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blown away
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“Life is but a brief moment. The years go by quickly and old age arrives suddenly before we have an inkling. People desire so many things and waste their days in vain. Some yearn for gold, others for power, yet others for glory and a higher station. But when death’s moment nears and they look back at their lives they’ve lived, they realize they’ve been happy only during those moments when they’ve loved.” ~ Borje Vahamaki

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Tristan Lee October 18, 2009 at 3:00 am

I agree that time goes by fast. In terms of the universe, our life span of hundreds years or so is far less than a second. This quote reminds me that we shouldn’t always spend our entire life building upon our own ego (eg. money, power, fame, etc.) but spend many moments, while we’re here, giving love to the people we care for and making them happy. If we can make others feel loved, then we can certainly feel loved ourselves as well. This is part of the way to true happiness.
.-= Tristan Lee´s Last Fabulous Post ..How to Use Sensory Symbols to Your Advantage =-.


Zeenat{Positive Provocations} October 18, 2009 at 4:43 am

HI lance
Another wonderful quote!! I agree completely…Life is so short, to be worried about material things. Life needs to be celebrated to it fullest and lived passionately. for in this passion for life we will find the love we all ache for. In giving love we will receive love and lasting happiness..and yes those are the moments that will truly count. Those are our life’s Earnings…and they will be the only currency that will amount to anything in the House of The Maker.
Thank you for sharing such beautiful words Lance 🙂
.-= Zeenat{Positive Provocations}´s Last Fabulous Post ..Explore Dream Discover{Inspirational Quote} =-.


Joanna October 18, 2009 at 5:27 am

Bravo! This year has been all about change, reflection, and action for me. So much personal growth. At the end of my life on Earth, I don’t want to be known as the person that always worked overtime (and in the process never had time for family and friends).

Live. Life. LARGE! (with a lot of love!)
.-= Joanna´s Last Fabulous Post ..Sunday School =-.


Mindful Mimi October 18, 2009 at 5:38 am

The Beatles said it well ‘All you need is love’. I would add to that, all you need to do is give love and you’ll do just fine 🙂
Have a great week Lance.
.-= Mindful Mimi´s Last Fabulous Post ..Sunday laugh =-.


BunnygotBlog October 18, 2009 at 5:41 am

I am not a materialistic person. I hate clutter and this includes objects and things that may be stored in my mind from past events.
One must always look a head and not use up precious time dwelling on the could have been or should haves. Be happy you have had the opportunity and allow yourself to open a new door.
.-= BunnygotBlog´s Last Fabulous Post ..I Put A Spell On You =-.


Miz October 18, 2009 at 5:54 am

for me it’s when Ive loved and let go.
.-= Miz´s Last Fabulous Post ..Breast cancer, radiation, & calling COMMUNITY. =-.


Natalia Burleson October 18, 2009 at 6:06 am

Lance, what a powerful thought! Thanks for sharing it. It’s got my wheels turning…off to open the window to clear out some of this smoke! 🙂
.-= Natalia Burleson´s Last Fabulous Post ..Life is flying by! =-.


Lynn October 18, 2009 at 6:16 am

Another lovely quote, Lance. It is true that love is at the center of everything.
.-= Lynn´s Last Fabulous Post ..Mystically magical, listening and a good thing =-.


Yum Yucky October 18, 2009 at 6:37 am

Ahh yes. The pursuit of “things” and “stuff” won’t matter in the end. It’s “Love” that never fails.

((hugs)) to you Lance!
.-= Yum Yucky´s Last Fabulous Post ..Freezing Season Killed My Workout =-.


Stacey Shipman October 18, 2009 at 6:37 am

I have, for the longest time believed that it is our connection to people, above all else, that helps give us hope and peace and the ability to “keep on keeping on” in this life. When I hear things on the news about murder, robbery, etc, I can’t help but think “who loves these people?” And my heart breaks for them. I know for myself, feeling lonely is the biggest stress in my life and I am reminded daily about how lucky I am to be surrounded by friends and family who love me, and who I love and support as well. When it goes both ways, that is good living.


Liara Covert October 18, 2009 at 6:51 am

You do not direct the fire of life. It directs you, guides you inspires you and loves you to pieces.
.-= Liara Covert´s Last Fabulous Post ..What triggers a revelation? =-.


Laura Hegfield October 18, 2009 at 7:55 am

Lance the photo really captures the essence of the quote. Gorgeous image. And the image also reminds us that even after our lives end…life itself continues…perhaps because of the love we shared, we have released seeds into the universe…promises of tomorrow.


