Remember The Past, Work To The Future

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Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne ?

How many of you joined in the chorus of the popular tune "Auld Lang Syne" when the clock struck midnight on New Years? I know I did, and I have for years. But I never really understood the meaning behind the song until I looked a little further into the history.

The tune derives from a Scottish poet back in the 1700s, and the chorus poses a rhetorical question about whether or not it is okay to forget old times and has been interpreted in the end that people should never forget long standing friendships.

We could look to the old poem for wisdom about long standing habits in our own lives, where we pose the question to ourselves whether or not we forget negative patterns from the past year (or for some of us years) and try to focus on the positive.

All around the world people are making resolutions and wiping the slate clean from 2012! A new year brings about a certain motivation unparalleled to other times of the year. People are ready to recommit to making positive change in their lives. Look no further than the local gym in January, packed with eager participants.

But come March, how many are still attending those classes? How many people are still eating healthy, not smoking, working hard to achieve their dreams? The default button on many of us punches back in within a few months of motivation and we sizzle out. How come?

I propose that we look hard at the patterns we have woven into our world from the past. Just like the song, it may not necessarily be a good thing to forget the negative patterns of the past. It would be better to acknowledge those habits as an old friend. Maybe one you don't like so much, but one that teaches you a lesson. For it is in making mistakes and recognizing how NOT to do things that we finally achieve success.

Success comes from an internal flame. How do you keep that fire roaring when your motivation starts to fizzle out?

A group of friends I know are paying themselves money for every mile they run. They will, in turn, use that money to buy race registrations, new gear, new running shoes, etc. I think the idea is brilliant. I could use the same strategy for hours logged playing my cello, to buy new music or attend a camp.

The key is to discover what motivates YOU. If it is fitting into that new outfit, or going on vacation with your family, weave that into your goals for the new year.

Making positive change is virtually impossible without support. Perhaps that means finding friends who have similar hopes for 2013 and forming a group to support each other. It is much easier to accomplish your goals when you have someone holding you accountable. Many hands make light work right? At least it makes it feel a bit easier mentally.

One thing that I find helpful is to make a vision board. Not only is it fun creatively, but it gives me something to look at everyday to reignite the motivation I feel at the start of every year. This is a great activity for children and adults!

What helps motivate you to do the work of leading a positive, harmonious life?

I take a cup of kindness, and wish you all a very healthy, happy, and bright 2013!

In Harmony,

by Jen Slayden

Jen Slayden finds her harmony in Western Montana with her husband Mark, their three kids, and an outdoor loving black lab named Cody. Stop by and check out her life in music, words, and education at Find Your Harmony.
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Louise January 7, 2013 at 5:33 pm

Well, I never had any New Year resolutions, since the beginning of the year does not automatically make me a better person. I need more time.
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chanikacha January 18, 2013 at 4:02 am

This is very informative! We always need to focus on some things on how we can be more motivated in our life. Since we always need to look for a way on how we can make a plan to make our future more brighter.
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