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Randy Pausch (October 23, 1960 – July 25, 2008).
Commencement speech: Carnegie Mellon University – Spring 2008

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Daphne July 26, 2009 at 4:43 am


Wow, I’m first here today? That was an awesome speech. He looks so well, it’s hard to believe he died just months later. And it’s so true that the Reaper is coming for all of us. It’s easier to be ready when we’ve done all the things we want to do. I’ll remember this speech for a long time – find my passion in people, and grab the opportunities to live to the full. Thanks for posting this beautiful Sunday post.
.-= Daphne´s Last Fabulous Post ..Greetings! But Let’s Not Shake Hands… =-.


Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord July 26, 2009 at 4:43 am

Lance, thank you for posting this. What a moving and truly wise talk, given by someone who clearly could sense – without distraction – what life and living are about. This inspired me, as I sometimes I think, “Why voice what I think I know? I mean, do I really know anything?! Wouldn’t it be wiser to stay quiet – not write and not speak… Not add to all the conceptual clutter in the world?” And then, watching Randy, a lightbulb went on over my head. His own passion for what he was speaking about, and his own experiences, allowed his message (in my opinion) to come out crystal clear. No agendas other than trying to connect with people’s hearts and minds.

I’m grateful to have watched this today. ( * bow * )

Happy Sunday, Lance!
.-= Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord´s Last Fabulous Post ..Seeing God In Action =-.


Mindful Mimi July 26, 2009 at 4:51 am

Randy is the man. I have thought a lot about what he said in his speeches and wrote in his book. I will definitely let my kids draw on the walls and I don’t make a big fuss if they spill things in the car or on the couch. He is totally in line with what life is really all about and what one should focus on and what matters.
thanks for posting this and spreading his word
.-= Mindful Mimi´s Last Fabulous Post ..Sunday laugh =-.


Yum Yucky July 26, 2009 at 5:16 am

Amazing! My husband even came into the room to listen and was soon Googleing his name. We then listened to another once of his speeches. Thanks for this!
.-= Yum Yucky´s Last Fabulous Post ..Fitness Felon: Sonia "Sexy Legs" Peterson =-.


Hilda July 26, 2009 at 5:54 am

Wow Lance! I had never heard of this guy before, but having watched the film you selected, I then watched another. He was so inspiring! But I had to stop cos he had me in floods of tears.

My topic tomorrow is also on dreams!! But it’s not as poignant as this. And this is about so much more than dreams too. Living well and following your passion – they are very powerful concepts. When you follow your passion you can surpass your wildest dreams. This is a strong reminder to not wait until we know when and how we’re likely to die before we live our best lives. Now is the time to live our best life.
.-= Hilda´s Last Fabulous Post ..The Reiki way to living in the now =-.


Jeanne July 26, 2009 at 6:00 am

Thanks Lance for reminding us how precious each day of life is.,and for all of your inspirational posts.
.-= Jeanne´s Last Fabulous Post ..The 101 day Srike for the City of Windsor is OVER~ =-.


Stephen - Rat Race Trap July 26, 2009 at 6:22 am

Hi Lance,

“We don’t beat the reaper by living long, we beat the reaper by living well; by living fully.”

So true. This was fantastic. Thanks for sharing it.
.-= Stephen – Rat Race Trap´s Last Fabulous Post ..The Power of Less – Setting Limits =-.


Jannie Funster July 26, 2009 at 6:49 am

Probably the best speech I’ve seen anywhere. What he says about the passion not being found perhaps until one’s 30s or 40s will be true for many. I hope what Randy said will stick in their minds forever. I can’t even remember who spoke or what he or she said at my graduation.
.-= Jannie Funster´s Last Fabulous Post ..Whoops… And The Future Of Blogging =-.


Lynn July 26, 2009 at 7:19 am

That is a wonderful bit of insight into what relationships should be like, that he did not get married until he had found someone who’s happiness was more important than his own. Follow your passion and your heart, things and money don’t matter – good things to pass on to graduates or any of us.