Lance October 18, 2009 at 7:57 am

@Tristan – Money, power, fame…they can all be so tempting. They’re empty, though, without love. With love as our foundation, the rest is just gravy. And it’s not our ego that gets built up, it’s our true compassion… Thanks much for being here, Tristan.

@Zeenat – Hi Zeenat. As I sit here today and think about it – wow – it just seems like yesterday that I was off in college. And that’s nowwhere even close to recent! Our time is fleeting. And that reminds me very much of a short video – – and how quickly our moments are going by. And it reminds me very much, that these are moments to treasure…all of them. Love…

@Joanna – Hi Joanna. And you are, in so many, many ways – a shining light of really listening to your heart. And that light reaches out and touches so many…reaches out and touches me. Bravo! And may that light come back to you a thousand times over…

@Mimi – The Beatles were onto something there, weren’t they! And you’re right Mimi, giving love is all we need. And in that giving, the love we share will come back to us each in such amazing ways. That’s what is so awesome about love (the verb…in action).

@Bunny – Hi Bunny. Yes, clutter. And what’s interesting as I read this, is how you view clutter not only in terms of material items, but alsow the clutter we keep in our minds. I love that! And when we can clear out some of this clutter, we’re giving ourselves a clearer path toward our true selves. And toward love…

@Miz – Surrendering to love… or, maybe as loving with expectation. So good, and moments that can take us to a whole new plane of feeling.

@Natalia – Hi Natalia. And it’s good to get the wheels turning, isn’t it! This does for me too – especially if I read it and let the message really soak in – how brief our time is, and seeing the connection to love.

@Lynn – Love is at the center…which I see as touching upon our core, or our true center as well.

@Yum Yucky – “Love that never fails”…that line, Josie, says so much. Love is the rock upon which we stand, it’s the core or our soul, it’s the truth of our lives. Love matters. Much love to you, my friend…


Laurie October 18, 2009 at 8:26 am

Yes, there are some things I would like to have but for me, life is more about doing, being, and loving. Doing the kinds of things that really match with who I am. Being a person of integrety…honorable and authentic. And loving, loving God, others and self. When I am loving God, others and self, I think the first two (doing and being) would come naturally without force. I believe doing and being flows from loving.

Great quote Lance! Happy Sunday to you my friend!


Miguel de Luis October 18, 2009 at 8:34 am

This is so absolutely true that it feels impossible to add anything to it. The best I can do it’s to comment that love can be expressed with action, and that any action, no matter how minute, becomes glorious when it’s done for love alone.
.-= Miguel de Luis´s Last Fabulous Post ..The Last Runner (An Evenso and me story) =-.


Jan October 18, 2009 at 9:10 am

A wonderful reminder, Lance. I read something the other day (from a Buddhist teacher, I imagine) that suggested that when we take a breath, we could breathe in as if it is our very first breath, and breathe out like it is the very last breath we will ever take. Can you imagine the joy and appreciation we’d experience if we were that mindful of every single moment of our lives? Hope your Sunday is love and joy-filled. May we all BE the love we desire….


suzen October 18, 2009 at 9:16 am

Hi Lance!
Well if that doesn’t just say it all! I can remember my parents and grandparents telling me when I was younger, that life goes by in flash, and to treasure those who come into your life by giving them love and enjoy the days of sunshine feeling you are loved in returned. I read all of your wonderful blogs about love, compassion and reflection and I am in awe of the truly inspiring nature of what you write about, you Lance, and many of your contemporaries. It fills me with such great hope for the future of this planet! There is a level of awareness that was not present 30 years ago. It is as precious to me as it is totally refreshing!

Trust me. Nothing smacks of reflection like being in your 60’s! I am humbled by your posts. You are a true treasure, Lance! Keep it up! The world needs all of this and many are beginning to listen!
Hugs from an oldie but goodie,


Tabitha@ichoosebliss October 18, 2009 at 9:16 am

Carpe diem is what I tell myself every morning. None of the material things are of importance to me. Love is indeed the true source to ALL of my joy in life. This love guides me to be who I am and to do the things that will make my Father happy. (:

A Wonderful Quote Lance!


Evita October 18, 2009 at 9:26 am

Hi Lance – It is so, so true – life is precious and so many of us get caught up in all the “doing” – that days, weeks, months, years pass us by and we look back and may wonder what was it all for anyway? And indeed realize that the best moments were those spent on love – whatever form that may come in.

