Winds of Change

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“Thought is the wind, knowl­edge the sail, and mankind the ves­sel.” ~ August Hare

Wind.  It blows, some­times in our favor, some­times against us.

I  remem­ber one par­tic­u­lar day when I went out for an after­noon run.  The wind was blow­ing, at my back.  My run started so easy.  I felt like run­ning was effort­less (and it’s usu­ally not).  It felt so good.  Cruis­ing along.  And that all was fine and good, until I had to turn around and come home.  All of the sud­den, run­ning became much harder.  It was no longer easy, my pace much slower.  The wind, not at my back, was now a force to deal with instead of a push in the direc­tion I was going.

And don’t we have these “winds” in our life.  Some­times they blow in our favor, and some­times they blow against us.  And both can be ben­e­fi­cial, if we allow them to be.

When we have winds blow­ing in our favor, the wind at our back, per se — every­thing is flow­ing very well.  Things in our life are click­ing along.  At times, it feels effort­less to get done what­ever activ­ity we’re work­ing on.

And then, at other times, we face a strong head­wind in our daily lives.  Those days when things just don’t go as planned.  The days when we stub our toe get­ting out of bed.  Burn our tongue drink­ing cof­fee.  Get a speed­ing ticket on our way to work.  And that’s all before 8 A.M in the morn­ing.  You know what I’m talk­ing about.  Those days when we just seem to know, if it can go wrong, it will go wrong.

And I say we embrace both of these “days” — the good, and the bad.  These are the winds that can bring last­ing change into our lives.  If we choose to allow our­selves to accept these winds as oppor­tu­ni­ties to embrace them.

In the good, we can embrace the fact that we are able to cruise along and really enjoy the ride.  Some­times it’s just nice to be able to savor the moments in life.  These are them.  We can ride these winds, steer­ing our lives in the direc­tion we desire.

In the bad, we can embrace the oppor­tu­ni­ties we have to learn and grow.  We may not learn much from stub­bing our toe.  Or do we?  We learn where “not” to step.  To maybe turn on a light.  And more impor­tantly, when we face the big­ger chal­lenges in our daily lives — when projects fail, when a meet­ing goes south, when a cus­tomer just won’t budge…these are times when we have great oppor­tu­nity to learn and grow.  If we choose to.  The choice is ours, to embrace these moments — or not.  If we embrace these moments, these winds that are lead­ing us to change our course, we have an awe­some oppor­tu­nity to really change our projects, our work, our lives.

The next time the winds of change blow in your life, how are you going to han­dle them?

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