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"Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls." ~ Mother Teresa


Joy Rebel Day!


July 1st, 2009:  The first unofficial official Joy Rebel Day, brainchild of the wonderful and creative Brandi Reynolds.  For more on this concept, check it all out here.

Spread joy!

Be goofy!

Embrace the spontaneous!

Listen to your heart!

Be still.

Listen and love.

Do something a little bit wacky!

Today is your day to really let the "joy rebel" in you shine!  In whatever ways are uniquely you.  In however you feel most connected to joy.  In however you can share that joy with others.

It’s not about conforming to some set of rules on "this is what joy looks like".  It’s about doing your thing.  Whatever that is.  Making the world to shine a bit brighter because you’ve let that "rebel of joy" in you scatter seeds of light into the world.


Joy Rebel Day!


Me?  It looks like I’ll focus on the goofy…

Comments are closed.  Go out and be a Joy Rebel!!

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