Treasuring each moment in life today has become a part of each day for me and it feels really, really good. I just got to the point where I wanted to live a life, where I would have no regrets in the end – so far, so good 😉


Keith October 18, 2009 at 9:26 am

To give love and to receive love really is “it”. All the other is great but take away love and everything else very quickly loses any meaning.

Thanks, Lance, for putting this thought in the forefront of my mind this morning. 🙂


Tim October 18, 2009 at 9:45 am


Thank you for another great quote and beautiful photo. It is another reminder for us to really make the most of the present moment, because its the only moment we really have. Have a great week!


Erin Brooks October 18, 2009 at 9:48 am

This year my family has gone through a lot, with finances and wondering if we would even make it. The thing that kept us going is that in the end we knew we would still be together.

I feel so blessed to be loved unconditionally by my husband. We have been through many trials, my verbally abusive father who disowned me, the death of my mother, the car accident, my health… I’ve tried to get rid of this man but he wont go lol.
With love you can tackle anything and everything!


Lance October 18, 2009 at 10:39 am

@Stacey Shipman – And this I believe too – it’s the people, not the things that matter. In fact, without the love and support of other people, those “things” that we also have in our life feel empty. And that’s exactly because we crave, deep down, human connection. And I’m sure we all have those moments when we feel alone – more alone than we want to. And it’s those moments, when we’re feeling like something is missing, that we truly see what love is all about, and how much it means. And I guess that’s not to say we’ll never feel lonely again – I’m sure we will. Maybe it’s in remembering that, as lonely as we might feel, love will bring us back from that. And there’s such good news in that, I think – in that we can always look within our own heart, to find that spot of love, love the verb – and take it out into our world…

@Liara – The “fire of life”…what I would also call love that comes very deeply from your soul, and such a beautiful place to draw from.

@Laura Hegfield – Wow, I love how you’ve viewed this picture. It’s much of the essence that drew me to this, yet this idea of the seed of love is not the thought I had. And that’s such a beautiful way to view this, as we go out and give our love, we releasing that love into our world, to who knows how far it might spread! Thanks so much, Laura, for sharing how you see this picture today…

@Laurie – Hi Laurie. So, by focusing on love as the base, the rest just falls into place. I really do love that thought, Laurie. We’re then being and doing what is spoken from our heart. And that’s such a good place to be! Happy Sunday to you, too!

@Miguel – Love as a verb! Isn’t that a great way to think about love. The action of love! In doing, with love at the core – that is indeed glorious!

@Jan – Wow. Jan, this thought is so deep. Deep in how we truly experience life, and how we see the moment of that breath. In that moment – our life – what does it represent? And with every breath we take, what joy and appreciation are we truly seeing. As I try that, I’m taken aback at how difficult it is to fully imagine this setting – it’s taken several breaths to get to a spot that is even somewhat close. And when I am there, I am so much seeing the beauty of life, in a way that is really so hard to fully describe. Beautiful, Jan, thank you so much for sharing this…

@Suzen – Hi Suzen. Well, I’m both humbled and smiling as I read here today. I’m humbled by your words, thank you so much for all you’re saying. I’m touched deeply. And I’m smiling…you, my friend, are not old at all – not in years, and especially not in spirit! Know also that it is so good to be here, and to connect at a deeper level, with so many amazing souls, with you. You’re a shining light of hope, Suzen. Know that you have made a difference in my life…you presence is moving…


Lance October 18, 2009 at 10:52 am

@Tabitha – Each day is a new day, and our opportunity to seize whatever lies in front of us. When that is rooted in love, what a beautiful place to go forth from! And I know you do, in so many beautiful ways! Your gifts are many, Tabitha, including your presence here…a gift always…

@Evita – Hi Evita. If our moments are based on love, we’re coming from a place that has deep meaning to us in some way. And that is a good place to be…good in that it’s what matters. And I know from reading your writings, Evita, that you very much have a basis of love, and see so much good in what can be. And that is a gift you give the world, a gift that you give to me… Namaste, my friend…

@Keith – Hi Keith. Yes, without love, what do we really have? We have an emptiness, and as much as we try to fill that empitness with “things”, without love, we’ll never come close to filling it…

@Tim – Hi Tim. The present moment…all we really and truly have. How are we spending that time? What is our focus? In that answer lies the truth… And that’s an answer that is so worth finding.

@Erin Brooks – Erin, know that my heart goes out to you. What you’ve been through is not easy. Having a supportive and loving partner can make a world of difference. Know that the love in your heart, it’s there, and when you touch upon that spot – you connect with that deeper part of you, the you that will find a way, even in those dark days. And know also – that you are an inspiration to me, you shine only beautiful light into this world – and that IS love, that is from a heart that cares very much for the world, that IS you. Erin, know that your being here and sharing so openly touches my heart… May you find peace through the amazing love within you.


