning out in your home.

Reduce Your Usage of Energy

Energy usage is a major factor when it comes to making your life more eco-friendly. As a bonus, when you reduce your energy usage, you will also reduce your energy bills so you benefit in multiple ways. You might consider investing in appliances that have the Energy Star rating so that they automatically use less energy during operation. Avoid washing and drying clothes until you have a full load, lower your thermostat just two to three degrees in winter, or raise it by the same amount in the summer and do not turn on lights unless you are using them.

You can see that there are a number of things that you can start doing to make your carbon footprint much smaller. It is ideal to implement as many eco-friendly changes as you can so that you have a positive impact on the environment. Start with one or two changes and then work your way up, making it easier to transition into a life that is greener and more sustainable.

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