Thanks Lance.
.-= Lynn´s Last Fabulous Post ..Visit, Julia and Hawaii =-.


janice July 26, 2009 at 7:26 am

Where do you continue to find such inspiration. Lance?! You truly are a channel. As I began to watch the film, what made me smile is that the name of the university as ‘Carnegie Future’ ( I read Greek.) I also loved the thistle emblem and the tartan. I spent my childhood weekends in the park gifted by Carnegie to his home town, and I sang in the Carnegie Hall there when I was a teenager. Last year I spent happy summer days in the same park with my elderly father and my kids. It felt like I’d come full circle.

Then I tuned in, listened to this speech and cried. I hope it touches millions.
.-= janice´s Last Fabulous Post ..Journals and Juries =-.


Tess The Bold Life July 26, 2009 at 7:46 am

I remember watching this a couple of years ago. My daughter has his book. An inspiration to all. And a timeless message.
.-= Tess The Bold Life´s Last Fabulous Post ..Mind Fitness: How About A Workout For A Healthy Mind? =-.


Lisis July 26, 2009 at 8:42 am

Wow! Great minds think alike… I almost published this same speech on Q4B today. I was searching the transcript for a passage to borrow, but the WHOLE thing is so good, I didn’t think I could do it justice. You’re clearly much smarter, you just published the entire speech! 🙂

I love it!
.-= Lisis´s Last Fabulous Post ..Inspiration from A Bee Movie: Nothing is Impossible =-.


John July 26, 2009 at 8:52 am

Lance, I’ve never seen this before, thank you for posting it.

Everytime I watch one of Randy’s speech, I get inspired. He constantly makes me look inside myself and think about whether I honestly am living well. Am I living for stuff or am I living for myself?

The part at the end was just phenomenal. He didn’t care what anyone else thought when he carried his wife and kissed her. He didn’t think “What if everyone thinks I’m crazy?” He did it because he owns his life. Lives for his passion and his love.

Thanks for sharing this amazing Sunday thought. It’s definitely going to be retweeted.


Diane C. July 26, 2009 at 8:55 am

Randy Pausch is very inspiring, indeed! I love the part of his speech about “beating the reaper by living well and fully.” It’s interesting to consider what “living fully” could look like. It is possible that even what appears to be a very ordinary life can be lived fully and without regret.
.-= Diane C.´s Last Fabulous Post ..Pixel Magic =-.


Angel July 26, 2009 at 9:10 am

Well, here I am again sitting at my desk on Sunday morning weeping in front of my computer. Will you someone get me a Kleenex?

Lance, the last 45 seconds of the video was extremely touching. What is even more profound is that you are doing exactly what Randy encouraged the graduates to do. You have found a passion and you are affecting people in a positive way. Jungle of Life has impacted many and when you are gone you will be remembered well.

One day I hope to achieve what you have.


Marelisa July 26, 2009 at 10:03 am

Hi Lance: It’s so true, you beat the reaper not necessarily by living a long life, but by living well. Randy Pausch is definitely an example of someone who lived well.


Jodi at Joy Discovered July 26, 2009 at 10:28 am

Hi Lance,
You are so very talented at finding true inspiration for us for your Sunday posts. I love starting my week with your message! Thank you for sharing Randy Pausch with us today. I really respect him and have read his book and watched his “Last Lecture” before. He is a great man, the embodiment of Life–what I truly respect about him is that he honored and cherished life even before he realized his was going to be cut short. He lived exactly the way he told Carnegie Melon graduates to live before he ever knew he had pancreatic cancer. It was nice to watch him again today. It is nice that he left so much of himself behind and that he continues to inspire passion and life-living in all of us even after his passing.
.-= Jodi at Joy Discovered´s Last Fabulous Post ..The Truth Will Set You Free =-.


Srinivas Rao July 26, 2009 at 10:28 am

Very cool speech, very inspirational. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your Sunday Thought for the day posts.
.-= Srinivas Rao´s Last Fabulous Post ..How I leveraged volunteer blogging to get my first guest post on one of the most heavily trafficked blogs =-.