Nadia - Happy Lotus October 18, 2009 at 11:18 am

Hi Lance,

Awesome quote. May we all make the most out of every moment and realize that in the end it is all about love! Yay! 🙂
.-= Nadia – Happy Lotus´s Last Fabulous Post ..Trouble Is A Friend: Investing In People And Not Things =-.


John October 18, 2009 at 12:21 pm

This quotes is incredibly powerful. I had the craziest dream last night that resonates with this. All I can remember is that a lady was a pregnant single-mother, poor, and living in the slums and I cried because I couldn’t protect her. Even though I know it was just a dream, situations like these do happen in real life.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve lived out my 19 years and have done nothing to truly help people. President after President comes and says, “I’ll give help to the needy”, and yet there are still those who are in need. Well, I’m done depending on the President to fix everything. I want to start small (make an online business so I can reclaim my time), travel overseas alone just to get a feeling of connecting with others. And then, when I return… I’ll have to find a way to help the poor.

Maybe this is just a pathetic dream, but I don’t care… I will do something. I will not waste my life by giving it to another (a boss). I do not make money in the pursuit of things, but in the pursuit of experiences. Experiences to have fun in life, to help others, to change people’s lives.
.-= John´s Last Fabulous Post ..What I’ve Been Reading This Week – Issue 1 =-.


Karl - Work Happy Now October 18, 2009 at 1:15 pm

We are on this earth for such a short time. I know I’ve wasted many hours drinking beer, watching bad TV, and worrying about things I can’t change.

I’ve turned the corner when I started blogging. I was focused on helping others instead of my worrying about myself. Now I’m sending out love into the universe and getting a lot of love back. Blogging is such a great platform and I feel lucky to be alive in this day and age.
.-= Karl – Work Happy Now´s Last Fabulous Post ..Hard, Fun, and the Beautiful – Before it Gets Cold Edition =-.


Barbara Swafford October 18, 2009 at 4:11 pm

Hi Lance,

This is so true. It reminds me of how we often hear when someone is on their deathbed, they don’t say “I wish I had spent more time at work, or making money”. It the love of others that guild them “home”.
.-= Barbara Swafford´s Last Fabulous Post ..Pajama Blogging – Fact or Fiction =-.


Wilma Ham October 18, 2009 at 4:17 pm

Loved is more powerful than we think. Love creates, love attracts and love manifests.
Life is about loving moments and love is our legacy forever.
When I realized that, harvesting love is what life is about.
And it feels lovely to do of course as it generates love around us and will make us feel safe as being unloved it the biggest poverty of all.
Love is great, look at us all for being in agreement.
.-= Wilma Ham´s Last Fabulous Post ..Part 1. Hate making requests? You’d better get over it. They are key to having you fly. =-.


Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord October 18, 2009 at 5:00 pm

This quote is reminding me of something I’m wrestling with in my head right now: the so-called balance between doing and being. In “doing,” I find myself seeking validation through accomplishments. In “being,” I find I can acknowledge accomplishments around me with greater clarity and awareness. I also find I can recognize love more easily… And time goes by more slowly, and with greater meaning. And yet my mind still wrestles. It feels I must always be “doing,” and resists “being.”
I’m going to meditate on this since it seems to be asking me to find peace where it’s concerned. Thank you, Lance!
.-= Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord´s Last Fabulous Post ..A Study in Sibling Reverie =-.


Lance October 18, 2009 at 6:07 pm

@Nadia – Hi Nadia. When is based on love, it’s all good! Great having you here today.

@John – Hi John. And this isn’t pathetic at all. Helping others in a genuine and real way is a wonderful gift to give. And that you’re thinking about this, especially at a young age – John, your heart is in the right place. Keep on believing in all the good you can do!

@Karl – Hey, that sounds like my youth you’re talking about! I think the beauty of blogging is that you have a real opportunity to connect your words to your heart. And then, through blogging, there’s this whole community feel that can start to develop, helping us to even further understand our deeper selves. At least, that’s been my experience, and that’s you being here… Thanks much, my friend.

@Barbara – Hi Barbara. It’s easy to go through life and think I’ll do that when… and before we know it, “when” has never shown up. Now is what we have, and love is where it’s at. A great reminder Barbara, thank you!

@Wilma – Oh, what really jumps out at me here, is “…as being unloved it the biggest poverty of all”. Wilma, that’s such a strong statement as to the real power of love. And I really do feel that what you’re saying is so “right on”. Everything else is empty without love. And it is what connects us to those around us… So good to have you here today, Wilma, and sharing these beautiful thoughts.

