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If we somehow had some high-intensity sci-fi glasses that allowed us to see the air in all its levels of purity, with clear being the most pure and a thick murky grey being the least, most of us would be walking around in a sea of misty to murky grey. If we then decided to look at our clothes, we would also see grey on our brand new sneakers, athletic gear, even on our leather coats, watches, and accessories. More than half, if not all the products we consume are coated in some degree of toxicity.

Toxicity is the degree to which a substance can damage an organism. Most people might consider that poison, and they would be right. The difference between the two seems to be a matter of dosage. The toxic substance becomes poison once the dose is high enough to end the life of the organism. The Royal Society of Chemistry claims that while there are no safe chemicals, all can be used safely if the dose is monitored and administered properly.

So, how can we ensure the dosage, or levels of toxicity in our immediate environment, are safe for us? What can we control, and what can't we? Well, first we must realize that toxicity can also come from within. We've all read some new-age article about distancing ourselves from 'toxic' people and energies that drain us, and there is truth in this. Below, I've outlined a list of things we can do to protect ourselves from toxins, both logical and psychological.

Be aware of your attitude. How is your attitude (towards your life, work, relationships, etc.) affecting you and those around you? Do people come alive in your presence, or shrink away? The more toxic behavior you dish out, the more you are physically affected. For example, aggression causes gastric ulcers, acid reflux, and warts, while jealousy causes oncological diseases like cancer. Apathy is associated with diabetes, and lying is linked to alcoholism, fungal infections and weakening of the immune system. Becoming acutely self-aware is the first step to identifying and rectifying tendencies of toxic behavior patterns that will eventually lead to health issues. (

Don ' t swallow the toothpaste (or the water!). Sodium Fluoride, which is a key ingredient in most toothpastes, is a byproduct of the fertilizer industry and also a key ingredient in rat poisoning. A teaspoon of this stuff has been known to kill, and is suspected to be the cause of various brain disorders. Check in your town, as tap water is fluorinated in many parts of North America, and is also found in many brands of bottled water. The best solution to this toxic combo is to buy non-fluoride toothpaste and invest in (ideally) a reverse osmosis filter, or use bottled water – just be sure to check for fluoride content first.

Avoid Coca-Cola. With the cleaning power of Lysol and the de-greasing power of those tiny boats they send out to clean up after BP oil spills, it's amazing that Coke is cleared for human consumption.

Eat local. If it doesn't have to travel, it's fresh, and fresh is best when it comes to avoiding toxins. For example, fruit intended to travel for sale is picked before it has fully ripened, then treated for color and appearance. Not only does this fruit not contain its full nutritional potential, it is also riddled with chemical toxins from the various packaging treatments it undergoes.

Buy and Use Natural Cleaning Products. We know about bleach and ammonia, creating a poisonous gas combo capable of asphyxiation in large quantities. Instead of more death mongering, I'll just jump to some easy solutions: baking soda, vinegar, unscented soap.

Get anti antibacterial. Some bacteria is good, There is no evidence that suggests antibacterial solutions get your hands any cleaner than ordinary soap, and there is FDA evidence to suggest they might be harming you. Read about how antibacterial soap can disrupt your hormones:

Avoid using Teflon cookware. PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) is a fluoride compound and it's all over your nonstick teflon surface. It has been linked to cancers of the very organs you need to consume food, as well as ADHD and infertility in women.

Lose the pine tree dangling from the rear view. Pthalates are found in air fresheners and when you breathe them into your lungs they can cause earaches and have been known to suppress your endocrine system. Febreeze, Glade, etc. – use natural pot-pourri or natural incense instead, which might also help calm the nerves.

Put a lime in the coconut and shake vigorously. Rediscover natural remedies. Be your own healer, there are plenty of medicinal herbs you can grow in your garden. Research herbs. For example, Lemongrass and Red Rasberry leaf have natural anti-depression and anxiety benefits, while Oat Straw is a natural aphrodisiac. Search your ailments and find the natural remedies to relieve them. Make sure to always combine with plenty of exercise and rest.

Make love, not war. It's been shown that love-making and having orgasms clears the mind of anxiety and cleanses the body of toxic build-up.

With all the toxins we ingest, and the stresses in our lives, it's difficult to know our true potential life spans. Simply put, the best way to test how long we can happily live, is to become a filtered water-drinking, cast iron-cooking, pot-pourri-smelling, good bacteria-carrying, herb-growing sex fiend.

James Sobers, known professionally as BluRum13, has had an iconic career as a solo artist and a collaborative artist. He’s released two solo albums, done over 1,000 shows, and worked with such luminaries as Us3, One Self, Reverse Engineering, among many others.  His texts are empowering and enlightening, encompassing physics, metaphysics, astronomy, astrology, existentialism, social commentary, and uplifting introspection.

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Nadine February 14, 2014 at 10:20 am

Haha, I like the way you summed it up in the end!
I was not at all aware about the damage teflon cookware can do, I have to research this.
Anyhow, the first point about attitude is among the truest of all and it’s always present all around our lives, whether it comes to attitude towards other people, ourselves or simply the way we deal with challenges in your lives. There’s a quite that goes like this “whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

This was a great and a very informative read. Thank you for sharing.


Aqiyl Aniys February 16, 2014 at 6:40 pm

I am doing my best to avoid toxins. I eat a whole food plant based diet, and I eat mostly raw and organic. I use natural cleaning products and iron or stainless steel pots.
Aqiyl Aniys´s Last Fabulous Post ..2 Reasons Why People Are Anti VaccinationsMy Profile


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