Tim | Inspiration Central July 26, 2009 at 11:21 am

That was an especially touching speech. One of the statements I found most inspiring about it was “finding a life partner who’s happiness means more than your own.” If that’s not the best definition of love there is, I don’t know what is.
.-= Tim | Inspiration Central´s Last Fabulous Post ..Why We Should Be Respectful to People with Different Beliefs =-.


BunnygotBlog July 26, 2009 at 11:41 am

This is so powerful and true. It is sad he died so young but it seems he had a fulfilling life. Knowing what is important. His words are more meaningful today as they were when he made his commencement speech last year. I will remember this video for a long time.
Thanks for sharing it.
.-= BunnygotBlog´s Last Fabulous Post ..Wislawa Szymborska, Nobel Prize Laureate & Poet =-.


Nadia - Happy Lotus July 26, 2009 at 11:43 am

Hi Lance,

That is an example of the hidden blessing of having terminal cancer. It makes you realize how wonderful and awesome life is meant to be. People so often forget that death is reality and only when you are faced with it, do people start to realize what it is all about. I think Randy did such a wonderful thing by taking something so bad and turning it into something good. May we not need a wake up call like cancer to make us finally start living.

You out did yourself again, my friend! You are awesome! 🙂
.-= Nadia – Happy Lotus´s Last Fabulous Post ..Happy News (July 26, 2009) =-.


Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker July 26, 2009 at 12:19 pm

Randy inspires so many people with this speech. This is his legacy to his children.
.-= Patricia – Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker´s Last Fabulous Post ..July Blog Carnival: aka Freedom to Heal =-.


Positively Present July 26, 2009 at 12:35 pm

I love this speech. Thank you so much for posting it. I feel completely inspired after watching that.
.-= Positively Present´s Last Fabulous Post ..growing up is optional =-.


Henie July 26, 2009 at 1:18 pm


Thank you for your boundless caring and giving heart! Randy lives bigger in death for he lives on in all of our hearts! Thank you for re-awakening his legacy for all of us!

“Being present is the only equation!” ~Henie~
.-= Henie´s Last Fabulous Post ..Remnants =-.


Sami - Life, Laughs & Lemmings July 26, 2009 at 3:30 pm

Hey Lance, thank you so much for sharing this video. A very powerful example of what’s important in life and a sign for me that I’m the right track.

@Nadia, couldn’t agree more. It really is so inspiring to see Randy take something horrible and turn it into something amazing. He has left a legacy for the rest of us.
.-= Sami – Life, Laughs & Lemmings´s Last Fabulous Post ..Friday Question – When The Wheels Fall Off =-.


Julie July 26, 2009 at 3:49 pm

Why is it that the only time we as a people tend to pay attention to this simple message of love and live well is when it’s presented to us, once again, by people who are on their way to their next life? How forgetful we are. Thanks for sharing this, Lance. 🙂
.-= Julie´s Last Fabulous Post ..The Honor is All Mine =-.


Lance July 26, 2009 at 4:52 pm

@Daphne – Daphne, it’s great to see you here! And…you’re an early riser (or…your timezone makes this a more normal hour!!). The same thought I had, he looks so good considering he succumbs to the disease within two months. If we only have a limited time here on earth, when we really think about this – how do we want to live out those days? I too will remember this for a long time…

@Megan – And for him, distraction was all around him. Knowing he had a death sentence, I can’t imagine what that would be like. And that’s such a powerful observation – that the passion in his beliefs, when speaking them out – make the point so clear. We all have that little voice in our heart…the one that tells us to live life. And then we have that voice in our head…the one that tries to reason with it – saying who am I to do these things. And the real truth is – who are you not to! That’s the message I get here, especially after reading your comment. And it is so good to think about and to really believe in our heart… Thanks so much for watching, and for sharing. And a very happy Sunday to you to Megan!