@Megan – Megan, I know the wrestling you’re doing. I’m there too. In “doing”, there is that real feeling of accomplishment. And in “being”, there is that connecting feeling with something deeper. Yet, “being” feels like at times I’m slacking off. It’s still so good, though. And the wrestling…well, it’s in my mind. And so, it’s getting to that spot of listening more to my heart. And to what it’s saying. I think, when I’m at that spot, when I’m connecting more fully with my heart, I see the “being” as supporting the “doing”…and it feels right. Staying there, of course, is the hard part… Megan, know that I wish you only the best as you wrestle with these thoughts, thoughts I’m very much familiar with.


Tracy October 18, 2009 at 8:05 pm

You know, it’s paradoxical, but amazing how much more I’m able to accomplish with work and such things when I remind myself that it’s not what will matter in the end. That knowledge allows me to relax and take things as they come, instead of becoming increasingly stressed and unable to function.

Not that that’s the reason I value moments with the people I love doing the things I love, but it’s an interesting side effect.


Audra Krell October 18, 2009 at 8:32 pm

I loved Karl’s honest comments. That is the beauty of your readers Lance, they are so authentic. They allow their writing to keep them honest. Amen to this post, it’s the loving that really matters.
.-= Audra Krell´s Last Fabulous Post ..Find Your Strongest Life =-.


Katie West/The Levity Coach October 18, 2009 at 9:07 pm

Lance…there’s a theme in the last few Sundays….Are you trying to tell us something? Like maybe we should live, breathe and feel each moment? I think so, Lance.

I think there is a big connection to living moments of love and to being present in the moment. In order for us to feel the moments of love, we must stop hurrying and stressing out. There is an amazing poem by Neruda about stopping and being quiet. When we allow our hearts to be quiet and listen, we emerge more fully into this very precious moment.

This has been my focus over the last half year and it is has made all the difference.
.-= Katie West/The Levity Coach´s Last Fabulous Post ..Daily Levity:The Fun Theory =-.


Tay - Pacing For Pretzels October 18, 2009 at 10:10 pm

This quote (and blog) came at the perfect time for me. I, like Karl (and many others, no doubt) have wasted countless hours drinking wine and wallowing in self-pity, all while surfing the net looking at things I wished I could buy. Now that I have changed my focus I can say I am living closer to the present, however I have a long way to go.


Lori October 18, 2009 at 11:08 pm

Hi Lance,
If this is the same Borje Vahamaki I’ve heard of, he taught at the U of Minnesota, close to my alma mater. That’s very interesting – and groovy!

The thing about the Borje Vahamaki quote, is that this not only applies to old age, but one never knows when one’s life will drastically change and lead to a highly truncated menu of options.
And, you know what? I my case, I don’t dream and reminisce about the jobs I’ve had, or the success I’ve savored, I often think about the love in my life and how that has manifested over time. I think about the really good times, and all those times are rooted in love. Absolutely.
Great choice for a quote this week, my friend.
.-= Lori´s Last Fabulous Post ..Of Defection and Lemonade =-.


Linda Davis October 19, 2009 at 12:27 am

Thank you, this post seriously brought tears to my eyes. My father died not knowing how many people love him. He was so consumed with the thought of making money. He unexpectedly died and he didn’t get to feel the simplicity of what life has to bring, or that many people love him for who he is, and not for what he has. I wish that during the last few seconds of his life, he was able to realize that there are many people who love him.
.-= Linda Davis´s Last Fabulous Post ..Recovering from Tragedy – Helping Your Family to Forgive =-.


Jewel/Pink Ink October 19, 2009 at 4:40 am

Wow, nice quote, Lance. I can’t agree more. What good is any worldly success unless you are surrounded by people you love?

Btw, finally, finally, posted a couple of video of me singing on my blog. Sorry it isn’t the hippo song, though. I’m afraid that’ll just have to live on in your memory 🙂

Have a great week ahead!
.-= Jewel/Pink Ink´s Last Fabulous Post ..Ain’t No Sunshine =-.


Diane Fit to the Finish October 19, 2009 at 6:20 am

Time goes back in a blink. Just look at how fast your children change. A newborn looks different every minute, and before you know it that newborn is graduating from high school.

How I spend my time during the day shows me where my priorities are. I needed this reminder to stay focused on the priorities of those I love!!
.-= Diane Fit to the Finish´s Last Fabulous Post ..Does Obesity Isolate Us? =-.


