Fitness: Burnout and 5 Tips on How to Avoid It

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Doing any fitness routine or exercise is by and large a very tiring activity on a daily basis. Accordingly, expect your body and muscles to experience usual fatigue every now and then. However, there is something possibly inadequate on these routines if you think you are experiencing an unexplainable amount of stress and burnout before and after doing it.

Generally, burnouts are results of working out too much or excessively. For instance, you intend to spend full hours of working out on a rowing machine without stopping or pausing just because you intend to replace the times and days you missed exercising. Consequently, your body cannot take too much of it and will eventually lead to stress. And certainly, you don’t want to reach this point.

Now, the question is can burnouts be really avoided?

Although exercise and fitness routines are indeed exhausting in general, burnouts may apparently be avoided. These are the 5 best and most effective tips on how to avoid burnout:

  1. Ease into it

The very first thing you have to regard especially in matters relating to fitness routines and exercises is that you have to take the pressure off. Undoubtedly, all things that start with great intensity flame out quickly and eventually. It is much better to start your routines with simple and small amounts alone. Little by little and day by day, you may opt to improve your routines until eventually your work outs are already indeed a part of your lifestyle.

You don’t need to rush things out especially when it comes to your fitness and health. You have to be very careful and easy on yourself because your body will be the one to suffer at the end of any day.

  1. Recover for 1-2 days after strength training

Aside from working too much, burnouts are also results of insufficient amount of rest regularly. If you are fond of doing different exercises and fitness routines especially the ones focusing more on strength trainings, you must understand and take into considerations that your body needs to rest as well.

Strength trainings and work outs usually require the use of immense amount of resistance which apparently helps the muscles to grow stronger and improve endurance. It is very much advisable to take a 1 up to 2 days of full rest after subjecting your body to such training. This will allow your body and muscles to recover fully from the training. Subsequently, your work out performances and trainings will be much more efficient when you are to undergo the same training after being fully recovered.

  1. Make minor changes often – Major changes regularly

Minor changes such as changing locations and place of workouts are very much essential in your fitness routines since this will improve your determination and will power in totality. These kinds of changes are usually advised to be done on a weekly basis. In addition, you may also alter the usual rotations of your workouts and routines to inhibit additional challenges on your end. This will as well allow your body to not simply adapt and be used to the routines.

On the other hand, making major changes is as important as the small and minor ones since such changes will enable you and your body to imporve futher when it comes to fitness concerns. You may opt to add other extra fitness actvities such as yoga sessions and alike. Moreover, you may also add other gym equipment to enhance further your routines and other muscles.

  1. Mix up machines

It is a common and usual scenario already in the gym or any fitness center that you will run to your most favorite equipment and machine because that is the very thing you like doing all throughout your routine. However, it is always best to subject your body and muscles to another machines and equipment which actually will allow your body to be free from stresses. Changing and mixing up machines and equipment will apparently avoid you from getting burnout.

You may change machines or equipment every 5 to 10 minutes of your total workout time. This will actually enable your body to be challenged further.

  1. Make workout more fun

Lastly, you must always note that workout doesn’t mean you have to always work and stress yourself out. Your routines must be fun and enjoyable as well. Keep a balance between your goals and interests. It is much recommendable for you to seek for new and fun ways in engaging your body and muscles to several workouts.

Although your fitness goals in totality are actually a self and independent path, you are actually allowed to socialize and mingle with others who share the same goals. Accordingly, meeting new friends and acquaintances will create a more fun and non-dull environment which results to less stress and burnouts.

Ultimately, you can avoid stressing out too much yourself and your body by understanding and following these tips. Consequently, burnouts will cause no problem at all on your path to your fitness goals.

Author Bio: Scott Murphy rowed crew at college in upstate New York and still has the same passion for the sport over 20 years later. He is a regular contributor to, a site offering reviews, workouts, industry news and education about the benefits of rowing and regular exercise.

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