@Mimi – I remember when I first saw his “Last Lecture” speech, and how moving it was. And it led me to getting the book too – which is a real favorite of mine. And it’s because Randy speaks from his heart. And he touches upon living…even when he is dying. And that is very moving…

@Yum Yucky – Randy Pausch is such an amazing individual, especially considering this was all done after he knew he was dying. So glad both you and your husband had the opportunity to listen to this and another of his speeches. Thanks so much for being here Josie.

@Hilda – Randy is so inspiring. And the part that gets me is that this all came to be because he was dying, and had the opportunity to share as part a “Last Lecture” series. He has benefited the world so greatly through his seeing through this all. Hilda, I’m really glad to have introduced him to you, and for you to hear his message. It is such a wonderful message he shares. And to your upcoming piece – how fitting to this. The idea of living your dreams. Hilda, I know it will be great. And it’s you, and spoken from your heart – and that right there is what makes it unique and you….

@Jeanne – Life IS precious. We won’t all get the chance to know when our time here is up (and I’m not sure I’d want to know…). And that really means that it could be at any time. And if that’s the case, are we happy with how we’ve lived our life so far? Thank you Jeanne…


Lance July 26, 2009 at 4:53 pm

@Stephen – I really wanted to share something from Randy Pausch today, being that July 25th marked one year since his death. And this piece just kept coming back at me as the right one for today. Glad you like it!

@Jannie – And this is such a wonderful speech because Randy speaks from his heart, and it’s so easy to tell that. There is no hidden agenda. And I love it too. And Jannie – I agree that it sometimes takes until later in life to really find that passion…or to tweak it to what it means for you. Hopefully this message is one that these graduates DO remember (and I don’t remember mine either).

@Lynn – Yes, definitely great stuff for all of us to remember. Following our heart is not always what the world thinks we should do. But what matters is what we believe in. Randy reminds us of that in all the stories he shares. And the message is so powerful…

@Janice – I’m relly drawn to this message that Randy shares, and have read his book and watched his “Last Lecture” video more than once. And this message just seemed so appropriate given it’s been one year since he left this earth. It’s a message so worth hearing. And Janice – you have a very keen eye for what else is in this video – something I didn’t pick up on at all. How awesome, too – that you had time with your father and your own children at a place that had much meaning for you in your childhood. I hope this touches millions too…it is so “real”…

@Tess – Yes, the message is timeless, and one that not everyone “gets”. And even sometimes when we “get” the message, we still forget about it in our day to day life…thinking that we’ll get to our passions next week, or next year. And do they ever come then? I too have the book, a real treasure. Thanks Tess.

@Lisis – Okay, I’ll go with that (great minds think alike)!! It is all so good. And…I don’t think I’m smarter (I just didn’t think about it as much!). And remember the great minds thing, anyway… Thanks for being here today Lisis.


Lance July 26, 2009 at 4:53 pm

@John – This particular speech was new to me too. And the message was so good in it, and a bit different from his “Last Lecture” speech (which is excellent too). And the idea of him carrying his wife off stage – just one small example of “it doesn’t matter what others think”. And done so well. He is so inspiring.

@Diane C. – Diane, this is such a wonderful thought. So, living full doesn’t have to mean you’ve achieved something great in the eyes of the world, or have done something to make you famous. It can happen rigth within your own home, and if it’s something that matters deeply to you, then you ARE living fully. Such a great thought, thank you!

@Angel – Angel…you always make me smile. Randy is so inspirational, and to think that when he gives this speech – he only has two months left to live. I can’t fathom what that would be like, to know your days are numbered (although I guess they are for all of us). But, when you know that they’re numbered and the number is small…this has to be so hard. To think of saying good bye to everyone to mattered. It tough thinking about it now, for me. Angel, your words today are so touching and meaningful to me. And to hear this…makes what I’m doing here all so worthwhile. I don’t know how I can fully express how much this means to me. Thank you. And know also, Angel, that you are impacting many. I know you are…from all the places we’re connected. I see what you’re doing, and I’m moved by it all. You have a heart of gold, and that shines in all you do!

