When Bad = Good (or Great)

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Sometimes things don’t go as planned, or something simple becomes much more difficult. This happens to everyone. It happened to me this weekend. Let me share with you. I work in the information technology field for a small manufacturing company. This past weekend, we upgraded a key piece of software that is used company wide. After the upgrade, several of the key reports we used no longer worked. We’re still working through the issues. However, this is ending up to be a great time to update these reports and improve their efficiency. And, a great opportunity to better understand how the software works. Of course, there are people who are opposed to making the changes, instead looking for some shortcut. In the end, though, the shortcut is not going to work as nicely as re-doing the reports.

This is a great example of how something that seems bad on the surface is just an opportunity to become better, and maybe even great.

When you encounter what seems like a bad situation, look for the silver lining. Sometimes (often, really) the silver lining will be hidden underneath that thing we call work. But it is through work that we add value to our life and to others as well. Our lives are enhanced by many things, one of which is the job(s) that we do. Some jobs are those in which we are paid monies for our services. Others we volunteer to do. They all help to define us and add to our life (if we let them).

So, embrace those bad situations as opportunities to turn something into greatness! One of the most important values we all have is that of being valued as a human being. What an awesome way to help you feel valued it is when you can turn bad into great!

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