Planning Your Next Pet-Friendly Vacation Adventure

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One of the biggest issues pet-owners face is going on vacation. While there are pet-boarding facilities available, not all pets can cope with the stress of being left behind, and we owners don’t want to leave our furry friends behind either. Luckily, there are pet-friendly vacation options available, so your best friend can tag along on the adventure with you!

The Right Destination

Bringing your dog(s) with you on your vacation means lots of extra planning. The first step is finding out where you will be going. Not all destinations are dog-friendly, as you will need somewhere that has lots of space for walking your dog and pet-friendly restaurants and entertainment available too. Your best options are often outdoorsy destinations, camping being a favorable choice for dog owners, especially those dogs who love to run around and swim all day long. Picking a scenic location where you can take in the views with your pet-companions is the best way to go, and there are so many beautiful places you can visit.


One of the drawbacks of travel is the journey, and you will need to take extra consideration when your pets are involved. A long car journey is going to be uncomfortable if your pet gets travel-sick, but it is much easier than traveling anywhere by plane. Some destinations might be worth the extra mile, but make sure you are familiar with the rules and restrictions when it comes to traveling with pets. Some airlines are pet-friendly, but it’s important to know the guidelines for your specific airline choice, as the rules vary between different companies. You should also make sure your pet is up-to-date with shots at the vet and meets all the health standards. 


If you plan on camping, dogs are usually not an issue. For hotels and lodges, however, different rules apply. Understandably, camping isn’t for everyone, but there are some great and affordable rental options available that can accommodate your pets too. For example, Wyndham offers pet-friendly vacation rentals in plenty of tourist locations, including Palm Springs, Northwest Florida, and Tennessee. Wyndham Vacation Rentals offer a great choice with lodges and cabins situated in relaxing locations, as well as advice and deals about local activities and events, so your pets can be included in your adventures too.

Fun and Activities

There are always lots of places to explore on your vacation, discovering new sights and scenery is all part of the fun. The place you choose to visit on your vacation will always have lots to offer, no matter where you go, so do some research beforehand. With your pets in mind, explore what options are available such as hiking, parks, and attractions

Bringing Supplies

Wherever you go with your pet, you need to bring along all of their necessities. If they have a certain kind of dog food, make sure you have the correct quantity to bring along with you. They will also need their daily treats if they get given any, as well as their comfort items. This includes their favorite toys, blankets and of course, don’t forget their beds and feeding/water bowls. Be well-stocked on poo-bags too, you must ensure you clean up after your pets, no matter where you go.


If you are driving to your destination, make sure your car is equipped with the correct gear to protect your pet. Dog harnesses and seatbelts will help to keep your pet safe during travel, as well as suitably restraining it from moving around the car, which could be dangerous while you are driving. You should plan your route efficiently, so you provide sufficient rest stops for both your pet and your passengers. Packing your dog supplies within easy access is just important as packing your own snacks and drinks. It could be a stressful journey for some pets, so speak to your vet about medications they could offer for calming your pet or helping ease travel sickness.

Follow the Rules

Whilst this tip seems relatively straightforward, reading up on guidelines and rules is essential. This includes researching all of the places you plan to visit during your vacation, suitable dog-friendly cafes and restaurants, and all of the guidelines provided by your accommodation providers. Making sure you are clear on the rules and restrictions for pets, as this falls under your own responsibility, so to ensure peace, know what is expected of you during each step of your journey.

Taking your pets along with you on vacation is great fun, and whilst sufficient planning is necessary, it will all be worth it when you have a brilliant time. Vacations are always great fun, but they can be even more fun when your furry companion gets to come along too!

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