@Marelisa – Hi Mare. Randy DID live well…even in his dying days. And that’s a great example to all of us…of what life and living are truly about.

@Jodi – Jodi, I have this same feeling for Randy. He really “lived” his life, even in his dying days. And I’ve too read the book and watched the “Last Lecture”. Both are such moving pieces. And this today just continues to show how real living can be. And that it’s about our connections with people that matter. And to think of all he gave to the world, after finding out he had an incurable cancer. What a wonderful way to help make our world a better place. He has shined his light brightly in the world, and continues to today and for a long time to come. Jodi, thanks so much for being here, and for shining your light…

@Srinivas – Thanks so much for watching this…it is truly inspirational!

@Tim | Inspiration Central – This idea of finding someone whose happiness means more than our own – that really is the definition of real love. Not some facade. Real and deep love. And such a bond that creates. Thanks for being here today, Tim, and for watching this.


Lance July 26, 2009 at 4:54 pm

@Bunny – Randy did die at a young age, and that is sad. That he lived a full life, though, is much more than many can say they do in a long lifetime. And that fits his message so well – that it’s not how long we live, but how well we live. I found this extremely meaningful too. I think the fact that it’s been one year since he died, and that he’s gone now – these words just really seemed to touch me. I’m glad they did for you too.

@Nadia – Hi Nadia. The hidden message of having a terminal disease – makes you realize so much more fully how awesome life is. And even as we sit here and hear his message today, I don’t think we are able to get to quite the same level of understanding for life (and is preciousness) as he was able to in his last year of life. It’s so hard to fully grasp the idea of death, and to an even deeper level – to fully grasp the wonderfullness of life around us…today. Nadia, know that my life has been enriched because we’ve crossed paths. And know that you help me to better “get” this message that Randy shares. And to get it at a much deeper and more meaningful level…

@Patricia – Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker — Randy has been so inspirational in all he went through, yet continued to give, in his last year of life. What a gift to leave his children with…

@Positively Present – It’s hard not to be inspired by this speech, is it! Randy, through his dying, is helping so many more to really “live”…

@Henie – Henie, thank you for being here today. Know that your words always touch me. Randy does indeed live on, and has left us with a message that finding our passion in life is so important. And so good for us to connect with.

@Sami – You are on the right track Sami…of that, I have no doubt. Your words just really show this, and I really feel your heart shine in your writing. And in my life. Thank you! And I agree so deeply about this legacy Randy has left us with – and how inspiring that is, that he’s taken something so bad and shown us all what it means in our lives today…

@Julie – Julie, you know – this same thought crossed my mind. I wondered to myself if this message Randy shared would have been as meaningful had he not been dying? While I can’t say for sure, I have a pretty good feeling that it wouldn’t have garnered as much attention. And that’s not to take anything away from Randy – he lived his life fully – even before he knew he was dying. Maybe it’s that the idea of death is one that seems so final to us – and especially when it happens at a young age – that we can all relate more to it. And to the idea that it could happen to us, too – at any time. Yes, why can’t we remember this message – a message told by others too – without needing a reminder? And will this message from Randy stay with people? I’m guessing that while many people will relate to it and agree completely with what he’s saying – also many people will go on about daily life and not do anything to change. How about me? How am I doing at this? Honestly…there are certainly days when I don’t do so good at living my passions, or seeing the real value in life is through the people we deeply connect with. Hopefully, though, I’m moving in that direction, evolving toward more of life and all it’s possibilities…


Nathalie Lussier July 26, 2009 at 5:23 pm

Wow Lance, what a truly moving speech. It’s interesting because I don’t usually like graduation speeches, but then again, they aren’t given by someone in this situation. It’s so true that the reaper is coming for all of us. I’m so glad that I’ve started to live my life well, in terms of doing what I love, and not doing things that other people want us to do. (For whatever reason.)

