The Path Of Your Vision

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You are excep­tional. I recently heard Deepak Chopra say: your body is lit­er­ally made out of star­dust. Can you hear the whoa-ness of that?

You are LITERALLY made out of stardust.


In this moment, your very pres­ence is mak­ing the world exactly what it is. With­out you, the uni­verse would be different.

So it bears repeat­ing: You are exceptional.

How will you hon­our your exceptionality?

Peo­ple come to coach­ing because they have seen a glim­mer of what could (might?) be. A divine whis­per of “you can”.

Often times, we ignore it. Largely because we can’t trust it. It’s too crazy. Haven’t you been stock­pil­ing all the rea­sons you “can’t” your whole life? Why yes, I do believe you have.

And yet, there is some­thing about the whis­per that com­pels you. You keep com­ing back to it.

That’s because it is the TRUTH, my friend.

And in that truth is a vision. YOUR vision. The one that you can barely name. The one that makes your heart expand and your toes tin­gle just think­ing about it. So you don’t.

But there’s that whis­per again. “You can”.

So you ten­ta­tively con­sider the “how” and that shuts you down again. Because it’s too much. This vision takes work. That’s another truth: THIS VISION TAKES WORK. There are require­ments expected of you. You must define your vision. You must see it. Feel it. Taste it. Trust it. Move towards it. Be obe­di­ent to it.

What magic hap­pens when you hon­our you vision by nam­ing, own­ing and obey­ing it? A light will beam from your heart, illu­mi­nat­ing a path for you, ren­der­ing the “how” insignif­i­cant. Because you are get­ting there.

You will start to notice that you are now on a new path. One you don’t rec­og­nize. One that has no oth­ers’ foot­prints. That’s to be expected.

No one has been on THIS path before. No one has your very iter­a­tion. Oh yes, there may be points along the path that merge with oth­ers, and frankly there is com­fort there. In fact, there may be times where inten­tion­ally switch­ing back to the beaten path is the right call. Like slip­ping into your favourite worn jeans. The ones that know your curves so well. The home­ness of the expe­ri­ence. Rest here. Recharge here.

Then get back out there, machete in hand forg­ing ahead with the search­light ema­nat­ing from your heart. Your vision awaits.

You can, and you will. Because you are exceptional.

by Tanya Geisler

Clar­ity. Action. Achieve­ment. Joy. Tanya Geisler is a CTI-certified coach (a.k.a. “cat­a­lyst, not ther­a­pist”) and speaker who believes that life is a grand production…and it’s time for you to step into your star­ring role. And radi­ate. Right now.
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