Peggy Nolan October 19, 2009 at 7:39 am

How true this quote! I am happiest when I am loving and being loved. And it’s an inside out feeling…because inside is where it needs to start. As Buddha said, “All answers lie within…do not seek without.”
.-= Peggy Nolan´s Last Fabulous Post ..Your Moment of Bliss =-.


Jannie Funster October 19, 2009 at 11:00 am

That is so sweetly true indeed! It’s always about the love, always has been and always will be. And if one can make one’s work about The Love (Mother Theresa comes to mind,) one has it made! I think you embody the Love Thing Lance.
.-= Jannie Funster´s Last Fabulous Post ..Rose DesRochers: Just how Great IS She? =-.


FatFighterTV October 19, 2009 at 11:29 am

That is so beautiful and so very true. I can’t get over how fast time goes. I feel very fortunate for all the love I have in my life.
.-= FatFighterTV´s Last Fabulous Post ..Barney Butter giveaway =-.


Angelia Sims October 19, 2009 at 12:58 pm

Hi Lance!
I love, love, love that photo. I can almost feel the sun on my face and the wind blowing my hair. There is nothing like love. My heart hurts for those who have never opened themselves to it. I am saying a little prayer for them today. Thank you for that.
.-= Angelia Sims´s Last Fabulous Post ..Sunday Healthy Reflection =-.


Lance October 19, 2009 at 1:03 pm

@Tracy – Work that matters is…work that really does matter, and it’s so much easier to focus on that. And that is a great thought, one that’s making me think about what really matters…and seeing that same correlation.

@Audra – Hey Audra. And I think when someone, like Karl, is willing to share so authentically – it makes others feel okay in where they’re at on their journey – and that it’s okay to share both their own good and bad experiences. And it’s in those experiences – both the good and bad – that we learn from each other.

@Katie – That’s interesting what you’ve noticed. I try to choose something that “speaks” to me, in the moment – sometimes that’s a concept, sometime’s it’s something very specific. And I’ve felt the same general idea speaking to me for a few weeks now. Hmmm…I wonder if that means something deeper than I’ve been taking it so far? Sometimes it’s hard to focus on “slowing down” and listening. When we do though, it can be a real moment of clarity. Do you think that maybe we rush around too much sometimes? And where does that get us? Maybe only to the wrong place sooner… Okay, I’m off to search for that Neruda poem…

@Tay – Hi Tay, and welcome! I’ve been there, too…wasting away the days in things that are adding no value to my life. You’ll get there. Just keep on that path that’s taking you toward living what your heart yearns for…it’s there, in you…

@Lori – Hi Lori. Well…I believe it is that person…the guy who taught at the U of Minnesota. Very cool! And so true – it doesn’t at all have to be old age that brings us to this realization. In fact, the sooner we can fully realize this, the better off we are. I very much feel love when I think of you, Lori. And I think that’s because it comes out in you, and you project that from your being. And that’s so good to see, and be taken in by…

@Linda – Linda, thank you for being here today. And more than that, thank you for sharing so openly how this has affected you because of your father. I deeply feel what you’re saying, and there’s something about hearing a first-hand account that drives this point home even more. Thank you, so much for openly sharing this heart-wrenching story.

@Jewel – Hi Jewel! Without love, what’s everything we have really worth? That’s it, for sure. And hey, I’ll be over to check out your site! The hippo song…well, I guess I’ll just stick with the image in my head – and that’s a good one!!! Happy Monday!


Lance October 19, 2009 at 1:27 pm

@Diane – Hi Diane. Yes, looking at my own kids is such an example of how times goes by in a flash. It seems like just yesterday that they were babies…and now those days are long gone. How we spend our time, that is most definitely a reflection of where our priorities are. And sometimes, it’s good to revisit that and see if our priorities are in line with our values…

@Peggy Nolan – Ah…good stuff from Buddha. Yes, it’s what comes from inside that really makes a difference – a difference in who we are and where our focus is.

@Jannie – Mother Theresa pretty much rocked at this, didn’t she (even if she didn’t seem like that much of a rocker…she certainly was, in her own way!). Work based on love…a wonderful place to be.