It’s definitely a speech that puts things into perspective. Thank you Lance.
.-= Nathalie Lussier´s Last Fabulous Post ..Raw Food Gratitude Circle #2 =-.


Karl Staib - Work Happy Now July 26, 2009 at 6:17 pm

I’m a huge fan of Randy. I’ve watched his talk in several locations and read the book. He brings wisdom that is timeless, but puts a modern spin on it. He talks about finding our passions, staying true to our feelings, and living a life that makes us happy.

What I like is his honesty. He tells people the way most fathers should talk to their kids. He doesn’t sugar coat, he just makes sure you understand what he is trying to say.
.-= Karl Staib – Work Happy Now´s Last Fabulous Post ..Does Your Company Need an Extreme Makeover? =-.


SpinDiva July 26, 2009 at 7:48 pm

Lance, I have missed so much. I ‘ve been on vacation and with very limited internet time..ugh…but, it was all good since I took that time to play with the kids, like a kid.

Randy definitely delivered a powerful message here and as others here have done, I will be looking up more of his speeches to read or hear. Thanks for sharing a little bit of life to the world.
.-= SpinDiva´s Last Fabulous Post ..Fitness on vacation =-.


Katie West/The Levity Coach July 26, 2009 at 8:06 pm

Thank you for this. A perfect message today and with my dad in town recovering from surgery, it feels all the more on target for what I need to reminded of. His words are so wise and inspire me to keep being present in my life to experience each moment and what it has to offer.

Be well to you Lance and Happy Sunday.
.-= Katie West/The Levity Coach´s Last Fabulous Post ..15 Minutes with The Levity Project: A Laughter Flash in Portland, Maine =-.


Barbara Swafford July 27, 2009 at 12:37 am

Hi Lance,

Randy was such a positive influence on so many. We can only hope what we do will leave even half of a lasting impression as he did. He’s definitely one worth emulating.

Thank you for this beautiful and inspirational Sunday message.
.-= Barbara Swafford´s Last Fabulous Post ..How To Keep Your Blog Alive When Life Calls =-.


J.D. Meier July 27, 2009 at 2:15 am

That was a great speech and Randy says so much, with so little. I like his ability to breathe new life into a cliche … “it’s not the things we do, it’s the things we do not.”

I really like his last lecture, and I was surprised how well he presented simple truths and insights.
.-= J.D. Meier´s Last Fabulous Post ..Top 10 Lessons Learned in Happiness =-.


Davina July 27, 2009 at 2:19 am

Hi Lance. This is a strong reminder to not take life for granted. Those graduates were lucky to have Randy speak at their graduation. That speech would have had to have quite an impact on them.

Just last night I was watching a fantastic lightning storm in Vancouver. It lasted for two hours! We are lucky to have 5 minutes of thunder once a year. I pulled up a chair to the window and just watched. I found myself thinking how glad I was to be alive to see this. Some of the lightning strikes literally looked like someone was making blue, orange and yellow swooshes with a marker across the sky — sideways! I will remember this for many, many years.
.-= Davina´s Last Fabulous Post ..Guest Post: 7 Myths About Asking for Help =-.


Lance July 27, 2009 at 4:19 am

@Nathalie – Randy definitely came from a unique perspective – life was so precious to him. And I think that really does make this speech so powerful. We feel the pain of life near the end. And coupled with his words, this all rings so much more clearly. Nathalie, you ARE living well, and I love the direction I see from your writing. Keep on being “you”, my friend…

@Karl – Randy really does show his honesty. And it is so refreshing to see, and part of what really draws so many to his words. Finding passions – something he achieved and lived in his short life. And it’s all just such a powerful reminder to everyone – that life is NOW. And to be fully lived…

@SpinDiva – Terie, that’s living your life, and that is all good! And good for you, being one amongst your kids – so awesome! Definitely check out some of Randy’s other speeches, he speaks from the heart in everything I’ve seen – and that’s all so powerfully inspiring.

