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“Let this be my last word, that I trust in your love.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Preface:  Random Acts of Kick Arse is a movement to bring more of {monthly theme} into our lives, and the lives of those around us. 

July Theme:  Trust.  Find ways to incorporate the concept of trust into daily life.

During the month of July, I read the book "The Four Agreements", by Don Miguel Ruiz.  As I reflect back on July and on trust, I'm drawn into the first of the four agreements in this wonderful book.

First Agreement:  Be impeccable with your word.

Trusting that voice inside…the one that speaks from my heart, from a place of love. 

Then trusting that my word (words/deeds/actions) going out will be based on that love I have for myself.  Loving myself.  And in that, trusting that this will lead me to be impeccable with my word.

And in that, creating heaven…here on earth…

Be impeccable to your word.  Trust in the love in your heart.  Live.  Be free.

Are you trusting you?  The you that speaks from your heart?

What is Random Acts of Kick Arse (RAOKA)?  With the idea that there are so many ways we can do small things to change the world for good, Sami, from Life, Laughs, and Lemmings took an idea she had and created this movement.  The movement:  A new theme to focus on each month, bringing a little more good to the world.  The movement started in October 2009, and has a core group of participants:

Lori from Jane Be Nimble
Gayze  from Gazehound's Animal Communication
Zeenat from Positive Provocations

Each month a topic will be chosen to focus on, and then at the start of the next month, the participants will write about their experiences from the previous month.

Interested in joining the movement?  Contact Lori for details.

August Theme:  Love (as chosen by Lori)

Logo courtesy of Melissa from Operation NICE

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