The Wheels On The Bike Go Round and Round

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 Cycling to the Panto
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  "The greatest wealth is health." ~ Virgil

I’ve jumped on my bike and headed over to hang out with Sahar Aker, over at Fat Fighter TV. Sahar has taken her background as a journalist, from the television studio, to include the Internet as another medium for spreading the message of healthy living.  Her writing is spoken from the truths of today’s society, bringing more awareness to where we are on a health and wellness scale.

Join me over at Sahar’s very wonderful and resource-rich site, where I’m talking about the benefits of brushing the dust off the bicycle you have hanging in your garage.  Let’s "Ride For The Health of It"!

And while you’re there, you’ll find a wealth of health and fitness related information, in easy to read snippets.  Awesome material from one very awesome lady!

You can keep with with what Sahar has going on by subscribing to her blog, and following her on Twitter.

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