Remarkable ME and LOUSY Jealousy

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When I saw the theme for the month from Lance, BE YOU, I imme­di­ately remem­bered an arti­cle I had writ­ten back in 2010 when I was con­tem­plat­ing the sub­ject of self-worth and iden­tity. It was a period in my life that I had become more aware of how much time I had wasted on wish­ing things were dif­fer­ent, and some­how, that I was different.

I believe every­one goes through a stage in their lives where their self-confidence in who they are is shaken, whether it is in the teenage years, or even beyond. In my case, it was a long road start­ing from child­hood. As an adult it finally dawned on me that I was best when I quit pre­tend­ing or wish­ing I was some­one else and embraced the remark­able ME!

I hope you enjoy my mod­i­fied ver­sion of this recy­cled TRASH TALK:)

Today I am throw­ing out an emo­tion that is very com­mon and oh so harm­ful: JEALOUSY.

I’ve spent most of my life walk­ing under that hov­er­ing cloud, jeal­ousy, whose acid rain­drops blurred my vision and burned holes in my heart. ~ Astrid Alauda

I hate to admit I have been there myself. I have felt the acid rain­drops when I thought I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, tal­ented enough, or smart enough. There is def­i­nitely a rea­son that the word ends with LOUSY.

When I feel myself focus­ing on envy, I have found that it has taken me away from my true calling…to live a life of joy and peace.

Jeal­ousy has a viral effect. Once you start focus­ing on it, it expands. Once a neg­a­tive pat­tern starts to expand it becomes hard to break. So how do you over­come jeal­ousy? It’s as easy as chang­ing the way you think. When you feel that twinge of envy per­me­ate into your being STOP your­self. Ask your­self to throw it in the trash, and open your heart to the feel­ing of gratitude.

When you can feel grat­i­tude for the gifts and good for­tune of those you are envi­ous of, you will be open to receive love and good for­tune from them. Focus in on how their good for­tune per­haps grace’s your own life.

Every­one has a gift to offer. Don’t let jeal­ousy get in the way of receiv­ing those won­der­ful gifts from the peo­ple you most envy. Think of jeal­ousy as your great teacher. When you become aware of those envi­ous feel­ings being present, and you toss them in the trash, you will learn to be more secure in your­self and feel grate­ful for your own life. You will, in essence, be able to be YOU…fully aware of how spe­cial and unique you are.


What a load of trash!

JeaLOUSY is trash.  When you learn how to can it, embrace the remark­able YOU, you will indeed FIND YOUR HARMONY!


by Jen Slay­den

Jen Slay­den finds her har­mony in West­ern Mon­tana with her hus­band Mark, their three kids, and an out­door lov­ing black lab named Cody. Stop by and check out her life in music, words, and edu­ca­tion at Find Your Har­mony.
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