Impressive Examples of Charitable Entrepreneurs

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Walking the path of an entrepreneur can bring forth many interesting choices. In order for you to see continued success throughout the years, you have to come up with practical ways to use your money. Making wise investments is an obvious move but you might be able to go farther with your efforts. Many entrepreneurs and professionals find that charity work can be enriching and help to improve the public’s opinion of a specific individual or larger organization. Giving back to your community can even help you to feel more connected to the work you do.

There are countless examples of entrepreneurs who give back while striving for success. To feel inspired in your own endeavors, explore some of what these individuals have accomplished with their work.

Couples Who Give Back

Entrepreneurs do not always come as single packages. In many cases, a person will partner up with his or her spouse to create a charity organization that can help to change the world. Furniture industry veteran Eugene Chrinian and his wife Donna are a perfect example of this. The two were quite involved with volunteering in their community, specifically at the local church. Unfortunately, the church began to hit financial obstacles. Eugene and Donna made the decision to provide financial aid to the church so that it could continue to flourish and enrich their community.

When you set out to do charity work, it is best to follow the example set here by Eugene Chrinian and his wife. Look in your own backyard. Take note of your community and where seems to need the most help. By directly impacting the community you interact with in a positive way, you might find that the charity work you are doing is helping to change your own life for the better. Learn more about the work of Eugene and Donna by looking over Eugene Chrinian’s Facebook and exploring what their charity does.

Pursuit of Knowledge

Many charities aim to help people or organizations in the present. While this is wonderful, there are also interesting examples of entrepreneurs who invest in the future. The Brin Wojcicki Foundation is an organization started by Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki. Brin is one of the co-founders of Google and Wojcicki has an extensive background in academics and molecular biology. Their shared passion for the pursuit of knowledge via the sciences helped the two to spearhead a number of projects aimed at financially supporting future endeavors in these fields.

The Brin Wojcicki Foundation allocates billions of dollars to a number of charities each year. Brin and Wojcicki also have also created the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, a fund that supports young minds who show incredible promise in mathematics, fundamental physics, and life sciences. If you are an entrepreneur, setting up academic funds can be a practical move. Parents and educators take note when professionals provide aid to students, so it can be worth your time to consider this option for your own pursuits.

Big Names, Hidden Moves

Many entrepreneurs are well-known to the public. You most likely know who Mark Cuban and Mark Zuckerberg are without needing to look their names up. While Cuban might generally be known for his outspoken political views and ownership of the Dallas Cowboys, he also has an impressive history of supporting a number of important charities. In fact, he established his own organization back in 2003. The Fallen Patriot Fund was started by Cuban to provide financial support to the families of members of the military who were killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Zuckerberg is known far and wide for creating Facebook, as well as being portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg in the 2010 film The Social Network. While Zuckerberg might be viewed by many as a tech guru with his finger on the pulse of the culture, he also gives back in a number of ways. Due to Zuckerberg’s young age when starting out as an entrepreneur, decisions like moving Facebook’s shares to important non-profit groups helped to set the tone for other young people in the business world.

Following a Charitable Path

Setting out as an entrepreneur can be exciting and intimidating. How you spend your money is going to dictate the success you see down the line. Exploring your options with charitable endeavors might be the right move for you to make. By dedicating your time and finances to the needs of others, you might be able to connect to your community in ways that you had not anticipated.

There is no right or wrong way to go about the process of being a more charitable philanthropist. All you have to do to get yourself started is take a look at the communities around you and see which might require the most assistance. Do your research and determine if charities already exist for these communities and if you might be able to cover the difference in support. Invest fully in your endeavors and help to shape the future in a positive direction.

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