@FatFighterTV – Hi Sahar. That’s so great to hear, because it’s love that is the core of who we are – and when we’re surrounded by that, what a beautiful place to be…

@Angelia – Hi Angelia. The sun on my face…and as I look outside today, sun shining brightly on this beautiful autumn day in Wisconsin – I know exactly what you mean – the warmth of the sun, much like the warmth of the love we give and receive. Opening our hearts…you know, I find that interesting that you bring this up. There is so much agreement here that love is so, so good. And yet, sometimes opening our hearts can feel like the hardest thing to do – like we’ll be making ourselves vulnerable because we do that. Hmmm…I know I’ve been there. And I wonder, if at some level, I’m probably there yet today. I’m thinking, today…what this all means to me…now, even more after reading your words…


Kaushik October 19, 2009 at 2:19 pm

I will die. Life would be so much easier for most of us if we could really hold on to this truth.
.-= Kaushik´s Last Fabulous Post ..Innocence… =-.


Patricia October 19, 2009 at 2:41 pm

I have gone to 6 retirement gatherings in this past year, and I realized that I do not have anything to retire from except excessive volunteering and fund-raising. I am kind of feeling grumpy and “put upon” by all the folks who are expecting me to keep on doing it and just keep jumping in and doing it their way.

I decided to retire from Volunteering. I am doing my own fund-raiser right now and not someone else’s – although I worked on the Susan G Koman one 4 different ways this year…everyone I know keeps telling me to get a job…I have been doing that since I was 11; working odd jobs for others.

I am working on loving myself and my actions….because that is my passion right now….Nice cheerleading here – thank you
.-= Patricia´s Last Fabulous Post ..An Invitation to a HARVEST POTLUCK =-.


Robin Easton October 19, 2009 at 4:13 pm

Dear Lance, This is sooooo powerful. I have found it the absolute truth in my life. We are truly blessed if we can see this BEFORE we are on Death’s door. For me it is my life’s purpose: to over and over every day, every moment, remember, experience and KNOW what is truly important in Life, and to let the rest go. 99.999% of what we think matters, does NOT matter. When we can see this we are open to a whole world of experience, vitality, renewal and love at our finger tips.

—I had to chuckle when I read this. We must be on the same wave length, as I just started a five part series of posts on Death. I know it might sound macabre to some but it is in essence a series on Life.

Hugging you,
Robin 🙂
.-= Robin Easton´s Last Fabulous Post ..Five Perspectives on Death =-.


Jeanne October 19, 2009 at 6:13 pm

This quote is amazing
Love all you share
Many blessings
Love Jeanne?
.-= Jeanne´s Last Fabulous Post .. =-.


Walter October 19, 2009 at 7:52 pm

People are foolish, they are not aware that the most important thing in life is in front of them–the people they love and the people who loves them. 🙂


Lisa's Chaos October 19, 2009 at 8:57 pm

Amen! What perfect words.
.-= Lisa’s Chaos´s Last Fabulous Post ..Macro Monday – the dragonfly =-.


Julie October 19, 2009 at 10:50 pm

Hi, Lance. “…they realize they’ve been happy only during those moments when they’ve loved.”

Yes, this is the key to living life to the fullest, I think; to be able to discern, which method of loving is the best one to offer in each moment and to honor that, to give that. To be that. Just this morning, I pondered the things that give life meaning. Without any hesitation, it came to me: love, joy, connection, celebration. …that meaning is found in the happy joy we feel when sharing love. Sharing in whatever way we can. Loving in whatever way we can.

I recently wrote a friend, saying that I used to keep hoping for the day I’d become perfect, because then life would truly be a state of “happily ever after.” Now, though, I’ve finally realized there are an infinite number of experiences which will provide me the opportunity to choose the loving thought and behavior, and that by always making that choice, thereby instantly transporting myself into “happily ever” once again, my life will be an unending series of “happily ever after MOMENTS.” And in that, I would be truly blessed.
.-= Julie´s Last Fabulous Post ..Simply Divine =-.


Rose October 20, 2009 at 12:25 am

Times moves by fast. I use to live my life in doubt always trying to live up to the standards others set for me. Then I realized at the end of life the only important question would be: “Did I live life as I saw fit?”
.-= Rose´s Last Fabulous Post ..End Fat Talk- Together we can change the world =-.


Carla October 20, 2009 at 2:12 am

That quote is spot on; time does move on so fast. I look back over my almost 31 years and the best moments so far that I recall were the ones that I was loved and gave love in return. This is a good reminder for us to really focus on what’s important in life
.-= Carla´s Last Fabulous Post ..The Two Dollar Bill =-.


Lance October 20, 2009 at 4:48 am

@Kaushik – Three very powerful words…”I will die.”. Without having had some sort of experience with death, on a very personal level – those words may not come into our radar very often. If we can, though, keep their focus – how we love life can really change. It comes from a deeper level of what really matters. Such a great thought, thank you!