@Katie – First off, I hope your father’s recovery is going well. Life is precious, and we never know when our time will come, and we’ll move on from our earthly existence. And that just flows so well with the concept of finding our passion in life, and living it – today. Katie, I look at what you’re giving to the world, and I’m inspired by this very deeply. You are shining your light into the world, and making this planet we live on so much better. And that’s because your whole message comes across with complete sincerity.

@Barbara – Hi Barbara. Randy has been such a positive example to so many, and has given a real gift to this world, through his dying (and sharing about his journey in life). I think we would all consider ourselves successful if accomplished half of what he did, and we coud be as inspirationally moving to even just a tiny fraction of the people he has positively affected…

@J.D. Meier – Which begs to question…what is it, for each of us, that we’re not doing in our life? Where are we living “safely”, and not taking the chances our heart desires? Great questions for each of us to ask ourselves. And yes, his “Last Lecture” speech is an incredibly moving one as well.

@Davina – What a gift Randy gave to the graduating class – to those who were able to fully soak in his message – how powerful that day much have been. And Davina, what a great way for you to not take life for granted – the lightning storm – how awesome that must have been. Good for you, taking the time to just “be” with it, and really experience it’s power. And thank you for sharing this story, and reminding each of us – that life is NOW.


Hilary July 27, 2009 at 8:33 am

Hi Lance .. that was fantastic .. sad, but fantastic – he just said so many pertinent things and I do hope the graduates took it in .. and don’t let their lives pass them by.

I made some notes as I’m not sure I’ve heard of him – I have now & I’ll listen to some others .. and won’t forget him. His advice to the kids is great .. you will need to find your passion – it’s your inside fuel .. don’t ever give up on finding it .. or pursuing it once found ..

Great words and thanks for sharing him with us
Hilary Melton-Butcher
Positive Letters
.-= Hilary´s Last Fabulous Post ..Those Magnificent Men and their flying machines … =-.


suzen July 27, 2009 at 8:38 am

Oh Lance – how precious!!! You know what struck me in this speech? Not regretting things, not focusing on those stupid things, mistakes, failures etc. – not carrying them around like a sack of dirty laundry and identifying with them. The weight of that keeps us from being able to leap with joy into our true passions.

As always, an awesome and inspiring post! LOVE IT!
.-= suzen´s Last Fabulous Post .."Millie-wisdom" Lessons in Living =-.


Lisa (Mommy Mystic) July 27, 2009 at 10:44 am

Lance – well it’s already been said many times, but this speech is so excellent, and will live forever. Thanks for sharing. – Lisa
.-= Lisa (Mommy Mystic)´s Last Fabulous Post ..Faith and Government – Where’s the Line? =-.


Stacey Shipman July 27, 2009 at 12:10 pm

Every time I see a clip with him, I tear up. He brings such unbelievable inspiration to all his audiences. Thank you for sharing this.


David Cain July 27, 2009 at 12:32 pm

Oh wow, what great timing. I just happened to finish the book, “The Last Lecture” last night.

It brought me to tears, it really is an amazing book. He was a lifelong optimist and problem solver and certainly inspired many students to follow his lead. He’s gone now but he used his illness to touch so many people, and encourage them to use their lives well.

Thanks Lance, enjoy your week.
.-= David Cain´s Last Fabulous Post ..The Essential Skill of “Want Management” =-.


Robin Easton July 27, 2009 at 4:39 pm

This is just beautiful Lance. It inspired me, set me free, moved me to tears, reminded me of everything I live my life by and believe. I relate to the entire talk. Sometimes I don’t think people realize that they are actually ALIVE and that this is their time….RIGHT NOW. And it is a HUGE gift. There is no “other time”, no other “someday”, nothing but right now. We really must live even if we make mistakes, fall down, fail, get laughed at, ridiculed or shunned. We must listen to our hearts and follow their “calling” because it is in this place that we will find our greatest joy, abundant life and love. Thank you dear Lance.
.-= Robin Easton´s Last Fabulous Post ..Journey of Soul =-.


