Relationship Success: A Labor of Love

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To be suc­cess­ful in a rela­tion­ship requires hard work.

This is some­thing often said as advice or is an obser­va­tion of what it takes to achieve a level of great­ness in a rela­tion­ship. It’s true, but “hard work” as a descrip­tion sounds exhaust­ing, neg­a­tive, and pos­si­bly frus­trat­ing; it doesn’t sound fun.

Does this mean one should not work at our relationships?

No, of course not.

But instead of read­ing the state­ment as an act of drudgery, it should be seen as what it truly is: an oppor­tu­nity to put forth an effort into some­thing that is worth the work involved. It is best to turn around the per­cep­tion of the work as some­thing hap­pily accomplished.

As for the work required in a lov­ing rela­tion­ship, it’s easy most of the time. Work means remem­ber­ing to say “I love you,” being kind and con­sid­er­ing, and express­ing love in more ways than words. These few exam­ples of “tasks” keep rela­tion­ships suc­cess­ful, but also feel good for both peo­ple involved.

Some­times the work is a bit more dif­fi­cult. It might mean say­ing “I am sorry,” for­giv­ing a part­ner, or choos­ing com­pro­mise over a win in an argu­ment. Like the eas­ier work, these too lead to rela­tion­ship success.

Sim­i­lar to the work required in rela­tion­ships, it’s also hard work train­ing for a marathon, learn­ing to speak a for­eign lan­guage, giv­ing birth, com­plet­ing a higher edu­ca­tion degree, and rais­ing kids. Ask any­one who has accom­plished one of these reward­ing endeav­ors if it was hard work, but also reward­ing. As the cliché goes, it was most likely a labor of love for those who have achieved one or many of these undertakings.

Do the work-regardless of the level of difficulty–and enjoy the pos­i­tive results.

It will be worth it.

by Kelly Sajo­nia

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