@Patricia – Loving ourselves…so important to really having that connection first within, so that we can then go outward and share that love. And share it in what works for each of us – not what someone in imposing upon us. Patricia, it is good for you to do it your way…

@Robin Easton – Hello Robin. Finding that which truly matters, amongst the clutter…not necessarily an easy thing to do. And that’s because there is usually a lot of clutter (and some even disguised as the truly important). I know I sometimes get caught up in that clutter. when I can put myself in that place where I’m deeply connecting to love – at my core – I do feel this exactly as you describe – in beautiful ways. And Robin, it’s so good being on the same wavelength at you…

@Jeanne – Thank you Jeanne.

@Walter – It’s easy to get caught up in the trivial and that which doesn’t matter…when all we need, love, is right there for us. Right there, within our own soul…

@Lisa’s Chaos – Thank you Lisa.

@Julie – At our core, I think we all have the same basic wants – joy, love, connection. It’s in allowing that core within us to shine through, and to express those wants and feelings in our unique ways. And I love how you’ve written to your friend about “happily ever after”. We are who we are, each one of us – and our life experiences help to shape us. And when we can act out of a love that comes from within, in all the moments of our life – life can be “happily ever after” in all of those moments. Julie, thank you so much for being here, and sharing so beautifully.

@Rose – Yes, who are we living our life for? It matters not what others around us think – it’s how we feel about where we’re at and what we’re doing. Easy to say, not always easy to do. So good to see you at this place in your life where you’re marching to your own drum…

@Carla – Hi Carla. Oh, that’s so good – this idea of looking back over where we’ve been in our life, and deeply seeing what moments really stand out…and why. And what role love played in those moments. Thanks so much, Carla, for sharing these thoughts.


Diane AZ October 20, 2009 at 10:14 am

When the search for something better is over, we are free like the dandelion seeds in the image. Free from desire, all that remains is gratitude and love.
.-= Diane AZ´s Last Fabulous Post ..Ruby Tuesday – Sonora =-.


Jenny October 20, 2009 at 11:12 am

That is so not how I expected the quote to end and it made me sad to think how true that really is. People need to stop trying so hard to do things and take the time to enjoy what life has to offer!
.-= Jenny´s Last Fabulous Post ..Asking for a Miracle by the Pool =-.


Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching October 20, 2009 at 6:20 pm

Hi Lance — this brings to mind something I’ve observed both in myself and in others — that we tend to see love as something we need to “earn” through accomplishments in the world. But it turns out for so many of us that no amount of money or relationships or anything brings us that feeling of being loved that we want, because we keep denying ourselves our own love — and real love can’t be conditioned on worldly success anyway.


Ricardo Bueno October 21, 2009 at 8:56 pm

This post is a reminder for me that it’s ok to step away and take a break from technology. It’s easy to get immersed in it and forget to live “in the moment.”
.-= Ricardo Bueno´s Last Fabulous Post ..Social Media: You Just Gotta Try It =-.


Lance October 21, 2009 at 9:48 pm

@Diane AZ – Hi Diane. I love what you’ve written, wow – it’s so simple and so true. When we’re free from desire, love is what remains…

@Jenny – Hi Jenny. When that happens, it is sad. Sad when it takes our own impending death to realize what really matters in life. And I think that’s the message here for all of us, no matter where we are in our life – now is the time to focus on that deep love within us.

@Chris Edgar – Yes, accomplishments, accolades, money – things that might at some point seem like we’ve “earned” the love. That’s not how love is earned though, is it. Love is earned when love is given. And especially when that is love without expecting something in return. Great thoughts, Chris, thanks!

@Ricardo – Hi Ricardo. Great to see you here! Technology can be a great thing – but that’s just it – it’s a thing. And it’s people and the deep and meaningful connections with others that matter. And those are the real “moments” of life. Great thoughts!


Caroline October 22, 2009 at 2:41 pm

Well…that just puts everything in perspective, doesn’t it!

Here’s to love…giving and receiving it 🙂
.-= Caroline´s Last Fabulous Post ..Clean! =-.


Jason of Kim & Jason October 23, 2009 at 11:13 pm

This post reminds me of how often we act like the game of life is to check as many things off the never-ending to do list as possible. Which is, of course, the wrong game entirely.


Lance October 24, 2009 at 7:16 pm

@Caroline – Yes, it sure does… Love…is pretty awesome!

@Jason – Hey Jason. Yep, we create that list, the list that never ends…and then start whittling away at it. Sometimes I find myself there. Where’s that getting us? Are we really getting any closer to that deeper part of us? Not really…. Great thought!


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