Laurie July 27, 2009 at 5:02 pm

Randy is right, you do have to find your passion. So many of us wait for it to find us and that never happens. I think it is the mindset you adopt. Do you see life as happening to you, or something you take hold of and make happen. I want to make life happen.

Even though Randy’s life was cut short, he lived more than most. What a great example. I only hope I can live like he did and grab all the gusto I can, loving and living with the passion he did.


Mama Zen July 27, 2009 at 6:21 pm

He was such a marvelous speaker!


JenX July 27, 2009 at 7:20 pm

I’ve really tried to avoid this story, Lance. Isn’t that terrible. I’m such a sensitive person, and this is so unbearably sad to me. But, I watched this all the way through – for the second time. I really let that line percolate – “the things we didn’t do…” Thanks for posting.
.-= JenX´s Last Fabulous Post ..former goldman sachs employee asks for gen x: where’s our margaret thatcher? =-.


Lance July 27, 2009 at 9:49 pm

@Hilary – Randy’s story is a sad one, of a life ended too soon. And yet, through it all, he shined light on every situation he was in. Such a wonderful message to share with the graduates…

@Suzen – That really struck me, too. This idea that what we remember when we’re dying is not what we did that may have been a bit “off base”, but more on what we didn’t do that we really wanted to. And I think there’s something about the finality of Randy’s life that helps to really drive this point home. In a wonderful way, he connects with so many people…

@Lisa – Randy’s “Last Lecture” speech, and all the subsequent speaking engagements this led to – really all have shined his brilliant light out into the world. And it’s been beautiful, and lives on yet today…

@Stacey Shipman – And I think the inspiration that he brought was in his true ability to really focus on the NOW. And through that, we see a dying man, who is living, truly living – every day of his life – and most probably every fiber of his being. And this all coupled with knowing that the “reaper” does make that appearance only a couple only a couple of short months after this speech – this really does it for me. An inspiration, no doubt…

@David – I have read the book, too. In fact it might be time to re-read parts of it. The book is a real complement to the “Last Lecture” speech. And it is hard to read the book, or view any of his speeches, and not be overcome by emotion. Here’s a guy who has only months to live, and he still continues to give so much of himself to others. A class act, and a real hero for today. And he always reminds me that if we dream it, we can achieve it. And that message is so uplifting, especially coming from Randy. You too, David, enjoy your week…

@Robin Easton – What else do we have, right? We have NOW. Nothing else is a given. And to think, so many put off real living…waiting for the “right” moment. And the truth is, that moment is now. No matter where we are in life. Robin, thank you. Your words always add deep meaning here. And that is valued deeply.

@Laurie – Making life happen…that’s such an empowering thought Laurie. And I love it. And your comment makes me think about our ability to “choose”. Something we all can do – choose how to act in any situation. And that fits so well with life, and the choices we make (or don’t make). I know you’re living very much a life filled with passion right now, Laurie. And that’s a wonderful thing!

@Mama Zen – Randy spoke so well, and in that he connected at a deeply level with many. Thanks much for watching today.

@Jen – No, that’s not terrible at all Jen. This is not an easy message to view, especially knowing that Randy is no longer with us. I take comfort in knowing he’s moved on to a better place. And know also that wasn’t easy for me to watch either. Although I just felt compelled to share it, and honor Randy and his work – one year after he left this earth. So Jen, thank you for watching. And sharing this very heartfelt comment. Know that it means much to me.


vikum July 28, 2009 at 5:02 am

Hi Lance,
Great stuff. What am i suppose to say? It’s really great.
He is one of those very few number of dying men who taught “how to live” to the world. What matters is not the time period we live but the way we live it. Me too have once used one of his greatest quotes in a blog post. My salute to the Randy Pausch .
Thanks for a wonderful sunday thought.


Lance August 1, 2009 at 10:19 pm

Randy really did such an awesome job of conveying this message of truly living, and the fact that he did this while he knew he was dying made it even that much more touching to all who’ve seen this. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts…


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