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Suc­cess is defined in dif­fer­ent ways by dif­fer­ent peo­ple, but more and more it has become syn­ony­mous with money and sta­tus. Real suc­cess, how­ever, is less about results or a bot­tom line, and more about the process of achiev­ing goals and dreams.

Many busi­ness peo­ple today are over­whelmed by the need to main­tain results-driven suc­cess. Once we decide that the results are all that mat­ter, then suc­cess comes at high price. We find our­selves mak­ing sac­ri­fices and com­pro­mises that were once unac­cept­able. We trade today for some future pay­off. When that pay­off comes, we real­ize it can never be enough. And, when the results we work so hard for don’t mate­ri­al­ize, we label that fail­ure. It’s an impos­si­ble model to sus­tain for a lifetime.

For­tu­nately, there is another way.

In my book, Own YOUR Suc­cess, I con­trast results-driven suc­cess with a much more bal­anced approach. The key prin­ci­ples are ones that any­one can put into prac­tice immediately.

The first prin­ci­ple is Attain Belief in Your­self, which I break into five keys:

  1. Accept the truth . Acknowl­edg­ing the per­son you are today is the key to becom­ing the per­son you want to be and, ulti­mately, to attain­ing belief in your­self. There is a big dif­fer­ence between fail­ing and not get­ting the results we want. Instead of see­ing fail­ure, see oppor­tu­ni­ties for growth and change.
  2. Speak the truth. Be hon­est about your past behav­iors and habits. While it may be dif­fi­cult to acknowl­edge them, bury­ing those parts of our lives makes us feel like vic­tims, ampli­fy­ing our fear and pain. Shed­ding light on the past, by talk­ing with a trusted friend or pro­fes­sional, frees us.
  3. Breathe through the truth. Avoid react­ing from a place of pain or anger — no mat­ter how much you believe you are right. Be open to chang­ing your per­spec­tive. Treat your­self lov­ingly. Do not self-destruct.
  4. Process the truth. Give your­self time and space to find your equi­lib­rium. Devel­op­ing belief in your­self means gain­ing con­fi­dence that will lead to a stronger foundation.
  5. Cre­ate a plan based on the truth. Chang­ing entrenched behav­iors and mind­sets takes time, and some­times they return. Stay strong. Con­tinue to believe and actively engage in this process. Define how you want to live your life from where you are right now.

Once you attain belief in your­self, you can believe in oth­ers — as all great lead­ers do. Use med­i­ta­tion and mind­ful­ness to gain focus and clar­ity. This allows you to act with pur­pose, inten­tion, and aware­ness at all times.

The sec­ond prin­ci­ple is Act with Courage and Integrity.

Whether you are the CEO, in mid­dle man­age­ment, or in an entry level posi­tion, when you act with courage and integrity, it inspires oth­ers to do the same. A big part of that is appre­ci­at­ing all peo­ple and the self­less acts and sac­ri­fices they make every day.

The third prin­ci­ple is Cre­ate Your Prize­fighter Day — Do Great Things!

Each day set three attain­able activ­ity goals: one per­sonal, one pro­fes­sional, and one to help oth­ers. By tak­ing action in these three areas every day, you make each day vic­to­ri­ous. The vic­tory is not in the results, but in the actions them­selves. Even if what you do doesn’t turn out per­fectly, as you may have hoped, the expe­ri­ence of accom­plish­ment every day is a victory.

The fourth prin­ci­ple is Cre­ate a Liv­ing Legacy.

Sur­ren­der to a cause greater than your­self. Find your pas­sion and live it every day. Work dili­gently toward your goal. Fight for what you believe in despite the obsta­cles in your path. Don’t wait to leave a legacy after you’re gone. Live that legacy every day.

High per­for­mance sales expert Ben New­man is a dis­tin­guished author, inter­na­tional speaker and coach from St. Louis. In 2012, The Napoleon Hill Foun­da­tion rec­og­nized Ben as one of the TOP 51 speak­ers & thought lead­ers in the World!

Ben is a 4-time author and his lat­est book, Own YOUR Suc­cess: The Power to Choose Great­ness and Make Every­day Vic­to­ri­ous is a #1 Busi­ness Best-Seller and was ranked #2 in August 2012 by 800.CEO.READ for “What Cor­po­rate Amer­ica is Read­ing.”. He is also the author of Fight the Good Fight, Pocket Truths for Suc­cess & Pocket Prin­ci­ples for the Insur­ance Busi­ness.

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