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Jungle Writers


The Jungle of Life is a space dedicated to guiding you toward your true peak.  The basis for the material at this site is comprised from eight life areas, focusing around the wheel of life.   These eight areas are each authored by an expert in that particular field.

The Jungle Writers


Career ~ John Spence

“Making the Very Complex… Awesomely Simple” is no mere catch-phrase… it is truly John Spence’s Mission in life.  For the past two decades John has traveled worldwide to assist more than 300 client companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Apple, GE, Qualcomm and numerous other Fortune 500 firms.  At the age of just 26 he was named CEO of an international Rockefeller foundation, where he directed projects in 20 countries. Two years later he was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of our country’s “Up and Coming Young Business Leaders.”

In 2011 John was selected as one of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America and named the Director of Best Practice Innovation at the prestigious Best Practice Institute. John is the author of two books: “Excellence by Design: The Six Key Characteristics of Outstanding Leaders” and “Awesomely Simple: Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas Into Action” and has been a guest lecturer at more than 90 colleges and universities including Harvard, Stanford, Cornell and the Wharton School of Business.

Family and Social Life ~ Jen Slayden

Jen Slayden is a wife to a fly-fishing guide in Western Montana, where they make their home against the side of a mountain with their three children and a black lab.  Her love of people, music, wellness, and the outdoors merge together in the work she does.  Jen is actively involved in a non-profit center that provides music to children with disabilities in her local schools, along with co-facilitating a monthly world music group. She also has recognized the importance to explore her own music through composing, and is happy to release her very first CD this fall, intended to bring peace and relaxation to her listeners.

Jen is a Certified Life Coach, and enjoys facilitating wellness groups, as well as writing weekly a column called Den Chronicles on Mamalode.  In her spare time she laces up her running shoes and explores the vast trails and mountains around her town. Stop by to discover your own harmony at her site, Find Your Harmony.

Personal Growth / Spirituality ~ Stacey Curnow

Stacey Curnow is a nurse-midwife and mentor who helps women give birth to their BIG dreams. She’s the founder of Midwife for Your Life, a website, blog and series of coaching programs. She also wrote a best-selling children’s book, Ravenna.

She lives in Asheville, NC with her husband, young son, a dog, and four chickens. You can find out more about Stacey here.



Relationships ~ Kelly Sajonia

Kelly Sajonia has been published on numerous sites, but spends most of her time writing on her award-winning blog Naked Girl in a Dress. Her insightful and inspirational message encourages others to rediscover life and love at any age. When not writing, Kelly also runs a social media marketing consulting business; teaches blogging and social media marketing; and runs a large social media site for writers.

On the occasion Kelly is not in front of her laptop, she can be found playing with her kids, behind a camera lens, watching a baseball game, cooking, training for a race, or lost in a book.

Personal Finance ~ Paula Pant

Paula Pant is an award-winning multimedia journalist specializing in personal finance and entrepreneurship. As a former newspaper reporter and editor, Paula has interviewed Vice President Joe Biden, presidential contender Dick Gephardt, film critic Roger Ebert and clown doctor Patch Adams. She has spoken live on primetime MSNBC and her writing has appeared on several premier personal finance websites, including MSN Money's Smart Spending blog.

Paula left her newspaper post in 2008 to travel to more more than 20 countries across the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, averaging one month per country. She now runs a popular finance blog, Afford Anything, based on the radical notion that money should never hinder your dreams. Through her blog, Paula tries to inspire others to take control of their finances in order to live their dreams.

She is a landlord, a small business owner, a freelance journalist and she continues to travel frequently.

Creative Expression ~ Elisa Van Arnam

Elisa Van Arnam is a wife, mother, writer, entrepreneur and co-founder of SoulKu, an inspirational, conceptual card and gift company based in Asheville, North Carolina. As a certified Creatrix, Elisa spends most of her days focusing on cool and clever ways to accomplish her life's mission; BEING THE CHANGE and helping others to BE THE CHANGE.  Elisa is also the co-author of One Namaste a Day, a SoulKu blogging adventure about seeing the light in others.

Elisa has written two novels, has appeared on several television series and really likes a good sipping tequila.

Fun / Recreation ~ Jason Kotecki

Jason Kotecki, known as “The Champion of Childhood,” is an artist, author and professional speaker, as well as the creator of the internationally known comic strip, Kim & Jason. He has written several books, including There's An Adult In My Soup and Escape Adulthood: 8 Secrets from Childhood for the Stressed-Out Grown-Up.

He met his wife Kim way back in 1995. It wasn’t long before the two realized they shared a kindred childlike spirit. One day, Jason sketched himself and his girlfriend as young cartoon characters, and they began appearing on all kinds of homemade (aka cheap) cards and gifts designed to win her heart. Jason’s efforts were not in vain, as the couple was married in May 2000. Since then, the duo has made it their mission in life to fight Adultitis and help people reconnect with the qualities that come naturally to children in order to reduce stress and live more fun and fulfilling lives. Stop by www.KimandJason.com for more tips for escaping adulthood.

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